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Jade Fingers Volume 1 Chapter 81 An Unexpected Price

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Most auctions do not look at the bidder's own price, but at how much money the bidders have in their pockets. What the old man was thinking at this moment, It was nothing more than estimating the approximate value of this painting, which was called \"A Hundred Birds Facing the Phoenix\", Then, he looked at the amount of cash in his hands, and then deduced how much other people were willing to bid. After thinking about these things clearly, he didn't need to think about other things. As for when the price was too high, he couldn't buy them, that was also a matter of resignation to the heavens.

The other old foxes were basically thinking about this matter in their hearts, while Mr. Lu kept asking Liangjun Ceng, \"Give me a low price, we'll see if you can give me a low price!\"

Zeng Liangjun hesitated for a moment. He had originally thought of a starting price. This starting price was 400,000 yuan. After all, he had only spent 100,000 yuan when he bought it. Zeng Liangjun was not so heartless. Moreover, he still had some lack of confidence in his painting.

Actually, the price is a little lower. There is no problem. This trade fair is an auction. Naturally, someone will raise the price. Thinking of this, Zeng Liangjun said, \"The starting price of this painting is 500,000 yuan. Everyone can bid freely!\"

Five hundred thousand. This price was obviously beyond everyone's expectations, but such a low price could attract people's attention.

At this time, someone hurriedly said, \"510,000.\"

The first price was only 10,000 yuan more than Zeng Liangjun's starting price. Some people tilted their mouths, thinking that this was too shabby. The guy who quoted 510,000 yuan definitely didn't know the value of this painting, so he shouted, \"600,000 yuan.\"

Similarly, this bidder was despised by the next person, because Mr. Lu had directly quoted a million yuan.

Mr. Lu's price scared everyone present.

It wasn't that the one million people present couldn't afford to come out, but because the auction was constantly testing the bottom line of the other party's mentality. It was a step-by-step process. How could they call out one million yuan just by saying that? Unless Mr. Lu was entrusted by Liangjun Tseng, But first, everyone knew of Mr. Lu's character, It was impossible for someone to ask for it. Even if it was a request, Mr. Lu was probably not a qualified one. Normally, for the sake of pretending, a more professional request could be made without making a sound. How could someone like Mr. Lu get a million yuan just by saying that? How could the people behind him do that?

Mr. Lu also sneered as he looked around the arena. He thought to himself, \"You guys can install it over there. This\" Painting of a Hundred Birds and a Phoenix \"won't last for more than ten million times. These guys like to waste time. Do you think it would be nice if you offered me a price here?\" I don't have time to chat with you guys here!

After a dozen seconds of silence, someone finally shouted, \"1.5 million.\"

The one shouting was the old man from before.

Mr. Lu nodded, thinking that this was a decent opponent!

Just as Mr. Lu was about to bid, another voice shouted, \"2.5 million yuan.\"

Another million!

This climbing speed was simply too fast. In the end, what kind of price would this painting fetch? A trace of curiosity flashed through everyone's hearts.

Zeng Liangjun's heart skipped a beat when he heard the increase of one million yuan. What concept! There's no such way to make money in the world, is there?

\"Three million!\"

A woman sitting on the sofa from afar cried out. That woman was not very beautiful, nor was she conspicuous. She actually called out three million yuan in one breath. This private club was definitely a hidden dragon and crouching tiger, and there were experts who accidentally took money and ignored it.

\"Someone's bidding is three million yuan. Is there anyone else who has a higher price than this?\" Zeng Liangjun said.

\"3.5 million!\" At this moment, Mr. Lu received his momentum again, and his shouts grew louder and louder, as if they were roaring out, echoing throughout the hall.

\"Old Lu, can you laugh a little!\" Someone smiled and protested.

\"Yes, this is an auction, not louder than anyone else!\"

Mr. Lu replied, \"I just want to show you my voice and let you know that I am determined to obtain it!\"

At this time, it might be just an imposing aura, letting everyone know who is going to take the picture today, I will fight with who. No matter how much it costs, I still have to take the picture.

Zeng Liangjun could no longer show any expression on his face. He was trying to hold back the smile on his face. This patience almost stiffened his muscles. That joy in his heart, this is all money, 3.5 million!

\"Four million!\"

After Mr. Lu finished speaking, the old man sitting on the sofa shouted again. He casually picked up the cup of tea in front of him, gently slid the lid of the cup over the mouth of the cup, and took another sip. The tea in front of him was just added by the waiter. He still wanted to take a small sip of it slowly.

The atmosphere in the hall seemed to have reached a climax, and the current price was not as high as Mr. Lu had said at that time. However, everyone knew that if the situation continued on like this, it was very likely that the price would exceed 10 million yuan.

This auction was, after all, an amateur auction. It was not a regular auction house. Therefore, the auction price of antiques exceeded 10 million only a few times. It seemed that everyone could witness it here.

\"Five million.\"

The woman in the corner shouted again, and then her face sank. If it weren't for her bidding, no one would have paid attention to her.

\"5.5 million!\"

\"Six million …\"

\"Eight million …\"

\"9.9 million.\"

This was the old man's inner price. He had already calculated it carefully. If it exceeded this price, he would be able to give it up. There was no other way. Although he had money, it was not endless. Moreover, he did not have that much cash in his hands. Most of it was real estate.

