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It's You Finally Chapter 66 Need To Adapt (3)

Author:  Yi Ting Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-10-18 06:03:03

Ever since Ji Si and Zuo Yi left the team leader's team, the team leader's team felt much more harmonious. Wu Yan was very satisfied with the fact that everyone was discussing and discussing when they were in a meeting, and there was no longer any sarcasm or sarcasm.

Wu Yan had also received his first mission in the new year.

After receiving the mission, Wu Yan immediately summoned the seven team leaders to a meeting. \"This mission is still to go to Lufa Star to retrieve the crystal stones that were stolen and hidden by the Dark Frost Race.\"

Xiao Yue thought that he had already been to Lufa Star once and was familiar with the terrain. \"Then it's better for me and Du Ye to go.\"

\"Xiao Yue, you don't have to go. Isn't the injury to your eyes still not completely healed? You should stay in the coordination team and continue to recover. I will send someone else.\" The commander didn't dare to let Xiao Yue go to Lufa Star. If something happened again, it would be great.

When Xiao Yue wanted to say something, Su Nuo said, \"Commander, let me go to Lufa Star with Captain Du this time.\"

\"Are you willing to go?\" The commander originally thought that Su Nuo would not take the initiative to ask for a mission. After all, her team's mission frequency was really high.

\"Yes, our team went to Luva a year ago, and they are very familiar with the terrain there.\" Su Nuo said, but she caught sight of Xiao Yuezheng frowning and staring at her. Su Nuo nodded at him invisibly.

Wu Yan nodded and asked Du Ye, \"Du Ye, what do you think?\"

Du Ye saw Xiao Yue's sharp eyes staring at him, \"Me? I can do whatever I want. It's fine for me to be the main force to complete the mission. I'll listen to the commander's arrangements.\"

Du Ye immediately understood that Xiao Yue actually wanted Du Ye to say that he wanted him to do the mission, but Du Ye did not want to say it because he could clearly feel that the commander did not want Xiao Yue to go. Since that was the case, there was no need for him to bring it up.

Wu Yan felt that at this stage, only Su Nuo could do such a dangerous task. \"Well, then follow Su Nuo's instructions. She will be the main force, and Du Ye will be your backup. Make sure that Su Nuo can safely complete the task as much as possible.\"

\"Yes!\" Du Ye replied.

\"Su Nuo, be careful yourself. Pay attention to your own safety. I don't want any accidents like Xiao Yue to happen again, understand?\" Wu Yan didn't forget to take care of Su Nuo.

\"Yes, I will be careful, Commander. Don't worry,\" Su Nuo nodded in response.

Xiao Yue really wanted to say something, but Commander Wu Yan didn't give him a chance to speak. After arranging the candidate for the mission, he dismissed the meeting and left the meeting room without looking back.

After Xiao Yue walked out of the meeting room, he immediately said to Du Ye discontentedly, \"Du Ye, why don't you support me going to Lufa Star?\"

\"Because the Commander clearly won't let you go. Why should I say those words that will make the Commander unhappy?\" Du Ye looked at Xiao Yue innocently.

\"Then you shouldn't have agreed to Su Nuo's visit. It's not like you don't know about that place. The weather is bad and the terrain is complicated. It's easy for accidents to happen.\" Xiao Yue felt that even if he didn't go, he couldn't let Su Nuo go.

\"If you don't go, Su Nuo won't go either. Then who should go? Fei Mo or Zong Jing?\" Du Ye still pretended to be confused.

'\"But,\" Xiao Yue wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Du Ye, \"Don't worry, the commander has already confirmed the candidate and won't change. You should think about what you need to say to Su Nuo, so that she can be careful.\"

Xiao Yue sighed softly and raised his head to look around before he remembered that Su Nuo had left for a long time.

\"Let's go find Su Nuo and discuss with her about going to Luvaxing to carry out the mission.\" Xiao Yue felt that Du Ye's words made sense. Rather than wrestling with who would carry out the mission, he might as well think about how he could let Su Nuo return safely after carrying out the mission.

Du Ye nodded.

The two of them quickly arrived at the landing deck of Su Nuo's squadron and saw Su Nuo standing at the side watching her team prepare. Du Ye noticed that Su Nuo's expression was solemn, and the members of the team also had a serious expression, as if they were facing something very dangerous.

