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Jade Fingers Volume 1 Chapter 66 Zeng Fugui

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Zeng Fugui was a rascal who went out as a peasant. First, he had no ability, and second, he had no ability. How could he get along well in the big cities outside? His only strength was his shrewdness to take advantage of others.

Back then, when Zeng Fugui went out, he really had a family heirloom in his hand.

However, at that time, this family heirloom was not worth much in Zeng Fugui's eyes. In any case, it was only worth a few dollars if he could bring it out. Of course, he did not know the value of this family heirloom. But sometimes people are born with luck, After Zeng Fugui went to the coastal area, After a while, he really couldn't go on, Since he was a child, he had grown up, and his temper was unbearable. He was naturally unwilling to work in the factory, and his body could not endure working at the construction site. He could no longer endure his poverty. If this continued, he would go to the streets to beg for food. He wanted to sell this family heirloom.

At that time, he brought this family heirloom with him and went directly to the antique market in the coastal cities. Most of the antique markets in the coastal markets were relatively developed, but the goods inside were of average quality. At this time, good luck came into play. When he was selling family heirlooms, he found an apprentice who had just entered the sect.

The apprentice could tell at a glance that the item in Zeng Fugui's hand was not an ordinary item. If he was an antique expert at this time, he would definitely see what kind of person Zeng Fugui was. Then, he criticized the item in his hand and said that it was not worth much. Then, seeing that he was pitiful, he gave Zeng Fugui 200 yuan to buy his family heirloom.

If that was the case, there might not be Zeng Fugui today. Based on his current situation, regardless of whether the price was 50 or 100, he would probably sell it. After all, this little bit of money could still last him two days. At that time, he didn't have any money.

But at that time, the one who saw him was an apprentice. This apprentice's cautious appearance made him see that Zeng Fugui was one of his strengths. He was very shrewd and quickly looked at people's faces.

This apprentice's offer was 3,000 yuan. At that time, Zeng Fugui had keenly captured the excitement in the apprentice's eyes. He clearly realized that his family heirloom was definitely more than 3,000 yuan.

Thus, he insisted that this heirloom treasure was extremely valuable, and it would definitely not be sold for such a small price.

The two of them bargained here and finally attracted the master in the shop. The apprentice's master was an expert. As soon as he came over, he stretched out his hand and said, \"This painting is not worth three thousand. You can go out now.\"

Zeng Fugui was not an idiot. The reason why this master had given him power from the start was only for one reason, and that was to lower the price.

He didn't eat this trick. He took his family heirloom and walked out. Sure enough, he was invited back before he even left. That master also regretted it. What a good omission. He flew away like this. Afterwards, he naturally scolded his disciple for half-dead.

In the end, under the bargaining, Zeng Fugui actually sold this family heirloom for 100,000 yuan.

100,000 yuan was an unattainable figure for Zeng Fugui, but in the blink of an eye, it was in her hands, and he had never dared to believe it.

After obtaining 100,000 yuan, Zeng Fugui thought that there were old things similar to his family heirloom in the village. If he went back and poured out these old things, he wouldn't be rich. These past few years, Zeng Fugui had sold these things and slowly made his fortune. During this period, he had paid quite a few tuition fees. For example, some old things in the village were actually fake, and they were not worth anything at all.

This time, Zeng Fugui got three more good things.

Zeng Fugui was originally an extremely intelligent person. He had also been rolling around in the antique world these past few years. He had been slapped in the middle, and he had paid some tuition fees. He had actually learned some real skills.

This time, the people who came were all dealers from the antique market, and they were all worth a bit.

Actually, going to the countryside to collect leaks is also a way to the antique market. However, these past few years, going to the countryside to collect leaks was not an easy task. Firstly, after so many years of digging in the countryside, there was basically nothing valuable. Secondly, it was very difficult to have a breakthrough point for strangers, so the Zeng Fugui in front of them was equivalent to a breakthrough point for them.

Previously, Zeng Fugui had indeed taken out a few good things to cooperate with them. They had also earned some money from Zeng Fugui before and after. In the off-season of the antique market, a few antique stall owners decided to go out to relax and take a look at the things in Zeng Fugui's hands.

Zeng Fugui's thoughts were slightly different. He used to be a gangster and was looked down upon in the village. Although he had some money now, he was still eager to show off his strength. He wanted the villagers to know his abilities and style, so he was naturally very happy to receive these people. All of them drove their cars well and sat in his house. This really gave him a lot of face.

\"Ladies and gentlemen, I will hold a small auction here. Let me first talk about the rules of the auction. It is the same as the rules of the auction hall. The highest bidder will get the item. When I display the item, I can look at the item. After the item is auctioned, the silver and the goods are settled. I will not be responsible for leaving the house!\" Ceng Fu Gui's words were quite awkward to say. He had also seen the tone and method of speaking at large auctions, so he naturally learned it a few times.

The few bosses present were all in this line of work. Hearing Zeng Fugui's words, their faces revealed a cramped smile.

Not to mention that this auction is not qualified, It was a typical black market transaction. If someone reported it, they would definitely arrest this fellow. Of course, no one would do such a thing in this remote rural area. They simply felt that Zeng Fugui's words were funny and should be treated as a joke. No one would really argue with Zeng Fugui.

