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Martial Sword Master Chapter 66 Hunt Demonic Beasts

Author:  Xiao Zi Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-10-18 06:13:18

Suddenly, the light in front of his eyes lit up. Zhou Fu's body, which had been prepared for a long time, flipped in the air and landed firmly on the ground. Then, he raised his head with extreme vigilance.

He knew that he had just emerged from the python's body, and that the python was definitely right in front of him. With his strength, it was just a plate of food in front of the python. Therefore, he could only pray that the python was still outside the Earth Demon Mountain, so that he could seek help from the Earth Spirit Sect.

However, to Zhou Fu's disappointment, the surrounding environment was so unfamiliar that not a single person appeared. Zhou Fu quickly swept his gaze over the surrounding trees. Zhou Fu was sure that this place was within the Earth Demon Mountain because there were demonic beasts everywhere around him. Right opposite him was the giant python.

\"It's over. Heavens, you're playing with me!\"

Zhou Fu smiled bitterly. At this moment, he was surrounded by demonic beasts of all sizes. There were no fewer than a hundred of them at a glance. The aura emitted by each demonic beast was extremely powerful. He did not have any ability to resist.

Originally, he thought that he would be able to escape, but the result was that the sheep entered the tiger herd, so it was better to stay in the python's stomach.


One demonic beast after another roared as they crazily ran forward.

\"Go all out!\"

Zhou Fu took a deep breath, his eyes flashing with determination.


A large tree beside Zhou Fu was directly broken by an elephant, but the elephant ignored Zhou Fu, who was only a few meters away from him, and charged straight ahead.

It wasn't just this giant elephant. The other demonic beasts, and even the python that spat out Zhou Fu, didn't even look at Zhou Fu in the slightest. It was as if something was urging them to crazily move forward.

Zhou Fu stood there in a daze, not daring to move. Those powerful demonic beasts shot past him like a torrent, but they all seemed to not have seen him. He was worried that as long as he moved, he would attract the attention of these demonic beasts.

\"What happened here?\"

Zhou Fu looked at these powerful demonic beasts that were completely different from the past. He felt a little strange. He knew that it was impossible for these demonic beasts not to notice him. After all, the aura of humans was completely different from that of demonic beasts. However, these demonic beasts ignored him. In other words, for these demonic beasts, there was something more important than filling their stomachs.

\"Could it be that the Earth Spirit Sect has done something?\"

Zhou Fu could only think of this. Other than the Earth Spirit Sect, he really didn't know what else could make these powerful demonic beasts look like this. However, Zhou Fu heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, he had managed to overcome this calamity.

Soon, the demonic beasts passed Zhou Fu one after another, and Zhou Fu finally relaxed.

\"Chu Yun, if I don't kill you, I swear I won't be human!\"

Zhou Fu's entire body emitted a chill, and his eyes flashed with intense killing intent. If it wasn't for his good luck this time, his life would have been lost. The source of all this was Chu Yun.

At this moment, there was no danger. Zhou Fu carefully sized up everything around him. The trees that had been trampled and the dense demonic aura revealed that this was Earth Demon Mountain, and it was located in an extremely deep location of Earth Demon Mountain. Zhou Fu's body shook slightly. He could feel the earth trembling slightly. Occasionally, he could hear the roars of demonic beasts coming from nearby.

\"What happened to Earth Demon Mountain?\"

Zhou Fu had a feeling that something big had happened to the Earth Demon Mountain. The demonic beasts of the Earth Demon Mountain had become irritable. This time, the beast tide did not seem to be the same as the previous beast tide.

\"Let's go back first. The situation in Earth Demon Mountain is unknown. With my strength, I can't stay here for long.\"

With Hundun's state added on, Zhou Fu's pupils became cold and deep. His five senses were so sharp that they were terrifying. He knew every movement within a radius of two hundred meters like the palms of his fingers. It was like a picture appearing in his mind.

