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Loving A STRANGER 45 Chapter 45: Do You Feel Sorry For Him?

Author:  AnnaShannel_Lin Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-05-23 08:25:20

The makeup artist had finished his work, saying politely to Kylie: "It's done. You can go shoot now."

"Thank you." Kylie took a look at herself with satisfaction and turned towards the set.

Khloe followed. "This time, it's about breaking off relationships. We can use forced perspective," Director Johnson explained to them.

Then he addressed Khloe: "You can raise your palm up like this, but don't literally hit Kylie." Khloe nodded with a smile.

"I understand," she said. Director Johnson walked back to his cameras. Khloe was dressed in colorful and luxurious clothing and waited in the garden, while Kylie trotted towards her. Kylie, in character, hesitated. "I need to talk to you."

"Don't you dare talk to me in this way!" Khloe abruptly turned around, becoming Angela Ruiz. Her face was full of anger, which was a total transformation from her previously kind and mild image. Kylie was distracted for a second, then spoke her line: "Do I have to marry the tea businessman to save the Ruiz Family? Can't I make these decisions for myself?"

"Make your own decisions? So you can decide to marry a gangster?" Khloe clenched her teeth, with apparent disdain.

"I would rather do that then marry an old man who could die tomorrow! You'd love to be someone's mistress, but I'd hate it!"

Khloe raised her hand. "You..."

She was supposed to stop there, but her growing jealousy of Kylie wouldn't allow it. Khloe lost control. But luckily, Kylie was mentally and physically agile enough to avoid Khloe's hand. "I'm so sorry, Director." Khloe immediately put on her nervous, delicate mask. "I was so wrapped up in the role that I lost control. Kylie, are you all right?"

"Cut!" The director glanced at the camera. "Khloe Finch, you can go calm down now. Kylie, your close-up is next."

"Sure," Khloe replied in a mumble. As she walked by, Kylie sneered: "Let's see how long you can pretend." She knew that Khloe had done it on purpose.

"Be prepared," Director Johnson reminded her. Kylie nodded and immediately immersed herself in the role. Kylie's face on the screen became bigger and clearer. She pressed her lips and expressed unutterable grievances with her eyes. Every detail of her face was vivid and touching.

"Even though you hit me, I'll still marry the man I love over a man who is rich." Kylie looked determined and portrayed the role so well. The camera had captured an emotional close-up of Kylie's face. Director Johnson was deeply moved and pleased. He believed in Kylie's talent and thought her very promising.

"Perfect!" Director Johnson called a cut. He was very excited about this close-up and turned to Khloe: "It's your turn." Kylie wrapped up her shooting with forced perspectives. Director Johnson looked at the screen and nodded in a super content manner. "Excellent," he said. Kylie stepped away from the set. Cliff, who had suddenly appeared beside the director, stood up and applauded her. He was important in the entertainment industry and winner of the Best Actor. Everyone suddenly began to applaud, under his guidance.

"Cliff, what do you think?" Julian was proud. Nobody could read Cliff's expression because of his big sunglasses, but his grin answered everything.

"If only my co-actor were so able." Kylie bowed and thanked everybody. Then she walked towards Cliff and nodded politely.

"Thank you so much for your approval."

"I like to tell the truth." It was a compliment but took on a more serious aspect when the smile on Cliff's face faded away. But it had looked real, and Kylie wore a faint smile in response. Kylie had finished her part and had found herself a shadowy place in which to take a break. Kylie had scarcely sat down when she saw Khloe looking in her direction, while she talked on a phone that Lucas had handed her.

Khloe hung up the phone and rushed towards Kylie. "Kylie Finch, don't push me so hard!" Geez, Khloe was even using her full name. Kylie glanced at Khloe's back. Aiden had disappeared, which explained why she was suddenly her usual rude self.

"What are you looking at? I'm talking to you." Khloe bit her lip.

"My cousin hasn't actually caused you any real harm. Why do you treat him like that?!" Oh, this was in regards to the accident... Kylie had been in a drunk daze that day, but she still remembered that Lord Ethan had had a call in the car. He had ordered someone to punish Ken White.

Kylie didn't know what he would do to punish Ken, but it wasn't going to be simple. "Do you feel sorry for him?" Kylie smiled mildly. "What's my family name?"

Khloe was a little confused by this question. "Finch?" she replied. "Yep." Kylie raised herself up from the ground and calmly stared at Kylie.

"So don't expect me to be the Virgin Mary..." Khloe was stunned.


"What are you doing here?" Ethan indifferently watched the uninvited man standing in his President's Office. Nate beamed airily and grabbed a chair to sit on the other side of the table.

"Lord Ethan, I have something very important to tell you!" Ethan pressed his lips together with impatience. Nate leaned across the table. "I have fresh news from Baleney. Someone sent Kylie some expensive gifts." Ethan remained expressionless, but his eyes became cold. "Lord Ethan, you let Pupu go with Kylie, which is a good idea. But Pupu isn't the man who'd send her a car of iced coffee, or a diamond rose..." Ethan was irritated, and the atmosphere of the President's Office was unpleasant. "Who's behind it?" Ethan glanced at Nate with iciness. Nate hit the table and suddenly stood up.

"That's what I want to tell you! I've assigned my fellow to investigate the diamond rose stored in Citibank. As to who's behind that, the source is still unclear. Lord Ethan looks like you have an equal enemy now." Ethan's eyes sharpened. Who on earth would dare to steal his woman? Nate was getting bored of standing, so he sat down again. He had poured so much information out, but Ethan hadn't done or said anything; he didn't even look extremely displeased. Did he really not care about the woman he'd married; was the whole thing simply a way to fulfill his task?

"Lord Ethan, in my opinion, Kylie is not a common woman. Someone must be helping her so that she can live a good life since she left the Finch Family. Have you heard any gossip about her? If so..." Nate added, meaningfully.

"You can ** off now." Ethan stood up and walked to the wide French window, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He lit it up and took a deep breath. Everyone had a history, and he does have too.

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