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I, the Immortal Chapter 66 Grand Elder

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Jin Ke obediently followed behind Lin Yi and landed a few steps away with a cautious look on his face. Back then, the country boy who could be humiliated at will had long since been completely forgotten by him. In front of him was only a dormant fierce tiger with sharp claws, a fierce beast that could devour its life at any time. It was not to be looked down upon, nor to be underestimated, it was frightening, and could only be respectfully avoided!

\"Senior Brother Jin, it's fine for us to act like we usually do. Are you afraid that others won't know about this?\" Lin said without turning back.

\"Ah … yes, it's still Lin … Junior Brother Lin has thought it through.\" Jin Ke was shocked and hurriedly smiled, but he still didn't dare to approach.

This Lin Yi was too surprising. Why was he so ruthless at such a young age? Furthermore, his martial arts skills were unimaginably high. This person must have extraordinary origins! Luckily, he had come to the door again and again, so he was really blind. Whatever he does, he doesn't dare to cause any trouble in the future unless he doesn't want to live anymore.

After he woke up, he disappeared from the corpses of the few people and was sure that they had been destroyed. Thinking about the fate of those four people, he couldn't help but feel a chill on his back and his mouth was dry.

Jin Ke, who was secretly observing Lin Yi's back, was even more cautious in his heart.

Seeing that Jin Ke still had this kind of virtue, Lin Yi was too lazy to pay attention, but his eyes rolled. He raised his voice and said, \"Senior Brother Jin, if there is anything I don't understand in the future, I hope …\"

\"This lowly one knows everything and speaks endlessly.\" At this moment, Jin Ke's mind was focused on Lin Yi, so he naturally knew what he meant by the dialect, so he did not repeat what he said.

When the two of them returned to the tea shop, the waiter's expression was slightly startled. Lin Yi's gaze casually swept past the waiter and landed on Wen Lun.

Wen Lun sat upright, staring blankly at the teapot in front of him. Seeing that Lin Yi had returned, his eyes lit up and he smiled bitterly, \"Junior Brother, I've already drank two pots of tea. My stomach is already full.\"

Lin Yi chuckled and said, \"I didn't expect that something would delay me for a while. I've made Senior Brother wait for a long time.\"

Wen Lun waved his hand and said, \"Why are our brothers being so polite?\" Looking at Jin Ke behind Lin Yi, he asked curiously, \"How is the matter of saving people?\"

Jin Ke looked at Lin Yi and forced out a smile, but didn't dare to say anything else.

Lin Yi sized up his surroundings and smiled, \"It doesn't matter anymore. You and I should go back!\"

Wen Lun had seen Jin Ke before and knew how domineering he was, but he didn't know why he had become so respectful and humble. He was naturally exhausted and lazy, so he didn't want to think too much, so he held his dried fruit and pulled Lin Yi away.

After returning to the mountain for lunch, Hu Wan and Shen Ding couldn't help but snatch Wen Lun's snacks. As the three of them were messing around, Lin Yi brought his horse to the back mountain alone.

In the afternoon sun, Lin Yi lay on the soft grass with his hands behind his head.

Recalling what had happened in the first half of the day, Lin Yi couldn't help but close his eyes.

I really didn't expect that this Tianlong Sect was truly a gathering place for storms and clouds.

When Lin Yi was in the tea shop, he noticed that something was wrong with the waiter. Although the waiter had repeatedly concealed it, his gaze flickered, not as honest and simple as that of a countryman. When the waiter faced Wen Lun's unintentional question, a trace of panic could not be concealed from his eyes.

The attendant's expression was humble but his gaze was deep. It really did not match a country attendant. Hence, Lin Yi paid attention in his heart.

When Jin Ke first arrived at the tea shop, although the waiter lowered his head to avoid it, Lin Yi, who pretended to be unaware of it, noticed something strange.

Jin Ke accidentally met Lin Yi, and then deliberately avoided him. The second time he came to the tea shop, he lied and cheated. Lin Yi knew that his words were fraudulent, but he still pretended not to know, but he didn't want to implicate Wen Lun. Moreover, it was more convenient to act alone.

