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Medical Master Chapter 140 I Bet Fifty Yuan on This!

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While on this side.

Fang Qiu, as the concerned party, couldn't help but secretly put on a bitter smile.

He was thinking about throwing a casual punch and leaving with a decent number, but to his surprise, he got such a result with a casual punch.

If he knew his strength was this much, he would have gone easy on the punch.

Fang Qiu felt upset.

He turned around.

And he gave a fist-palm salute to the crowd, and then immediately disappeared into the manor.

He Gaoming was dumbfounded while staring at Fang Qiu's back, and then followed him into the manor.

Walking into the manor.

Fang Qiu saw an eye-opening view.

Outside the door, there was the suburb, which didn't look fancy at all but kinda looked a little desolated.

But inside the door, it was a whole different world.

He glanced over the inside.

Inside this ancient Jiangnan-styled manor, there were all kinds of pavilions, terraces, and open halls, and there were also flowers and birds, fish and insects everywhere. It was a beautiful view.

There were a lot of trees not far away.

Under the feet.

There was a pebble path.

This narrow path lay over several rivers, looking like a painting.

He moved forth step by step.

A while later, a giant pool appeared in front of his eyes.

The water in the pool was fresh and clear.

It gave people a cool vibe.

Above the pool, there was a garden.

The garden was divided into four areas.

The pebble path was connected to the center of the garden, surrounded by flower stands, pavilions, and rockery.

At the center of the garden, there was a ring stage.

Around the stage, there were round tables. And there were all kinds of fruits and drinks on the table prepared for the guest.

At this moment.

Some people had already seated themselves on those tables, waiting for the fighting match to begin.

Fang Qiu walked forth while enjoying the views around him. Then he reached the ring stage, found himself a seat and sat down, waiting in silence.

A short while later.

A few people entered.

Ten minutes later.

The round tables were fully seated.

At the same time, the artistic garden under the moonlight suddenly lit up.

A beautiful host with a curvy body and a pretty face wearing a piece of traditional cheongsam slowly walked onto the stage.

"Good evening to all the Wulin heroes and experts here!"

The beautiful host greeted everyone with a smile on her face, and then said, "Welcome everyone to the fighting match tonight. Wulin people only communicate with fists and kicks. Tonight is the first match, two Wulin friends are gonna fight."

"The first place is Jin Yihan."

"Thirty-five years old."

"Record: Thirteen fights, ten wins, one draw, two defeats."

"After the thirteen fights, Jin Yihan keeps improving his skills. I believe he will soon be a first-class Martial Superior."

"Next, let's welcome Jin Yihan on the stage."

After the introduction of the host.

A young man wearing a set of white practice suit slowly walked onto the stage.

He had a square face, a crew cut, and dark skin, looking firm and stern.

Jin Yihan got on stage.


The host smiled and continued. "The next is the other Wulin friend who is about to fight."

"Wan Shuquan, forty-five years old."

"Record: Zero."

"This is the first time that he joins a fighting match, he will fight against Jin Yihan. What will happen?"

Then she paused.

The host turned around and looked at her right side, and then said, "Now welcome, Wan Shuquan."

After she finished the sentence, a middle-aged man walked on stage.

This man had long hair, which was combed back neatly. There was a little moustache above his upper lips, and his face was small and thin, which gave off a sharp feeling.


The crowd around the stage all laid their eyes on Wan Shuquan.

Everyone knew about his existence in Wulin, but no one had ever seen him fight before, so his strength was a mystery to the people.


Everyone looked forward to the fight.

Both parties had gotten on stage.

The host nodded and smiled, and then said to them, "Wulin people communicate by fists and kicks, but they also follow the Wulin ethics. Especially now, it's illegal to hurt people, let's go easy on each other."

The two people nodded.

"Another thing before the fight, the opportunity of this match is very rare. If any of the guests want to get on stage, please sign up."

The host said while laughing.

Hearing what she said, people around the stage and sitting before the tables, and some of the people who just got here were all thinking about signing up.

After all.

This was the real world.

It wasn't the Wulin era when even if you were a Wulin superior, it would be hard to find a match.

If they could take this chance and have a good fight, they could not only get real-fight experience, and they could also get famous when they won a fight. What was most important, they might learn and realize something and even have a big breakthrough during the fight.

"Okay, enough talking!"

The host rolled around her eyes and took a glance at the crowd around the stage. "Under the bright moonlight, won't it be quite boring just watching and not staking?"

"The fight is about to start, please put your bets, everyone!"

As she finished the sentence, four waitresses dressed in red cheongsam walked over quickly, each with a tray on their hands. They took people's bets near the table.

The people here were not stupid.

If they wanted to eat, drink and watch a show here, they had to hand in a little money.

So a lot of people were filling in the bet sheet.

They filled in the sheet and paid the money.

On this side.

Due to this was the first time Fang Qiu came here, he didn't know if he could put the bet or not, so, he immediately started looking around.

Then he found out that a lot of people put their bets on Jin Yihan.


A waitress came to Fang Qiu.

"This is your bet sheet, please take your bet."

The waitress handed the sheet to Fang Qiu with a smile on her face.