The old man really hoped that everyone would stop here. Let this thing go to the old man! At this moment, a \"10 million\" sound rang out, causing the old man to tremble. The tea in his hand spilled out a lot. Then, the old man shook his head and looked at the not-so-beautiful woman in the corner. He shook his head with a hint of frustration on his face.

\"Looks like this thing doesn't belong to me anymore.\" In the end, the old man could only bear to part ways.

Ten million …

Right now, Zeng Liangjun was thinking, what could 10 million be done?

Continue, the price will continue!

\"10.5 million!\"

Although the cold air in the hall was turned on very well, a layer of fine sweat appeared on Mr. Lu's forehead. After calling out the price, he asked the waiter beside him to take out a towel and wipe it off.

Ten million was a great pressure on Mr. Lu. Although he had sold a manuscript of Fang Xuanling, the money for this manuscript was indeed useful to Mr. Lu.

\"Just relying on its fame, this painting can be auctioned in a large auction house for at least 10 million yuan!\" Fang Xuanling could only use this reason to comfort himself. He was telling the truth. After all, this was a famous painting by Tang Bohu. In a previous case, a famous painting by Tang Bohu had already been sold for more than 20 million yuan.

There weren't many Tang Bohu masterpieces left in the world. It could be said that one of them was missing. In theory, taking out tens of millions of them wasn't a loss at all.

\"11 million!\"

The woman's unyielding voice sounded again.

Mr. Lu had always had a calm and relaxed expression. At this time, his expression became gloomy. This woman was too difficult to pester.

Yun Luo's expression was also very energetic at this time. Yesterday, Yun Luo heard that Liangjun Zeng was going to auction an item. In fact, she did not take it to heart. At most, she would come over today to take a look. If it was cheap, she would be able to support it with more than 100,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan.

But today, she was surprised to see such a scene.

It could be said that if Yun Luo took out more than 10 million yuan to buy this painting, she would definitely be able to afford it. As the president of the Divine Dragon Group, more than 10 million yuan was only equivalent to a few tenths of a percent stake.

However, Yun Luo would definitely not buy this painting. Firstly, she did not know much about antiques. Secondly, this was not a small sum of money. Ten million yuan as working capital was still very important to the Divine Dragon Group. What was most lacking in doing business? It was liquidity!

Zhang Leyi's expression was also very exciting. At the same time, he couldn't understand. Didn't he say that this fellow had brought a fake painting? Why did it become a real painting at this time? Moreover, the price had instantly risen to over 10 million yuan?

After all, it was almost impossible for Zhang Leyi to take out so much money.

Zhang Leyi's old man wanted to take out such a sum of money.

Even if Zhang Leyi's father was able to take it out, it was absolutely impossible for him to do so.

How could a deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee get so much money? If this money was spent, Zhang Leyi would probably be unlucky immediately.

But where did this brat get this painting from? This painting is Tang Bohu's, isn't it just a broken painting? There wasn't anything unusual about it after looking at it just now. It wasn't like he could live for a few more years after buying this painting. He felt that the bidding price for these few paintings was simply insane.

Unhappy, extremely unhappy. Seeing this kid become a multimillionaire in front of him, that feeling was extremely unhappy. However, he was unhappy. Right now, there was really nothing he could do. It was just that after leaving the private clubhouse, if there was any other way, that would be something that he would talk about in the future.

In the end, the price was set at 15 million yuan. The person who bought it was that ordinary looking woman. After she often called out this price, she sat on the sofa without moving, not even looking over.

Fifteen million. This figure was already thirty times higher than Liangjun Zeng's low price. It was truly too terrifying. It was as if Liangjun Zeng was in a dream now. The cost of 100,000 yuan had made him a multimillionaire in the blink of an eye!

Mr. Lu was also very unhappy, However, there was nothing he could do about it. Although he hadn't lost money in investing during this period of time, he only had about five million yuan in working capital. Adding on the money from the auction manuscript, there was less than fifteen million yuan in total. Now that he had exceeded fifteen million yuan, he could only look at the painting and sigh. It seemed that he had no fate with the painting.

However, Mr. Lu was still a little angry. Then, he said to Zeng Liangjun, \"Wait a moment, Zeng Liangjun, I want to ask if this woman has so much money to pay for it!\"

Generally speaking, the auction house had to pay a certain amount of deposit. This was in proportion to prevent people from bidding maliciously. After the auction, people would leave without paying.

This small trade fair was a black market. Everyone's access to the private clubhouse had already indicated that they were fully certified. Under normal circumstances, no one would slap themselves in the face and embarrass themselves. Therefore, this small trade fair did not require any margin.

However, there would be an accident of malicious bidding without a deposit. That was why Mr. Lu wanted to verify that if this woman was here to cause trouble, then he, Mr. Lu, would definitely lodge a complaint against her!

Mr. Lu walked over to the lady and said, \"Miss, you have already photographed the painting. When will the payment be made?\"

When Zeng Liangjun saw Mr. Lu walk over and packed up the paintings, he followed Mr. Lu over. This wasn't a hundred thousand, several hundred thousand. This was a large transaction worth fifteen million yuan. Moreover, this woman was very unfamiliar. Perhaps she was a new member.

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