\"Su Nuo,\" Du Ye and Xiao Yue walked to Su Nuo's side. \"You're already making preparations.\"

Su Nuo saw that Xiao Yue was looking at her worriedly, but Su Nuo didn't have anything to say to Xiao Yue.

Du Ye saw that Xiao Yue had been silent all this while, so he could only continue to say, \"We came here to discuss the matter of Lufa Star with you. It would be best if we could prepare a plan beforehand.\"

Su Nuo did not speak immediately, but looked at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue saw Su Nuo staring at him before he said in a deep voice, \"I thought that we could discuss it together to make the plan more perfect. It was also because the plan wasn't perfect that Du Ye and I were discovered by the Dark Cold Race.\"

'\"Xiao Yue, you don't need to worry. I know what to do,\" Su Nuo's eyes darkened. \"You don't need to worry. We still have a lot of tasks to do in the future. Do you have to worry like this every time I go on a mission? You should believe me, I have the ability to protect myself.\"

'\"Yes, I know.\" Xiao Yue knew that he was worried too much. \"This is also my first time. This is the first time I've separated from you since I received your response. It's also the first time I've seen you do a mission. It's normal for me to be worried, right?\"

\"Normal, but you have to get used to it, so do I. We all have to get used to it,\" Su Nuo smiled faintly at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue felt that Su Nuo's words made sense. He and she needed to get used to it. \"Alright, then I won't say anything. Be careful. The climate there changes quickly and the environment is also bad. Bring more protective equipment when you descend to the planet.\"

\"I said,\" Du Ye couldn't help but say, \"I say, are you guys not going to hold the discussion anymore?\"

\"Open it,\" Su Nuo smiled at Du Ye. \"It's just the two of us.\"

\"Oh, I understand,\" Du Ye nodded and waved his hand at Xiao Yue. \"You, you can go now. Su Nuo and I have something important to discuss.\"

The corner of Xiao Yue's eyes twitched. He didn't expect Du Ye to drive him away directly.

Su Nuo couldn't help but laugh when she saw Xiao Yue's awkward expression. \"Du Ye, you don't have to hurry to drive Xiao Yue away. It doesn't matter if he stays here for a while. He used to be like this. He stood there alone and watched me prepare.\"

\"That's right,\" Du Ye smiled wickedly at Xiao Yue. \"How come I forgot that he has been working as a matriarch stone for a long time?\"

Xiao Yue stared coldly at Du Ye, causing his hair to stand on end. \"Du Ye, you owe me a beating.\"

Du Ye turned around slightly and moved to Su Nuo's side. \"I, I'm telling the truth. You, don't act recklessly. I still have to be Su Nuo's backup. If you cripple me, who will help Su Nuo?\"

Xiao Yue stared at Du Ye relentlessly. \"It doesn't matter. As long as your brain isn't disabled, you'll only be waiting for Su Nuo in the orbit of the planet. It doesn't matter if your body is disabled.\"

\"Xiao Yue,\" Du Ye was about to go crazy, so he had to turn to Su Nuo, \"Su Nuo, tell me about Xiao Yue, I'm your backup reserve force, you won't watch me get crippled by him, right?\"

'No, I'll save you when you're about to be crippled,' Su Nuo said with a suppressed smile. 'I promise I won't let you delay the mission.'

'\"Su Nuo, you, you actually learned badly. It's really unlucky for me to make two bad friends with you,\" Du Ye sighed speechlessly.

\"Alright, let's hurry up and discuss the battle plan.\" Su Nuo ended the conversation between Xiao Yue and Du Ye at the right time.

\"Alright,\" Du Ye hurriedly nodded.

Du Ye, if Su Nuo comes back injured, you know what I will do, right? Xiao Yue also intentionally waved his right fist.

Du Ye looked at Xiao Yue's fist and couldn't help but swallow his saliva. \"I, I know, I guarantee that I will return Su Nuo to you intact.\"

\"Well, that's naturally the best,\" Xiao Yue said as he glanced at Su Nuo.

\"Don't worry, I'll be careful,\" Su Nuo replied with a placating look in Xiao Yue's eyes.

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