"Is it okay not to take any bet?"

Fang Qiu seized the chance and asked.

Hearing what he said. everyone was stunned, and they all looked at Fang Qiu with a weird expression on their face.

The waitress holding a tray was stunned, too.

This was the first time that she met someone who didn't want to take bets.

He was here anyway, why would he ask a question like that?

At this moment.


There was a middle-aged martial arts practitioner sitting in Fang Qiu's table, and he said to the waitress nicely, "Don't mind him, this should his first time here, he doesn't know the rules yet."

The waitress understood and nodded.

It turned out this was his first time here.

In a short while.

This middle-aged martial arts practitioner turned and said to Fang Qiu, "Little brother, there is no free meal in this world, this is a fighting match, but as long as you get in here, you have to take your bet, this is the rules."

Fang Qiu nodded with understanding.

There was a rule like this.

No wonder all the fruits and drinks were free.

If this was the rule, then he would follow it.

He took fifty yuan out of his pocket.

"I bet on Wan Shuquan."

He put the money on the waitress's tray and wrote down the amount on the bet sheet.

But at aside.

The martial arts practitioner sitting around were stunned again when they saw the fifty yuan.

Then they couldn't help but shake their heads.

It was so humiliating for the Wulin people.

Just fifty yuan?

Fifty yuan wasn't even enough for the fruits and drinks here.

The least amount other people paid was three-digit, five-digit the most.

This was the first time that they saw someone who paid fifty yuan for a bet.

Anything could happen in the big world.

Like everyone else.

The waitress was stunned again, watching the fifty yuan on the tray.

But this time, she didn't say anything, just thought for a second, then smiled and left.

As soon as the waitress left, that middle-aged martial arts practitioner got close to Fang Qiu and was ready to give a lecture to the newbie.

"Little brother, what do you think of this place? How is the service?"

The middle-aged man asked.

"Very nice."

Fang Qiu spoke his mind.

"There you go."

The middle-aged man shook his head and laughed softly. "You see, the scenic spots outside which are worst than this place still charge money, it would be impossible to get in here for free, right? So you have to take your bet here, not entirely for the gamble, but for buying the ticket of this place. If you win some money, good. If you lose it, it's still worth it."

"Because apart from the shares for the directors at this place, the rest of the money will be distributed to the two fighters. The winner took 70% and the loser took 30%, the owner of this place won't take the money."

"So as long as you sign up, you'll get money either way, and you can communicate with the other fighters and improve your strength."

"On the other hand, the reason why the owner of this place hosts this match is that everyone can learn from each other and make friends.

Hearing this, Fang Qiu understood.

It wasn't gambling!

Most importantly, the owner was very kind.

In that case, fifty indeed seemed too little.

"This is my first time doing this, I don't know the rules, sorry!"

Fang Qiu let out a bitter laugh and answered, and then he sighed. "No one told me about this before I came, or else I wouldn't be so ignorant."

"Haha, good that you understand. There will be many chances in the future. I might see you up there someday."

The middle-aged martial arts practitioner laughed out loud, and then said, "If it wasn't for the busy schedule at my company and my bad state of health, I would have signed up."

"I wonder who owns this place?"

Fang Qiu laughed and asked curiously.

"Elder Yi."

The middle-aged martial arts practitioner answered.

Hearing this, a figure appeared immediately in front of Fang Qiu's eyes.

Elder Yi?

Was that the man who bought the Red Spirit Date from him?

It was him!

On the other side.

The bet-taking was over.

The fight began.

On the stage, the two men gave each other a fist-palm salute to show respect.

Then the fight officially began.

The fight seemed very intense, but really there was not much to see.

Because both of them were at the martial arts practitioner level.

Although there was a strength gap between them, it wasn't a big, wide one.

Besides, it was just a light fight, so nothing too serious happened. Although the two of them were punching and kicking, there wasn't any killing atmosphere like in the real battle.

"Nice! Very nice..."

"They are so good! It takes some strength to be able to stand up there!"

"Yeah, these two are pretty good!"

"I think Jin Yihan is about to win, looks like we'll win some money tonight!"

"Wan Shuquan is not bad. This is his first time, but he can fight so long with Jin Yihan. His strength really impressed me."

The crowd talked while sipping tea.

Fang Qiu was also staring at the two on the stage.

"He's about to fight back!"

Watching Wan Shuquan got pushed to the edge of the stage, Fang Qiu thought to himself.

As expected.

Just when everyone thought Wan Shuquan was about to lose, Jin Yihan suddenly shivered, and when they crashed into each other, Jin Yihan, who wanted to punch Wan Shuquan off the stage, was pushed backward by Wan Shuquan.


Wan Shuquan enhanced his punches and kicks, suddenly got the upper hand and beat the ** out of Jin Yihan.

Not long after.

The fight was over.

Wan Shuquan won!

The people watching the match around the stage all stood up and applauded for him.

Nobody expected that Wan Shuquan would win.

They were all confused.

But looking around, he found that no one complained about the result.

To them, it wasn't a pity that they bet on the wrong side. After all, that was the ticket money that they should pay.

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