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My First and Last Man 241 Vol 4 : Ch 241 - Meng Xue Doomsday

Author:  Jtw10 Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-05-23 08:09:32

After all that big news from their family members and the news of having a new members of family. En as the elder one suddenly said another news but not for the kids instead for the three monster or rather the three siblings

En : Ah, that's right.

All : Eh, what's wrong Bro En / En?

En : If Ken pass my challenge, then My Mei as a former teacher select the best school that near Rei's residence and enrolled them. Rei process both Ken and Ellyn visas validity and other necessary documents. El you need to invent another exclusive device as an alarm to warn us if the 4 kids is in danger since they can't have a phone yet and just add another after another new joining members (future kids).

All : (siblings) What the? What do you think of us a monster? And you just given us three hours?

All : (control their laughs with these siblings antics)

En : Yup, yup

All : (Siblings) How about you? You're the old man here, so what contribute you can do?

En : 'Calm down En because you need help from this three monsters and just relax' I will be the financer, so satisfied?

All : (Siblings) Good and how about the card details old man?

En : You...

All : (Siblings) what?

En : 'relax En and don't let this three monsters got explode or else you will be the one doing everything' (got his phone, type his card details then send it to this three monsters) done

All : (siblings) 'ching, ching, ching' (received a message and read at the same time) thanks My En / Bro En

En : ....

Aya : (interrupt them before En patience explode) alright guys and everyone, it's quarter to 12 and we need to eat our lunch earlier for the 1pm events.

All : Yes Ma/Grandma/Mama Grand.

All family members are eating their lunch earlier before 12 then going to their own room and preparing themselves for the said event in the afternoon. All of them are all wearing simple formal attire, then quarter to 1pm the family are now seating to their assigned seats and yes they got assigned in one Table that good for 12 with 1 vacant seat since they are only 11 Family Members at this day : 1 - Aya, 4 - Din Family, 2 - Jun Family and 4 - Jang Family.

At exactly 1 pm the Family Gatherings Event officially commence and as expected of the influential ones arrived on time not included with Din Family Members since they always forgot that they are also the same.

"Dad, I'm going now"

"Okay and be aware of danger Ken"

"Yes Dad" then leave and proceeds to his challenge by spotting all the police officers. He already ask a sheet of paper and borrow a pen from his Mom.

While Ken doing his challenge, the family members of the brides and grooms are all seating in different tables per immediate family. As they chat and talk, all of them suddenly got interrupted by someone and that someone is none other than Meng Xue.

Xue : (Clapping her hands five times before speaking) clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. What a wonderful Family Gatherings you have? And yet I'm a Family Member but how come I'm not invited?

Lin : (acronym only because Xue don't understand this code and use this code since she's a smart one) K-J-S-G-T-H-D-F-T-R-N


Quarter to 1pm

Lin : Kaede, Jiru and Shi come with me for awhile.

All : Yes Dad? (The Meng Family allowed Meng Shi to call her Uncle Lin as Dad)

Lin : Whatever it is but when I said this K-J-S-G-T-H-D-F-T-R-N it means Kaede, Jiru, Shi go to the Din's Family Table right now, all the three of you must do it right away without delay and do it secretly, understand?

All : Yes Dad

Lin : Please remember it right away Kids

All : Yes Dad

Lin : After this we will pick you up guys from them.

All : Okay

Feng : Let's go now Hubby (interrupted her husband when she realized that he didn't followed them including the kids)

Lin : Alright Sweetie

End of flashback

Xue : Woah, what are you talking about Officer Lin? Or are you that scared that you already don't know how to talk? Well, just relax since I can still chat with you guys before I send to your own graves

Grandpa : What are you doing here?

Xue : Oh that's hurt Grandpa but I'm also one of your Grand Daughter aside from Meng Feng Twins

Grandpa : You already agreed to never appear in front of us.

Chen : Relax Dad and Calm down

Xue : Right, right Grandpa relax first since I well send you to your graveyard later but for now that's agreement only valid in C Country, so Grandpa were here in S Country so it's not valid in here

Chen : You, what do you want?

Xue : Aside from killing all of you here I still want to have chat.

Lin : Even were here in S Country, you will be get in prison when you got back in C Country.

Xue : Tsk, tsk, tsk I know Officer Lin but too bad because you will never return back in C Country alive.

Lin : Trying to threaten an officer, I see

Xue : Yup, yup but again too bad because your position is useless here. (Then get a gun from her waist and raising) I have 9 rounds of bullets, so who wants to be first.

All : .....(Except Din's Family and Officer Lin all of them got shivered)

All : (Kaede, Jiru and Shi almost crying)

Ren : (said silently) shh, don't cry and it would be alright.

Lynel : (follow up silently) yup, yup nothing will happened and it would be alright

Ellyn : (looking to her parents, Aunties and Uncles) 'I see so they already know about it' that's right guys nothing will happened and for now you need to calm down and talk silently

All : (just nodded and hugged Ellyn at the same time)

Ellyn : .....

Lynel : just imagine that Ellyn as Haibara who's leading us in safe place while Bro Ken s Conan who's solving something

All : (Nodded and smile)

Ren : That's right and after this everything will be alright because Conan saves the day and capture the bad one.

All : (Nodded again and start to calming down)

Xue : No one's going to volunteer?