He followed Jin Ke to find Xu Yue, but before he could reach the empty space, Lin Yi's divine sense had already detected an ambush. Seeing that the four masked men were moving in secret, he was certain that Jin Ke wanted to harm him, but he still pretended not to know.

Those four masked men had excellent martial arts, but they were no match for him. Therefore, Lin Yi was in an ambush, but he had a plan. However, killing people under the Nine Dragons Mountain still gave him some misgivings.

After talking to Jin Ke, Lin Yi knew that they would not let him off. As long as they killed a few people in an instant, it wouldn't be bad for him, so he decided to kill them all. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to stay in the Heavenly Dragon Sect in the future if he was entangled by a few people.

Lin Yi intentionally killed three people and deliberately left the leader behind. There was a soul search technique in the Divine Forging Mirror. This technique was extremely vicious and had never been used since it was cultivated. After using this spell on people, they would truly become mindless walking corpses.

These people wanted to use the Heartless Pill on Lin Yi, which made people angry. Being angry at him was a way to repay him. Moreover, he also wanted to know the origins of these people, so he left one behind and used soul searching techniques on them.

Using his powerful divine sense to invade his opponent's sea of consciousness and search for memories in his opponent's mind, Lin Yi learned many secrets that the Jianghu people were shocked to hear.

These four people were actually from the Canghai Gang, and they were all part of the masked men who had ambushed Mu Qing'er a few days ago. The masked old man with outstanding martial arts skills was the vice leader of the Vastsea Gang, Bian Zhenduo. This group of people had been operating around the Nine Dragons Mountain for two to three years.

The Vastsea Gang was no less than 10,000 kilometers away from the Nine Dragons Mountain, yet they had actually invested so much capital. It could be seen that this group of people was determined to obtain the matter overseas.

After many failed schemes against the Heavenly Dragon Sect, the Vastsea Sect changed their strategy and began to attack from within the Heavenly Dragon Sect.

This \"Heartless Pill\" was a Gu poison that he had obtained from the southern border. After swallowing the pill, he lost his mind and obeyed the spellcaster. Otherwise, the Gu Poison would kill everyone.

There was no antidote to this Gu poison, so Lin Yi looked at the four of them and found nothing. After searching his soul, he learned that the person who received the Gu would only listen to the instructions of the person who cast the Gu. After the Gu Caster died, the Gu Poison self-detoxified.

This was also the reason why Jin Ke personally wanted Lin Yi to swallow the pills. It was just that Lin Yi wasn't worried about how much Golden Section knew about Gu Poison.

From the memories of the masked man, Lin Yi did not receive any news about the Gu among the other disciples in the sect. However, he could not believe that this Canghai Gang only had Jin Ke as an insider. Even the tea shop attendants in the market were scouts. Who knew how many people the Canghai Gang had left behind?

This was a grudge between Tianlong Sect and the Jianghu Gang, and had nothing to do with a horse-raising disciple. Half a year later, he was leaving Tianlong Sect. At that time, tell the friends here to be more careful.

Lin Yi didn't kill Jin Ke because he had his own thoughts. Jin Ke was forced to be an inner disciple of the Vastsea Gang. What he feared the most was that his identity would be leaked, so he shouldn't be implicated as a horse-raising disciple.

Lin Yi wasn't worried about whether Jin Ke would let the Canghai Gang deal with him. If the Vastsea Gang wanted to seek revenge on him, even if they were to reveal his whereabouts to the world, Tianlong Sect would know of the Vastsea Gang's plans. In this way, the Vastsea Gang's gains were clearly not worth the losses. Therefore, he should be fine for the time being.

Moreover, killing Jin Ke would not be beneficial. If they traveled together in the market, they would definitely be seen by countless people. If Young Master Jin disappeared for no reason, Lin Yi would be the target of public criticism.

At the same time, three elders sat around Elder Golden Essence Peak's cave.

