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Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1593 - Soaring Heaven King Palace

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Chapter 1593: Soaring Heaven King Palace

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Inside a normal town of the Soaring Heaven Land within the Colored Glaze Sanctuary.

“The Lineage of Star has gotten information that Real God Shi Jue is most likely in this town now,” Elder Wu Liang was looking at the town in front of him, “However, this town is very big and there are also many cultivators. If Real God Shi Jue were to hide his own presence intentionally, it would be quite troublesome for us to find him.”

“Leave it to me,” Jian Wushuang spoke, “An Eternal Real God is very easy to find.”

Elder Wu Liang and Elder Fei Yan glanced at Jian Wushuang and laughed immediately.

Both of them knew that Jian Wushuang was an Inverse Cultivator. Moreover, the consciousness of an Inverse Cultivator would have evolved to Soul Power a long time ago.

Hence, no matter how Real God Shi Jue concealed himself, it would still be impossible for him to escape Jian Wushuang’s soul search.

Jian Wushuang started to search within the town at once.

His Soul power was at a very high level. Thus, if he were to conduct a search, he would be able to find anyone as long as it were not an Almighty or those Chaotic Real Gods who stood at the top and had also managed to unlock a small bit of Soul Fire.

“I have found him.”

Jian Wushuang stopped in front of the void of a pub. As for Elder Wu Liang and Elder Fei Yan, they were still outside the town as they were afraid of alerting Real God Shi Jue inadvertently.

After all, Jian Wushuang was only a Universe God. Even if Real God Shi Jue were to see him, he would not be too concerned.

However, if Real God Shi Jue were to discover that there were two additional Eternal Real Gods within the detection range of his consciousness, he would definitely put his guard up straight away.

“This is a bit strange. There is actually a total of three Eternal Real Gods in this city. Moreover, the three Eternal Gods are together,” Jian Wushuang was communicating with Elder Wu Liang and Elder Fei Yan.

“Three Eternal Real Gods?”

“Jian Wushuang, is Real God Shi Jue one of the three Eternal Real Gods?” Elder Wu Liang questioned.

“Yes,” Jian Wushuang nodded his head, “As for the other two, one of them has white hair and he looks like a young man. Moreover, he has a seal of white flames between his eyebrows…”

Jian Wushuang could tell the main characteristics of the three Eternal Real Gods in the pub via his Soul Power.

“If I’m not wrong, those two people should be Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin of the Soaring Heaven King Palace. Moreover, they are both Peak Eternal Real Gods,” Elder Wu Liang said.

“Soaring Heaven King Palace?” Jian Wushuang was shocked.

“The Soaring Heaven King Palace was the overlord of the Soaring Heaven Land.

Moreover, they were known for their power and influence in the ten Cultivation Sanctuaries. Looking at their reputations and abilities as a whole, they were slightly better than the Lineage of Star in both aspects. Thus, they were definitely a first-rate big powerhouse.

It was said that both of the two Palace Masters were on equal footing with the founder of the Lineage of Star.

“Why would the experts of the Soaring Heaven King Palace be with Real God Shi Jue?” Elder Wu Liang frowned, “This is going to be troublesome.”

“Jian Wushuang, don’t do anything for now. Just stay there and observe the situation,” Elder Wu Liang sent a message over.

“Understood,” Jian Wushuang nodded his head.

Inside a private room of the pub was the three Eternal Real Gods. The private room was covered with a seal that could isolate space and time. Although Jian Wushuang’s Soul Power could detect the existence of the three of them, he was unable to hear their conversation.

In the private room, three shadows were sitting together.

“Real God Shi Jue, Ming Xin and I have gotten a message saying that you possess that item. Therefore, we hurried over here. I hope that you will not make this a wasted trip for us,” the voice of Real God Dan Ding, who looked like a young man, was cold and he was looking at the long-haired, gloomy man opposite him.

The gloomy man was Real God Shi Jue.

“Shi Jue, show us that item,” Real God Ming Xin said.

Real God Shi Jue did not hesitate and took out an item.

After seeing the item that Real God Shi Jue had taken out, Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin’s eyes brightened up.

In the void outside the pub, Jian Wushuang also saw the item that Real God Shi Jue had taken out with his Soul Power.

“What’s that?” Jian Wushuang revealed a puzzled expression.

He could tell that the item that Real God Shi Jue had taken out was an extremely special token.

“Real God Shi Jue, you have been chased down by the Lineage of Star so miserably and you can only hide in a remote Holy Kingdom. Even so, you were still able to get this item?” Real God Dan Ding looked at Real God Shi Jue with interest.

“I was just fortunate,” Real God Shi Jue laughed evilly and put the token back into his Qian Kun Ring.

“Shi Jue, let me say this bluntly,” Real God Ming Xin spoke, “This item of yours is very precious. However, if you wish to use this item alone to get the Soaring Heaven King Palace to take action and resolve the feud between you and the Lineage of Star so that the Lineage of Star will stop going after you, that’s absolutely impossible. With the Lineage of Star’s abilities, unless an emperor-level existence appears personally, no one can get the Lineage of Star to give up on hunting you down.”

“I am clear about this,” Real God Shi Jue said, “I dare not hope that the Lineage of Star will give up on hunting me down. Today, I brought this item to find the both of you as I hoped that the Soaring Heaven King Palace behind the both of you would recommend me to join the Sanctuary Alliance. In addition, to let me go to the Thunderbolt Island to train for a period of time if possible.”

“Join the Sanctuary Alliance?” Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin looked at each other. Real God Dan Ding then laughed: “Joining the Sanctuary Alliance would be easy as you are more than good enough with your abilities. Moreover, it is an easy task for the Soaring Heaven King Palace to recommend you. As for the Thunderbolt Island, it’s not difficult either. Thus, the Soaring Heaven King Palace has no problem with accepting your conditions.”

“It’s a deal then. As for this item… both of you can set your minds at ease. As long as this matter is settled, I will pass it to both of you immediately,” Real God Shi Jue said.

Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin laughed, “We have confidence in you. Since you have provoked the Lineage of Star and been forced to such a tragic state, I believe that you are not gutsy enough to provoke the Soaring Heaven King Palace.”

“Definitely,” Real God Shi Jue smiled obsequiously.

“Ming Xin and I will take care of this matter for you now. Within ten days, this matter will be taken care of. For that period of time, please wait here.”

Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin stood up.

“Thank you, and sorry for troubling the both of you,” Real God Shi Jue was extremely modest.

Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin then walked out of the pub.

After leaving the pub, both Real God Dan Ding and Real God Ming Xin used their consciousnesses to scan the surrounding area. They then left after that, leaving behind Real God Shi Jue to wait inside the private room of the pub.

“Elder Wu Liang and Elder Fei Yan, the two Eternal Real Gods of the Soaring Heaven King Palace have left,” Jian Wushuang messaged.

“Alright. Let’s be patient. Those two Eternal Real Gods just left not long ago and they should still be within this town. Just in case, we shall wait until they leave this town and get far away. We will take action at that time,” Elder Wu Liang said.

“Understood,” Jian Wushuang nodded his head and his Soul Power covered the pub completely. With that, each and every action of Real God Shi Jue in the pub would be under his watch.

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