Inside the Earth Demon Mountain, demonic beasts were rampant. Many demonic beasts were completely unmatched by Zhou Fu at this moment, so Zhou Fu had no choice but to be careful. He headed in the opposite direction to the group of demonic beasts just now. Clearly, this direction was the direction he left Earth Demon Mountain.

In the primal chaos, Zhou Fu could sense the aura of the demonic beasts in advance. The powerful demonic beasts were one after another. He had to avoid them all. He remembered that he had hunted demonic beasts outside the Earth Demon Mountain. He had to sigh with admiration for his good luck. If these demonic beasts had randomly run out, their lives would have been lost.

Zhou Fu rushed out of the Earth Demon Mountain and quickly left the depths of the Earth Demon Mountain. At this moment, under his perception of Hundun's state, there were fewer and fewer demonic beasts that he could not compete with. Most of them were Second Grade low grade demonic beasts. With his current strength, he was able to contend against them.

Zhou Fu's body suddenly stopped and his gaze flickered, \"The beast tide hasn't passed yet. If I suddenly return, I will definitely attack me again after being discovered by Chu Yun...\"

After Zhou Fu was swallowed by the python, he did not know about Elder Feng. Therefore, considering that his strength was not enough to contend against Chu Yun, he immediately made a decision.

\"Hundun Green Lotus is already at the ninth rank of the Yellow Stage. He is only one step away from reaching the Profound Stage. I happen to be in the Earth Demon Mountain. Why don't we hunt demonic beasts here?\"

During the beast tide, Zhou Fu absorbed no less than a thousand demonic beast souls. It raised Hundun Green Lotus's rank from Yellow Grade Six to Yellow Grade Nine. Without Chu Yun's help, Zhou Fu would only need to stay on the battlefield for a while longer. Hundun Green Lotus's rank would definitely be raised to Profound Grade. However, Zhou Fu was unable to rush back to the Beast Tide Battlefield, so he would not be able to absorb the dead souls so easily. Therefore, Zhou Fu could only rely on himself.

Hunting demonic beasts could not only raise Hundun Green Lotus's level, but also obtain precious demonic pills. One had to know that the demonic beasts that Zhou Fu was interested in were all second-grade demonic beasts, and the demonic pills of second-grade demonic beasts were not something a first-grade demonic beast could compare to.

Thinking of this, Zhou Fu's figure flickered. Relying on Hundun's extremely strong perception, Zhou Fu found a low-grade Second Grade demonic beast. It was a bloodthirsty mink. At this moment, the Bloodthirsty Ferret was crawling everywhere, as if it was looking for something.

After coming out of the python's stomach, Zhou Fu also discovered that these demonic beasts from Earth Demon Mountain seemed to be searching for something. The demonic beasts that covered the mountains and fields did not look for food, did not rest, and were searching for something.

However, this wasn't something Zhou Fu was concerned about. He slowly walked forward.

As if sensing something, the one meter tall Bloodthirsty Ferret turned its head. Its tiny, scarlet eyes stared at Zhou Fu, and a trace of bloodthirsty and brutal light gradually flickered.

The biggest difference between a rank two demonic beast and a demonic spirit was their intelligence. The Demon Spirit's intelligence had already opened, and it could rely on its thoughts to move, while rank two demonic beasts relied more on its instincts to move. Thus, even though this Bloodthirsty Ferret had revealed its greedy nature when it saw Zhou Fu, it was about to forget about the things it was looking for, and now it wanted to have a full meal. This was a human, completely different from the weak demonic beasts that it normally hunted.

\"The Bloodthirsty Ferret is fast, its claws are sharp, and its attacks are powerful, but its defense is weak.\"

Zhou Fu looked coldly at the Bloodthirsty Ferret. Thousands of thoughts flashed through his mind.


At this moment, the Bloodthirsty Ferret let out a loud hiss, and its two sharp front claws grabbed onto the ground. Two holes suddenly appeared on the ground, and at the same time, the reaction force caused it to explode.

