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Legend of Aurum 25 The Name of Gold

Author:  ArcaneDragon Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-11-08 17:23:53

(Hmmm. That's weird because I feel so good right now! Let's check changes in my body.)

The skin color became darker, it was something between white and black. Another change was that he became a little taller. It was only a few centimeters but it made him look older. The average height of 10 years old boy was something around 130 centimeters, Neo height is 146 centimeters.

(I am still short haha. It's pretty weird, why my skin becomes paler.)

The strange idea appeared in his mind, he wanted to check his current strength. Opening meridians didn't bring any strength boost but inner energy will slowly strengthen your body. As Neo felt stronger, he couldn't stop himself from checking the current strength. The boy dressed his training robes and went to training ground next to the orphanage.

Most of the trainees were training hard with weapons or techniques to develop flexibility.

(I need to check my strength. Let's use the training dummy.)

He approached the dummy and started pounding it. The dummy was made from hardwood, so it could withstand the strength of adult man.

BOOM! BOOM! The sound was similar to hammer pounding rather than fists. It immediately gathered the attention of all people on training grounds. The power of his fists was quite shocking, even veteran guards couldn't produce such bare power.

"Hahaha. It can be considered as something really close to the strength of two adult men." The result was great. During the night in Reis villa, his strength was a little stronger than one adult male. He was under of influence of strong stimulation and weird berserk state.

Sam approached him and said.

"Boss, you are getting stronger. I cannot see through you!" He said while patting Neo back.

Neo turned his head into Sam direction and send him fierce gaze. His eyes glowed for a little moment. Sam immediately made a step back.

"Sorry Sam, it wasn't intentional!" He didn't want to intimidate him, it just happened. Neo's body is different now and he needs to adapt to these changes.

(It's little like emotions became more intense and I react faster.)

He began examining his body again. The heart changed it became bigger and it is beating stronger than before.

(We have the culprit. My heart is stronger and it pumps the blood faster. Every hormone released by my brain is transported faster and this is quite problematic. I need to learn how to control my new body.)

"It's the ok boss. I feel like your eyes are quite scary!" Sam said while nodding as he couldn't keep eye contact.

(It's quite weird. The truth is that I am some kind of hybrid. I wonder who my father is.)

The cooperation of the craftsman family and military was quite fruitful. While the military gets new weapons, the craftsmen are safe and Neo didn't need to worry about them.

(I am training many professions and our organization is growing. There are still missing spots, like blacksmiths and few other professions that will be crucial in future industrialization.)

The servants came to Neo and reported the results of an investigation of the ground. Underground tunnels could be dug soon. He ordered people to start this project and started another meditation session. His spiritual energy was nearing the level of 6, it meant he will be considered as Alchemy practitioner soon. It will allow him to create more alchemy recipes and his success rate will rise too.

It was quite a fruitful session, but he didn't break through yet. The glassmaking was a problem, but he didn't consider that actually creating the stone stove would make the job. It was inside of the knowledge database. People used simple methods to do miracles. His mindset needed to change, there are many things that can be done with little of craftiness.

Aron and Reis came to his room. It was quite weird for them to take initiative if there wasn't a problem that they couldn't solve by themselves.

"We came to discuss, simple but at the same time a very important thing." They said with a serious look that actually made Neo worried.

"Tell me. What happened?" The came only when if the case required the Neo's knowledge.

"Our organization is growing and our influence is expanding. After some thoughts, we thought that we need a name. Name for the people to remember. "

"It's actually an interesting thought. That's true, we are staying low-key for now. The name will be useful in the future. Do you have any ideas?"

"The most people we asked, said that the name was related to you. You are the person that is capable of creating miracles and taking technology out of nothing." Reis stopped and Aron said.

"We have few names. First was Golden Sight, the second one was The True Gold, there were options as Golden miracle. As your golden eyes are something very special."

(They are right. There is none with this color of eyes. Although using it in every name , is quite bad. People will think that we are a greedy organization or solve all our problems with money.)

"These names are good, but we will be associated with money. It's not a good move. Let me think...gold elemental symbol is Au. What is an abbreviation of Aurum? What about name Aurum. I think it's simple and easy to remember."

Reis and Aron agreed. The name was good and simple. The knowledge about the meaning of name will be not spread, making it a mystery for people.

"OK. We need to begin the glassmaking. I wrote the instructions on the paper. Another thing is, I won't go explore Forest of Death."

"No! It's too dangerous!" Reis and Aron tried to dissuade him from this idea.

"Besides being a scientist, I am a martial artist and I need to fight. There is none that can be any challenge in our place. I could go and search for opponents in our city but it would cause more trouble than good."

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