However, in the eyes of the surrounding villagers, this Zeng Fugui was truly capable. Even these bosses were obediently sitting in their seats. Hearing Zeng Fugui's words, there had never been such a powerful person in their village.

One had to know that there were a lot of people working outside in the countryside. However, the vast majority of them did not live up to their expectations. There were also some who could not survive. They could only return to the village and pick up their hoes to farm. Zeng Fugui had naturally become the object of worship of the villagers.

When these bosses came out to play, they naturally brought women with them. The one leading them was a fatty. He looked to be in his early thirties, and he was white and clean. On his body sat a woman with a snake waist. A woman's temper was not as generous as a man's.

This woman was indeed beautiful. Her appearance was only comparable to that of a second-tier celebrity. At this time, she was using a nail clip to build her nails. Hearing Zeng Fugui's words, she sneered, \"Take out anything good. Why are you talking so much?\"

Zeng Fugui chuckled and didn't care at all. Then, he waved his hand and two people took out a piece of wood.

This piece of wood was about seven to eight meters long. Logically speaking, it didn't weigh much. A single person could walk as fast as flying. However, it was obvious that the two of them were being carried with great difficulty. The two of them staggered non-stop. Then, they threw it onto the ground, and the feeling of falling was also very heavy.

\"What is this kid Fugui doing? He wants to sell this wood to someone else?\"

\"What's the value of this wood? Moving it out makes others laugh.\"

\"Old man, just watch. Zeng Fugui definitely has his own plans. Do you think that he is as stupid as you? He has been digging in the ground all his life and has no brains at all!\"

\"Why are you like this? I...\"

The surrounding villagers immediately began to discuss, obviously disregarding the piece of wood that Zeng Fugui had brought out.

When Liangjun Zeng saw the piece of wood that was thrown on the ground, the corners of his eyes twitched.

After all, he wasn't in this line of work. In terms of vision alone, he probably couldn't compare to Zeng Fu Gui. However, Zeng Liang Jun understood that this piece of wood was obviously not as simple as ordinary wood. Judging from its short length and heavy nature, it should be a relatively precious piece of wood.

Not long ago, Liangjun Zeng had obtained the black lotus platform and had also inquired about some information about the precious trees. He had a certain understanding of the trees. Of course, the information in his mind was not enough for him to see what kind of timber was in front of him at a glance.

After the tree was lifted out, Zeng Fugui sat in his seat. His face revealed a complacent expression and he did not say anything. He only waved his hand to let the bosses taste it.

The fatty in the lead stood up when he saw the tree. Although this person was white and fat, he was clearly an expert. The moment he stood up, he walked to the tree and immediately took out a magnifying glass and a knife on his chest.

The knife was also very exquisite. It was white and very sharp. He gently cut the knife on the tree trunk. It did not cut through the tree's skin. It only left a small scratch. He used a magnifying glass to look at the scratch with all his might.

The surrounding villagers were all holding back their laughter. Isn't this person a bit crazy? A small piece of wood was here to watch for a long time. What was there to see?

Of course, not all the villagers were so blank. Some of them had expressions of understanding on their faces as they said to the people beside them, \"Don't underestimate this piece of wood. Perhaps we can sell it for tens of thousands of dollars!\" I remember that last year, the Forestry Bureau came over and protected this tree in the mountains. They said that it was an endangered tree and they wouldn't allow it to be cut down randomly! I don't know where the riches and honor came from. It's not easy to find this kind of tree right now. \"

After reading it, the fatty returned to his seat.

The second person to come out to see the trees was a woman.

This woman was born with extraordinary elegance. She was much more beautiful than the lovers that the bosses carried with them. Moreover, she had a faint special temperament. Although she was dressed in casual clothes and did not dress up, it was very pleasing to the eye. Her eyes sockets are a little deep, and she looks like a hybrid. When she looks at you, it makes you feel like she can see through your heart.

Very few women like to hang out in the antique world. When people talk about antiques, the first impression they remember is that they are old men.

This woman did not look as cautiously as the fatty. She only used her fingers to gently pinch the tree trunk. Then, she beckoned the two people standing beside her to turn the tree trunk over. After looking at it for a few more times, she retreated without saying a word.

Although they didn't think much of this \"farmhouse\" auction, as antique collectors, they still followed the usual rules, that is, when the auctioneer hadn't come to a conclusion, they wouldn't comment and would wait for the auction to begin. This could be considered their professional conduct.

The next few people were basically the same. After going up to check, they returned to their seats. They opened their teacups and drank a mouthful of the village's unique bitter tea. Then, they waited for Zeng Fugui to speak.

\"I won't say what this is anymore. All the bosses have dealt with me before and know who I am. The starting price of this piece of wood is 100,000 yuan.\"

When Zeng Fugui said those words, those bosses had calm expressions on their faces. It didn't seem to be beyond their expectations. The low price of 100,000 wasn't too ridiculous. To some extent, it was considered low.

However, the surrounding villagers buzzed away.

\"100,000! Isn't this price too ridiculous?\"

\"Only if my head is sick would I spend 100,000 yuan to buy this piece of wood!\"

\"I didn't get my money from drawing water. Fu Gui, are you crazy about money?\"

Hearing these words, Zeng Fugui ignored them at all. The corner of his mouth revealed a trace of mockery. He just wanted to see the villagers' rustic aura. He thought proudly in his heart, 100,000? What was a hundred thousand? You'll be surprised later!

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