Zhou Fu's eyes were ice-cold, and a sharp aura suddenly surged out from his body, stirring the air.


Zhou Fu took a step forward and placed his right hand on the hilt of the Black Light Sword. The power of the sword was astonishing, and there was a faint howl of the sword in the space.

The hair on the Bloodthirsty Ferret's body stood upside down. It felt countless sharp blades cutting through his body. Then, it roared angrily, and its sharp claws sliced down abruptly, striking straight towards its head.

\"A flash of light.\"

Zhou Fu's footsteps moved slightly as he dodged this attack. The primal chaos easily caught the attack of the Bloodthirsty Ferret.

\"Death Sword Technique, Terminator Sword.\"

Sharp sword energy swept out. The soaring sword energy slashed into the Bloodthirsty Ferret's abdomen from the bottom up. The body of the Bloodthirsty Ferret that had yet to land on the ground broke into two halves from its abdomen. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere. The two parts of its body landed on the ground without any aura at all.

Zhou Fu's figure flashed as he took out the Bloodthirsty Ferret's Demon Core and absorbed its dead soul. Then, he did not stop for a moment and left the spot.

The demonic beasts were extremely sensitive to the smell of blood, and Zhou Fu adhered to the principle of being careful and not staying for another second. As expected, not long after Zhou Fu left, two powerful demonic beasts arrived and shared the Bloodthirsty Ferret's corpse.

\"The dead souls of rank two demonic beasts are indeed extraordinary. A rank two low-tier demonic beast is enough to equal ten rank one high-tier demonic beasts!\"

On a large tree, Zhou Fu's face was filled with joy. The dead souls of rank two demonic beasts were indeed outstanding. This gave him even greater confidence that he could raise Hundun Green Lotus to the Profound realm in a short period of time. His figure flickered as he quickly killed a low-grade second-grade tiger bear in another place.

Two days later.

Zhou Fu was dressed in rags and stood on the trunk of a large tree with his sword in hand. He looked up at the sky. Above his head was a gale eagle.

This Gale Eagle flapped its wings and circled around Zhou Fu's head. However, every time it flapped its wide wings, drops of blood would drop down. Upon closer inspection, one could see that there was a sword mark on the Gale Eagle's wings, and blood flowed down from it.


The Gale Eagle hissed angrily and hated the human who had ambushed it.

\"A second-grade low-level demonic beast that can fly is indeed difficult to deal with.\"

Zhou Fu narrowed his eyes, and there were a few wounds on his exposed skin, which were caused by the sharp claws of the Gale Eagle. Over the past two days, Zhou Fu had hunted over a hundred demonic beasts, all of them low-grade second-grade demonic beasts. However, this Gale Eagle was the most troublesome one because it could fly.

Zhou Fu tightened his grip on the black light sword. The Gale Eagle suddenly let out a cry. Its body descended from the sky. Its spread wings seemed to be able to cover the sky and cover the sun. Its claws fiercely grabbed towards Zhou Fu's head.

Quick! Overbearing!

Before the Gale Eagle arrived, Zhou Fu felt a gust of wind blowing towards him.

\"Fortunately, I injured your wings from the beginning, and now you deserve to die.\"

Zhou Fu's body shot out from the tree trunk, and his pupils instantly became deep. The Gale Eagle's violent attack landed in his eyes, becoming slow.

\"Death Sword Technique, Destruction Sword.\"

An ice-cold voice that resembled the Netherworld came out, and Zhou Fu's figure floated to the ground.

In the next moment, a destructive aura blossomed in space. A wisp of black light flashed across the Gale Eagle's body, as if an endless destructive aura was wrapping around its body.


With one last miserable hoof cry, the Gale Eagle that dominated the sky was cut off by a single sword strike and landed on the ground, completely devoid of life.

One of the overlords of rank two low-level demonic beasts, the Gale Eagle, died.

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