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Martial Sword Master Chapter 81 Another Shocking Remark

Author:  Xiao Zi Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-10-29 06:05:01

A tremendous pressure descended on Yue Kai's body. Yue Kai's skin seemed to be torn apart by millions of small swords. It was as if his body would be torn apart by this powerful sword force if he wasn't careful.

Now everyone knew why Zhou Fu dared to fight Yue Yue. At this moment, he had already reached the Second Grade of Martial Master. In addition to his powerful sword aura, he was no weaker than a Third Grade Martial Master.

At this moment, Zhou Fu, whose aura had reached its peak, suddenly took a step forward. With a tearing sound, the clothes on Yue Kai's body were unexpectedly torn apart by the invisible sword aura, stabbing at Yue Kai's skin. Such a terrifying scene caused Yue Kai's expression to change drastically. He could truly feel the terrifying might of this sword aura, as well as the terrifying might of Zhou Fu.

\"Bastard, so what if the sword moves!\"

Seemingly to bolster his courage, Yuekai cursed softly and raised his right hand. Immediately, endless golden light blossomed, as if golden water was wrapped around his right fist. It was extremely dazzling.

\"Golden Fist Mountain Splitting!\"

Yuekai roared. His right fist, which carried endless golden light, suddenly smashed out. The tyrannical aura created a strong wind, blowing the clothes of the surrounding people. At the same time, an incomparably tyrannical destructive force erupted from his right fist. Even the air seemed to be annihilated by his punch.

\"Laido, Lightning Sword!\"

At this moment, a bolt of lightning shot into the sky, instantly extinguishing the aura of the tyrant. Yuekai's golden fist stopped in mid-air, unable to move forward.

In the next moment, Zhou Fu seemed to have casually sliced through the air, and a thick strand of sword qi broke through the air, tearing apart space and about to tear apart Yuekai's body.

\"Golden Fist is earth-shattering!\"

In the midst of the crisis, Yuekai roared angrily. His entire body was bathed in endless golden light. His arms and hands completely turned golden, like the hands of a Buddha statue made of pure gold. Immediately after, his fists shot out at the same time, incomparably tyrannical.


His fists collided with the sword qi, and a dazzling light blossomed, stabbing everyone's eyes, causing them to have no choice but to narrow their eyes.

At the same time, Yuekai's body retreated. There was a deep mark on his fists, causing intense pain. His face was ashen. He never thought that even his Golden Fist Martial Soul would be unable to resist Zhou Fu's sword force. He never thought that Zhou Fu's strength would be so strong.

Zhou Fu took a step forward and the wild aura on his body became even stronger. Yuekai's eyes flashed with fear. Was this the power? The stronger the Vietnam War was, the more powerful it was. However, this power almost crushed Yuekai.

\"Stop fighting!\"

At this moment, Yuekai hurriedly shouted, causing the spectators to be incomparably shocked. Yuekai actually admitted defeat and demanded an armistice.


However, Zhou Fu didn't seem to have heard half of it. He took a step forward and the black light sword in his right hand slashed out horizontally. The sword qi carried a scorching aura as it arrived in front of Yuekai at an extremely fast speed.

[Fire Cloud Swordsmanship]. This yellow rank martial skill was currently being used in Zhou Fu's hands, and its power was no less than that of a profound rank martial skill. This was because Zhou Fu's comprehension of Emperor Flame Sword Method was getting deeper and deeper, and it was also because of his powerful sword aura.

The Fire Cloud Sword Technique was explosive, scorching hot, and had extraordinary power.

Yuekai crossed his fists and his arms were dyed golden again. The scorching sword slashed down on it, making a clanging sound. Although it did not cut off Yuekai's arms, it caused Yuekai's body to tremble. He took a few steps back, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

\"Stop! I admit defeat! I said I won't fight anymore!\"

Yuekai ignored the blood at the corner of his mouth and shouted again.

Everyone below sighed. Yuekai, ranked 25th among the inner sect disciples, was actually beaten to the point of admitting defeat by Zhou Fu. Was this Zhou Fu's true strength? Was this Zhou Fu's incomparable source of pride?

\"Admit defeat?\"

Zhou Fu paused and revealed a cold smile, \"You said that this was a life-and-death battle just now, but now you want to admit defeat?\"

Yuekai took a deep breath and said, \"Zhou Fu, we are disciples of the same sect. There is no hatred or resentment between us. There is no need for us to do this.\"


Zhou Fu laughed loudly, and his entire body erupted with even stronger sword energy. His clothes fluttered, and surging sword energy swept across space, firmly pressing down on Yuekai, as if he would attack at any moment.

Zhou Fu's expression suddenly turned cold as killing intent blossomed, \"I have no grievances or enmity with you, but unfortunately, you have the wrong owner. Since you have become a vicious dog, you must be prepared to be slaughtered. Moreover, if my strength is inferior to yours, will you stop fighting?\"

\"Zhou Fu, I admit that you are very strong, but I am not a vegetarian, don't force me, at that time no one will have a hard time!

Yuekai shouted loudly, his face revealing an expression of burning jade and stone.

Zhou Fu looked at Yuekai mockingly. The black light sword in his hand carried a surging sword aura and finally slashed down again.

A wisp of ghostly light blossomed, and a destructive aura quietly enveloped the high platform.

