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Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1636 - Brothers

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Chapter 1636: Brothers

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“For you to be able to clear the sixth level of the Star Moon Tower, you are indeed not normal. However, today’s matter is unrelated to you,” Gu Luo chuckled. After that, his eyes moved and he looked at the huge place of residence of the tribe which was behind Jian Wushuang. After taking a deep breath, a sonorous voice came out of Gu Luo’s mouth.

“Gu Luo, leader of the Asura Tribe, wishes for an audience with King Gu Tong!”

His voice was extremely loud. It reverberated across the area and did not dissipate even after a long time.

However, there was no reply from the place of residence.

Such a scene had caused many Ancient Gods under King Gu Tong’s lineage to be furious.

“Damn it. Who do you think our king is? He is not someone you can meet as and when you want,” Elder Yi was the first person to shout at him.

“Hmph. No matter what, I will see King Gu Tong today.” Gu Luo’s eyes were cold and he had already started to walk toward the place of tribe of the tribe.

At that instant, many Ancient Gods under King Gu Tong’s lineage unleashed their auras and also took out their own weapons as they wanted to keep Gu Luo outside the place of residence of the tribe.

“You fools not enough to stop me.” Gu Luo ignored everyone in front of him and he continued walking.

Seeing that Gu Luo was walking over, Jian Wushuang also held his long sword on his hands. In addition, fighting intent was about to burst forth from him body.

Gu Luo stopped walking and looked toward Jian Wushuang, “Gu Jian, although your abilities are not too bad, it is still not enough to stop me.”

After talking, Gu Luo continued walking.

Jian Wushuang’s expression turned grave. However, in his mind, he had to admit that what Gu Luo had said was true.

At the very moment, he could at most compete against a top Stage Two Six-star Ancient God. However, if he were to come across a Stage Three Six-star Ancient God, he would definitely be suppressed.

Moreover, it had been less than a hundred years since he had unleashed his Secret Skill of Star Palace. Thus, his Star Power had not recovered yet and he was unable to use the Secret Skill.

He was unable to stop Gu Luo.

However, at that very moment…

“Gu Luo.”

All of a sudden, a deep, drawn-out voice could be heard and it came from the place of residence of the tribe which was far away.

Gu Luo, who had been moving forward, stopped walking immediately and he did not dare to take another step forward. His expression also became modest and respectful straight away.

The lines of vision of everyone present moved towards the source of that drawn-out voice. Over there, a stalwart body was moving over slowly.



All the Ancient Gods of King Gu Tong’s lineage knelt down and bowed to him with joined hands.

Under such worship, King Gu Tong, who was three meters tall and had penetrating eyes, walked in front of everyone proudly.

“I am Gu Luo. Greetings to King Gu Tong,” Gu Luo greeted respectfully.

King Gu Tong’s expression was cold and his proud eyes looked at Gu Luo, who was in front of him. “You wish to see me?”

“That’s right,” Gu Luo was extremely respectful. However, he also felt terrified. At the same time, Gu Luo could already tell that King Gu Tong was indeed in poor health.

“Seems like the rumors back then were real. King Gu Tong’s abilities have deteriorated greatly and have not recovered since then. It is no wonder that he does not show himself,” Gu Luo said.

Of course, even though King Gu Tong was in poor health, he did not dare to be rash.

“In order to meet me, you spared no effort to provoke my people again and again. Moreover, you even want to charge into my tribe forcefully. You are really very daring,” King Gu Tong’s voice was icy-cold and it was unknown as to what he was feeling.

“I was too reckless and I hope that King Gu Tong can forgive me,” Gu Luo apologized immediately.

“Hmph, reckless? After all, you are the leader of a tribe and you should not be so stupid. You had better get the person behind you to show himself,” King Gu Tong’s voice spread across the area slowly.

Gu Luo was stunned. However, he could not help but laugh immediately.

King Gu Tong… he was once an absolute overlord of the Ancient God Sanctuary and a Peak Seven-star Royal Ancient God.

Although his abilities had deteriorated greatly, the authority that he possessed was not something a mere Six-star Ancient God like him could provoke.

Gu Luo was certain about that. Thus, since he had dared to do what he had done, there was naturally someone who was supporting him behind his back.

After King Gu Tong’s voice echoed across the area, a loud laugh reverberated across the universe as well.

“Haha. Gu Tong, long time no see. I trust that you have been well since we parted?”

The laughter came from every corner of the universe. At the next moment, a body came into shape slowly in the universe.

Similarly, he possessed a body which was three meters tall. He wore purple armor, looked handsome, and had a cold expression. There were eight stars in the space between his eyebrows and he was extremely imposing.

Such elegance and dignity had caused people to submit themselves to his rule.

“An Eight-star Ancient God!”

When everyone around the area, including Jian Wushuang, saw the approaching person, all of them were shocked. After that, they became aware of the identity of the approaching person.

In the whole of Gu King City, there was only one Eight-star Ancient God and he was the current ruler of the Gu King City, King Gu You!

“As expected. The person behind the Asura Tribe is indeed King Gu You,” Jian Wushuang gasped in admiration.

King Gu Tong had both his hands behind his back. As he looked at King Gu You in front of him, he was not surprised in the slightest bit.Read more chapter on NovelFull

“Gu Tong, after so many years, this is the first time that I have seen you in such a miserable state,” King Gu You’s voice was indifferent.

“What did you come here for?” King Gu Tong said apathetically.

“If I were to not come, could it be that you planned to not show yourself forever? Haha. If my guess is not wrong, you have been unwilling to show yourself all the while as you do not wish for me to see this miserable state of yours?” King Gu Tong sniggered.

“I do not need you to interfere in my matters,” King Gu Tong’s eyes shrank.

“Hehe, you are still stubborn, just like before.”

King Gu You shook his head slowly, “Back then, both you and I competed endlessly for the right to rule the Gu King City. This is a fact and it was also a fair competition.”

“In the end, both you and I are brothers. No matter what the result is in a fight between brothers, it is our own personal matter. However, even though you are already in such a tragic state, you still refuse to lower your head and admit defeat. Thus, I have no choice. As the elder brother, I can only take the initiative to come and find you.”

“After all, you are my one and only brother in this world.”

After hearing what was said, King Gu Tong’s expression changed slightly.

As for the people in the area, they were all shocked.

King Gu You and King Gu Tong were brothers?

From the looks of it, they were biological brothers?

“This…” Jian Wushuang’s could not help but be puzzled.

When he was chatting with King Gu Tong previously, King Gu Tong did not mention such a point. Instead, he had only said that he had been competing with King Gu You all the while for the right to rule the Gu King City. Hence, in order to make a breakthrough to become an Eight-star Ancient God, both of them had travelled outside to find opportunities. In the end, King Gu You had made a breakthrough successfully. However, King Gu Tong was hit by the corrosion from the sinister power and reduced to a very tragic state. Moreover, to date, he had still not recovered completely.

However, Jian Wushuang did not expect the two people who had been competing endlessly to actually be biological brothers.

“Gu Tong, both you and I are brothers. Thus, it is the same no matter who is ruling the Gu King City. What I possess is what you possess as well!”

“I will think of a way to help you recover your abilities.”

“Please come back.”

King Gu You’s words, which were filled with warmth, echoed across the universe. At the same time, they also echoed within King Gu Tong’s mind.

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