In the middle was the white-bearded Elder Jiang, and in his left hand was an old man with a gray beard and a washing face. His eyes were filled with divinity, and he was Elder Qiao, who had the highest cultivation among the three of them. On the right was an old man with green hair. If it weren't for the wrinkles on his face, he would have been treated like a middle-aged man. This person was Elder Zhu of the sect.

\"Brother Jiang, why are you calling us here?\" Elder Zhu asked.

Elder Qiao sat upright and remained silent, waiting for Elder Jiang to follow suit.

Elder Jiang looked at the two old friends in front of him and nodded solemnly. He told the two of them about the strange and speculative things that Mu Tiancheng had encountered when he visited him a few days ago.

\"That night, the formation at the entrance of the cave caused ripples and alerted me. Then, I used my divine sense to examine the surroundings. I vaguely felt a strand of divine sense peeping from the side, but I couldn't find him. This person's divine sense is much higher than mine!\"

Elder Jiang said with a worried expression. Qiao Zhu and the other two looked at each other in astonishment.

Elder Jiang smiled bitterly and said, \"Could it be that the two good friends don't believe me?\"

Elder Zhu frowned and shook his head, \"It's unbelievable! Not to mention that there are only a few cultivators in the Great Shang Empire, but there are as many as we are. Why would such an expert appear in our Nine Dragons Mountain? That doesn't make sense …\"

Qiao Changlong nodded slightly and said, \"Brother Zhu's words are not bad. In the eyes of cultivators, this Nine Dragons Mountain is nothing to be curious about. If you have a high cultivation level, you will naturally disdain to be hostile to us.\"

When Elder Jiang heard this, he sighed, \"Brother Qiao's words mean that this expert will naturally not spy on me? Perhaps it's because I'm old and suspicious, so it's quite reassuring. But can't the two of you trust my Three Talents Ghost Flag Formation?\"

Hearing this, Elder Qiao muttered, \"Since that's the case, of course the two of us can trust Brother Jiang. However, what is the purpose of this person? As both cultivators, knowing that the Immortal Path is difficult, it's not a bad thing for each other to show up and meet each other.\"

Elder Zhu said thoughtfully, \"Perhaps this person is a returnee from overseas?\"

\"Otherwise, I suspect that this person is not an outsider, but a Shang national. The two of you should also put yourselves in their shoes and think about who would leave that place so easily!\" Elder Jiang said with certainty, causing the two of them to feel as if they had comprehended something when they heard this, and they were deeply convinced of this.

The three of them had no choice but to leave that place and return to their homeland.

Elder Jiang continued, \"I invited the two of you here to discuss this matter. Where did this person come from? Did he pass through the Nine Dragons Mountain, or did he come here specifically? Is this person an enemy or a friend?\"

Elder Zhu shook his head and said, \"We don't even know about this!\"

Elder Qiao pondered for a moment before slowly saying, \"If this person is truly a native, even if his cultivation is higher than ours, it will not be much higher.\" This person's intentions were unknown, but he could not tell that he had malicious intentions. Whether it passes by the Kowloon Mountain or lurks nearby, we will wait and see. If it appears again, we should show our goodwill and not be hostile to it. Otherwise, it will be bad for me, Tianlong Sect! \"

\"Just follow Brother Qiao's words! If this person is hiding here, the Foreign Affairs Hall and the Outer Mountain Market are the best places to hide. I will instruct Tian Cheng to be careful.\"

The three elders lived in seclusion on the Golden Mountain, ignoring worldly matters. When something big happened, Elder Jiang would help. For the sake of the Heavenly Dragon Sect, this old man had no choice but to put in more effort.

Lin Yi's pair of Supreme Elders of the Heavenly Dragon Sect maintained sufficient reverence. The three old men were also secretly vigilant against Lin Yi, a potential expert!

Lin Yi keeps his horse and walks it everyday. Playing with Hu Wan and the others made the ordinary days full of laughter.

Jiang Fangdi and the others would come to Lin Yi from time to time to visit the back mountain. Xu Yue's smile was like a valley in golden autumn, becoming more charming and charming.

As the days went by, Tianlong Sect also welcomed a grand event within the sect. The once-a-decade disciple competition will be held on the first day of September as scheduled …

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