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My campus belle wife Chapter 65 Her Smile Was Very Sad

Author:  Liang Shao Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-10-17 06:10:54

136 points in single subject.

Year-round ninth place.

Any one of these items was enough to make one proud, not to mention that he had gathered all of them together.

Chen Jinwu grinned unscrupulously, as brilliant as a flower.

This time, the difficulty of each subject in the mock exam was higher. His 136 points were full of gold.

Jun Lianmeng picked up Chen Jinwu's exam paper and confirmed it.

\"Chen Jinwu, 136 points.\"

Chen Jinwu stood up like a winning rooster, smiling as he walked onto the podium.

At this moment, he hoped that the distance between his seat and the podium would be incomparably long, allowing him to receive more admiration, envy, and jealousy.

Arrogant and spirited.

When he arrived in front of Jun Lianmeng, Chen Jinwu was very polite. He took the test paper with both hands and had a humble expression on his face.

\"You did well in the exam. Chen Jinwu, continue to work hard.\" Jun Lianmeng smiled and encouraged.

Chen Jinwu's entire body seemed to have been injected with a cardiac stimulant. He nodded forcefully, one hand holding the exam paper while the other clenched his fists tightly. \"I will redouble my efforts and continue to win honor for Class Seven!\"

Applause rang out.

Whether it was true admiration or jealousy, applause was inevitable at this moment.

\"Tsk tsk, 136 points. I will never reach such a high level in my life.\" Tang Da'er sighed infinitely, \"Even if I were to take the exam a hundred times a thousand times, I wouldn't be able to get 136 points. Brother Feng, what about you?\"

Luo Feng was stunned and nodded.

\"Me too.\"

Chen Jin, who was standing on the podium, turned around and prepared to walk down. It was as if he could hear the conversation between the two of them from afar. He glanced in this direction, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly, and a wisp of disdain quickly flashed across his face.

Especially against Luo Feng.

Hmph, no matter how well you play the piano, no matter how well you sing, what's the use?

Was the 136 points on the exam paper real?

Chen Jinwu walked back to his seat in high spirits and spread the test paper flat on the table. He looked at one of the multiple-choice questions and immediately shook his head with a painful expression. \"This question shouldn't have been done wrong. It was originally given as a sub-question-\"

Inside the classroom, the rest of the students' exam papers were also handed out one after another.

\"Student Zheng Wei, 112 points.\" Jun Lianmeng paused for a moment. When Zheng Wei walked up to take the exam paper, she nodded encouragingly. \"Not bad, I've made great progress.\"

For Zheng Wei, English was never a strong subject. If she could get this score, she would definitely be very happy. However, the moment she took the test paper, Zheng Wei's heart felt a little heavy.

This score was still far from that goal.

Zheng Wei quietly returned to her seat.

Liu Mei's results came out very quickly, which surprised Luo Feng a little.

67 points!

This was a score that was infinitely close to that of a scum!

Luo Feng couldn't help but pay attention to Liu Mei a few more times. At this moment, this girl perfectly interpreted the definition of big chest and brainless.

Liu Mei was accustomed to it. Her grades had never been good.

\"Student Tang Daer, 48 points.\"

Jun Lianmeng's voice rang out very quickly.

Tang Da'er stood up, his eyes filled with excitement.

\"Forty--forty-eight points?\" Tang Da'er couldn't believe it. He rushed forward with big strides and carefully took the test paper. He was so excited that tears flowed down his eyes. \"It's a record! The previous highest score hadn't even passed the forty hurdles. I didn't expect that the score this time would be as high as forty-eight points.\"

Forty-eight points was still to be described as' Gao Da '. The name of the last row of scum didn't seem to be wasted.

As Tang Da'er walked back with the exam paper, he was naturally viciously despised by the bullies.

According to the order in which Jun Lianmeng handed out the papers, Luo Feng should be the one behind Tang Da'er.

Quite a few people pricked up their ears. They all wanted to know how the new interrupter was doing.

Judging from the conversation he could have with Jun Lianmeng, it shouldn't be bad.

Of course, reaching Chen Jinwu's level was not something an ordinary person could do.

In the entire third year of senior high school in Zijing Secondary School, there were only eight people who had scored over 136 points!

If nothing unexpected happened, the eight of them would all be in Class 25 of Senior Three to Class 29 of Senior Three.

However, Jun Lianmeng picked up a test paper and looked at it. She placed it aside. Then, she picked up another test paper and read out a name.

Coincidentally separating Luo Feng.

None of them understood Jun Lianmeng's intentions.

He secretly guessed.

\"In my opinion, Teacher Jun was disappointed in this fellow. He stayed at the end to criticize him.\" The brilliant 136 points on Chen Jinwu's desk made his proud heart swell, and his smile became even more brilliant.

Luo Feng's expression was calm and composed.

He looked straight at Jun Lianmeng with a faint smile on his face.

His heart was filled with confidence.

Teacher Jun gave himself the goal of being ranked in the top five of the year.

If 136 points could be ranked ninth, then Luo Feng was confident that he would be in the top five!

Very quickly, apart from Luo Feng, the rest of the students in the class had finished handing out the exam papers.

\"Student Luo Feng.\" Jun Lianmeng finally read Luo Feng's name. She stared at Luo Feng and said word by word, \"You promised me that you would be ranked in the top five of the year's class in this mock exam.\"

As soon as he finished speaking, there was an uproar in the class.

Chen Jinwu and the other top students burst into laughter.

What kind of joke is this?

There were rumors that someone from Class Seven had won the top ten of the year's class. Naturally, that person was Chen Jinwu.

As for Luo Feng-hehe.

Luo Feng secretly curled his lips. What I guarantee, you were the one who threatened him?

However, Luo Feng did not dare to speak like this. He stood up and replied seriously, \"I think there is no problem.\"

The whole class exclaimed in shock again.

\"This guy is really arrogant!\"

\"I still haven't seen the exam paper dare to speak so loudly. It's quite powerful to brag.\"

\"I'm not afraid that Teacher Jun will immediately reveal his results and slap him in the face.\"

\"What does he have to be afraid of? Everyone understands the last row.\"


Jun Lianmeng's gaze met Luo Feng's.

After a long time, Jun Lianmeng's eyes flashed with a trace of unwillingness and bitterness.

This fellow was actually unable to scare him.

Jun Lianmeng really wanted to punish this fellow who tricked her in the classroom!

However, he didn't seem to have made a name for himself.

Looking at the exam paper in her hand, Jun Lianmeng felt powerless.

He couldn't find a reason to take revenge for himself.

How could he criticize a fellow who was ranked first all year round in a single subject?

\"Student Luo Feng, 148 points. First place in the English class of the year.\"

Jun Lianmeng's voice was like a boulder landing on a calm lake, causing a huge ripple in an instant.

Their mouths were wide open, as if they were enough to swallow a large duck egg.

148 points!

148 points?

First in the year?

First in the year!

Number one!

It was as if thunder had risen, shaking everyone's souls.

It's scary.

\"It can't be!\" Chen Jinwu's body couldn't help but stand up with an incredulous whoosh.

He watched as Luo Feng strolled up to receive the exam paper.

\"Congratulations, Luo Feng.\" Jun Lianmeng smiled.

In the classroom, applause sounded.

Chen Jinwu could only gently pat his palm twice, his lips curling into a grin.

Forced a smile.

The feeling of falling from heaven to hell.

At this moment.

His smile was very sad.

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