All : ....

Xue : I see then, so this is the sequence of the Lists of how the Meng Family will die

1. Grandpa

2. Uncle

3. Aunt

4. Officer Lin

5. Lin Feng

6. Meng

7. Assistant Lin

8. Meng Shi

9. ........

Xue : Oh I still have one slot reserve (then looking to all Meng Family Members and just realize that there's a man protecting Meng behind him that cause her to laugh like a psycho) ha, ha, ha, ha I never expect you have already a boyfriend Meng but at least my lists is complete. Tsk, tsk, tsk, you who are you? (pointing and asking him)

Ken : (who almost done his challenge suddenly heard her laugh and he heard everything) 'she's really deserves to die by the hands of these police officers. Oh, right I need to be quick before I've become a hindrance of their operations and my family plans'

Fu : ...(doesn't understanding everything because he is a pure Senian but the moments this lady approach, he automatically stand just what all the Mens from Meng did and protects the ladies from Meng behind them)

A/N : Officer Lin with Feng, Uncle Chen with Aunt Meng, Grandpa in the middle and Heng with Meng. All mens are standing while behind them is their wife while seating

Xue : By the way why I didn't notice my lovely daughter? (Yes, Xue is not aware of Kaede and Jiru existence because every time the Meng family meets with her, they always drops the kids first from the Din's Restaurant and just pick up them after meeting with her)

Shi : (the moment Shi heard her name called by this monster she suddenly shivered but stop because she heard Bro Ren talks)

Ren : (realized that Shi shivered the moment this lady ask about her lovely daughter but then seeing her reaction, he realized somethings off) 'what the? She's Shi Mother but how come she want to kill her daughter and her family?' (looking to his parents and family members calm demeanor) 'I see, so they already know about it and at least I'm lucky to have them as my family' (then he got of sight of his Bro that slowly approaching them and said) don't worry Shi, Conan is already here and everything will be alright. (Shi nodded from Ellyn embrace)

Xue : Where?

Lin : She's not your daughter because she's my daughter.

Xue : Oh, really? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Ken : (heard her laughing again) 'She's really different from Mom, Aunt Rei and Aunt Lyn' I'm back Dad

En : Done?

Ken : Uh-uh (then take a seat before noticing the three kids hugging Ellyn all the time and heard her Auntie Rei voice)

Rei : 5 minutes and it would be alright.

Lynel : (realize somethings off) 'what did Auntie Rei meant?' (then looking to them and just realized that all of them are still calm in this situation) 'I see so they know and that's 5 minutes is the time left before this lady well get caught'

Xue : Well you're still not going to answer me? But well it's alright since I will send all of you to your graveyards. Tsk, tsk, tsk oh right Officer Chen and you (pointing Fu), the two of you can still be safe if you're leaving the Meng Family

Lin : And why would be I?

Xue : I see so your willing to die for this family?

Lin : If you can, kill me instead leaving my family

Xue : Ha, ha, ha I see. You are quite brave Officer Lin but well too bad for you because you fall in love with a ....(got disturb by her received message with weird notifications and all of them heard it all because it's very loud with different languages of Ceno, Universal and Sean)

"Murderer, murderer, murderer

Blackmailer, Blackmailer, Blackmailer

Kidnapper, Kidnapper, Kidnapper

Obsess, Obsess, Obsess"

All : (Din Family Members) 'what the? Did Rei / Auntie Rei / Hon really change the notifications on purpose?'(then everyone looking to Rei)

All : (Kids Family Members) 'woah, woah Auntie Rei is really angry, so this lady here is a murderer, blackmailer, kidnapper and an obsess one'

All : (Adults except Aya) 'so Sis/Rei/Hon really plan to get her killed because Xue killed her own mother and her mother sister without battling an eye and planning to kill her own daughter'

Aya : 'Xue my Rei treat you as her best friend but seeing her like this, I guess you already push her limits and that's because you're trying to kill your own family members.

Xue : What the? (then hurriedly got her phone and after unlocking it, she sees automatically a slideshow of evidences of her father's doings for only 1 minute but enough for her to stop then go berserk) you, how dare you blackmailing and framing my father again? (pointing the gun to Uncle Chen without noticing that it wasn't sent by him,)

Rei : Let's go back to our room quietly

All : Okay

All of them got back without letting everyone know while Ellyn carrying Kaede, Lynel carrying Shi and Ren carrying Jiru leaving Ken warn the kids

Ken : Whatever it is, don't ever try to take a look

Then all of them heard a loud Bang


Xue pointing a gun to Uncle Chen and the moment she almost pull the trigger, her hand suddenly got hit by a bullet that cause her to drop the gun.


Then she's not giving up and picking up the gun while aiming it to the person who shot her and again after successfully pulling the trigger, she got another hit and by this time is not her hand but thru her head that cause of her sudden death.


While the bullets she shot hit a wine glass.

"BANG" the wine glass crack.

"Alright Mission Accomplished, clean up then abort the mission"

"Yes Captain Cai" then cleaning up while their Captain received a call

"Ring, ring, ring"

"Neh, hubby where are you?"

"Doing mission"


"Your wife is waiting for you to attack me"

"I'm on my way"

"15 minutes"

"Alright" hung up then instruct "Officer Lu, take charge"

"Yes Sir"

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