Yuekai's pupils contracted abruptly. Zhou Fu had clearly only swung out a single sword, but he felt that there were millions of swords surrounding him, making it impossible for him to retreat or avoid them.

\"Golden Fist Breaks the Heavens!\"

Yuekai roared. The golden light on his right fist blossomed and began to expand. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a fist that was several meters long and smashed straight towards the ray of light.

\"It's over.\"

Zhou Fu suddenly sheathed the Black Light Sword and said indifferently.

Everyone's hearts trembled, and they were shocked to see that wisp of light suddenly blossoming, transforming into a lonely sword light.

[Death Sword Technique], the Sword of Destruction.

This sword strike seemed to cut through space. This sword strike destroyed everything.

Yuekai, it's over.

Everyone stared blankly at this wonderful sword strike. This sword strike stunned everyone.


Yuekai's enormous golden fist slowly disappeared under this sword strike, as if half of it had been devoured by the darkness, disappearing into thin air. A wisp of despair appeared on his face. He could only watch helplessly as that incomparably dark sword light slashed through his body. This wisp of darkness was his last glance.

It was as if in an instant, and as if a long time had passed, a trace of bright red appeared on Yuekai's throat. Fresh blood that was as thin as silk began to ooze out from it.


Yuekai's body slowly fell onto the arena.


Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Inner, who was ranked 25th on the Yuekai Rankings, was killed by Zhou Fu just like that.

\"You're courting death.\"

Yun Feng said without the slightest bit of pity for Yuekai's death. This was all because he was courting death himself. Hearing Yun Feng's words, everyone also sighed endlessly. Yuekai wanted to kill Zhou Fu to please Chu Yun, but he didn't expect that he had hit the muzzle of the gun. Now, Zhou Fu was using Yuekai's life to prove his strength to everyone and prove what he had just said.

What he could bring to the Earth Spirit Sect was ten or a hundred times that of Chu Yun.

It was ridiculous that Yuekai was so arrogant, but he had become Zhou Fu's stepping stone, showing off his talent to the Sect Master. Everyone began to realize that they might be witnessing history, witnessing the rise of a peerless genius.

Yang Baizhan's gaze flickered endlessly as he stared fixedly at Zhou Fu. The talent this youth displayed was rare in the world, so he had to recruit him to Saint State School.

Ling Changsu and Baili Feng exchanged glances. They shared the same thoughts as Yang Baizhan, especially Ling Changsu. He could almost see the shadow of his son, Ling Jian, on Zhou Fu. It was a shadow that only the Ten Young Masters had when they were young. In other words, if they successfully cultivated, Zhou Fu would definitely grow to the level of the Ten Young Masters in the future.

\"If you don't obey, then die.\"

At the same time, these words appeared in the hearts of the three of them. If a person at the level of one of the Ten Young Masters could not become one of their own, they would have to be killed in advance.

Zhou Fu naturally didn't know what they were thinking. He didn't even look at Yuekai, who had fallen to the ground. His gaze slowly swept past everyone below, \"Chu Yun has assassinated me many times and acted recklessly. I believe that other than me, there will definitely be disciples of the sect who disobeyed him who were brutally killed by him.\" As a sect elder, he is the shame of the sect. Today, I have explained that either I, Zhou Fu, or he, Chu Yun, are in the Earth Spirit Sect. Today, I want to see if he can expel me from the sect, or if I can expel him from the sect. \"


Everyone's hearts trembled. This was something a disciple could say. Zhou Fu actually wanted to expel Chu Yun from the sect. How arrogant was this?

But at the same time, almost no one believed that Zhou Fu could do it. How could Chu Canglan watch as Chu Yun was expelled from the sect?

\"Hahaha, it's truly worthy of being you!\"

After a brief moment of shock, Yun Feng revealed an excited expression. As a disciple, he actually wanted to expel Inner Sect Elder from the sect. Moreover, Inner Sect Elder's father was the sect's Grand Elder. Who would dare to do this?

Only Zhou Fu dared to say so, and he had been working hard to achieve this goal.

At this moment, Chu Yun's expression was about to rot. He had never been insulted like this before. Chu Canglan's eyebrows were also slightly gloomy. This junior had simply not put Chu Yun in his eyes by naming him by name.

The hardest part was naturally Mo Qingtian.

With Zhou Fu's current talent, he was willing to punish Chu Yun for Zhou Fu, but Zhou Fu's request was indeed to expel Chu Yun from the sect. This made it extremely difficult for him to do so. The reason for that was still that person, Chu Canglan.

However, considering Zhou Fu's talent, as well as Elder Feng and Elder Gui behind him, he could not directly reject it.

Zhou Fu glanced at Mo Qingtian, who was frowning. The corner of his mouth curved up. Mo Qingtian's appearance had already shown how troubled he was. Zhou Fu knew that his weight was getting heavier and heavier in Mo Qingtian's eyes. As long as he added more fire...

Zhou Fu's eyes lit up as he turned to look at the disciples on the Inner Rankings below and said loudly, \"Do any inner disciples within the top 20 dare to fight me?\"


Crazy, Zhou Fu is crazy, everyone is going crazy.

\"Crazy, this guy is crazy. He wants to challenge all the inner sect disciples within the top 20?\"

It was true that Zhou Fu defeated Yue Kai, but Yue Kai was only ranked 25th. Not to mention Qian Huan, who was ranked first, even the other top 20 people on the inner sect rankings possessed stunning skills that Yue Kai could not compare to.

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