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The moment Luo Feng's results were announced, it was like a sudden change in the wind and clouds, stormy waves, and stone-shattering shockwaves, causing a huge whirlpool. Within the whirlpool were the sighing voices of the students from Class 7, Grade 3.

His gaze was focused on the figure on the podium who had received the test paper from Jun Lianmeng with both hands.

This interrupter was too strong.

Single subject year-round first, this is the patent of the key class. He snatched away the title as soon as he arrived.

Presumably, Chen Jinwu's first year-round dazzling halo, this breakthrough year-round ninth rank, was insignificant.

Chen Jinwu was dumbfounded as if a heavy hammer had struck his soul. His expression was filled with a bitter and desolate smile.

Just now, he was mocking Luo Feng, but the other party shook his body and took out the ability of a real student tyrant, crushing him in his field of expertise.

148 points!

It blinded everyone's eyes.

\"Holy **! 148 points!\" When Luo Feng returned to his seat, Tang Da'er couldn't help but roar loudly. He was incomparably excited, \"Just two points is the full score! Damn it! Brother Feng, how did you do it?\"

Tang Da'er's expression was excited, as if he was the one who scored 148 points.

Luo Feng sat down calmly and said, \"The test questions are not difficult.\"

Everyone was shocked.

These words were easy to say, but to others, even if they bit through the pen, they wouldn't be able to guess an accurate answer.

\"That's true.\" Tang Da'er calmed down and muttered to himself, \"It's not that difficult. I even got 48 points in the exam. The gap between me and Brother Feng isn't that big. I can compare to Brother Shangfeng by two-thirds.\"

Luo Feng looked at Tang Daer--

How shameless!

148 and 48!

Two-thirds of what Tang Da'er said should be two of the three numbers!

\"Brother Feng, this face is smacking. Pa pa pa pa pa!\" Tang Da'er suddenly blinked at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng glanced at the distant front row. Chen Jinwu's expression was ashen. He immediately understood what Tang Daer meant. He smiled slightly. What kind of slap on the face was this? It was clearly crushing.

\"Brother Feng, you're not kind.\" Tang Da'er said, \"Just now, I said that even if I took the exam a hundred times a thousand times, I wouldn't get 136 points. You said that you were the same, but in the end--\"

\"I'm telling the truth.\" Luo Feng opened his eyes wide and said seriously, \"Even if I had to take the exam a hundred times and a thousand times, I definitely wouldn't get 136-such a low score.\"

Tang Da'er, \"--Brother Feng, I want the next class to be quiet.\"

In the classroom, Jun Lianmeng was commenting on the exam papers.

To Luo Feng, being first in a single subject was not something to show off and be happy about.

First, did he still take too little?

He had long since gotten used to being number one.

The bell rang after class.

Jun Lianmeng glanced deeply at Luo Feng before turning around and leaving the classroom.

The quiet classroom exploded.

The topic was naturally Luo Feng winning the first place in the English class!

Each and every one of them was described as unbelievable and unbelievable.

However, no one doubted the authenticity of Luo Feng's paper. Even if he wanted to suspect him of plagiarism, he had to help him find someone to plagiarize.

\"This guy, English is so heaven-defying.\" Chen Jinwu's deskmate, Lin Guangfu, couldn't help but sigh, \"No wonder his wish is to enter Zhejiang University.\"

Chen Jinwu's face turned green.

\"Hmph, to get into Zhejiang University, you can't just take an English course.\" Chen Jinwu's expression was filled with dissatisfaction. He definitely wouldn't think that he would be inferior to an interrupter!

\"Maybe he came back from abroad, so English is good.\" Chen Jinwu comforted himself.

In the classroom, the person with the highest head was not Luo Feng, but Tang Daer.


My deskmate is number one all year round. Do you have such a deskmate?

Tang Da'er straightened his back and looked down on the front row.

At the same time, it was also a secret hatred.

If Director Huang Da hadn't been watching the entire exam like a cheetah, he might have been able to touch Brother Feng's glory. Even if he hadn't been ranked in the top ten of the class, he would still have been able to get back the top ten of the class.

At this moment, the senior three teacher's office.

Quite a few teachers are discussing the results of this mock exam.

The final statistics hadn't been released yet, and it was unknown who would be the number one player of the year.

The class teachers from Class 25 to Class 29 were all filled with anticipation.

The students in his class won the first place in the whole year. Even if it was just a mock exam, there was still a bonus.

The class teachers of the other classes could only sigh in admiration.

\"If nothing unexpected happens, it's likely that Qian Yilan, a genius girl from Class 29, won the first place in the year!\"

\"I agree. In the final exam last term, Qian Yilan's total score was almost twenty points away from the second place.\"

Gao Xiaobing, the head teacher of Grade 29, also had a confident smile on his face.

Qian Yilan had already known the results of her three main subjects. Although she did not have any specific statistics, there was no doubt that she would be ranked first in the whole year.

Comprehensive science, that was Qian Yilan's specialty.

A figure walked into the office and the discussion soon lowered.

Director Huang Da.

\"Today is a good day.\" Director Huang Da narrowed his eyes as he arrived in front of one of the teachers wearing presbyopic glasses. The teacher's name was Liang Honghou, and he was close to retirement age. He was one of the teachers with very old qualifications in Zijing Secondary School. Even Huang Da treated him with respect.

\"Teacher Liang, the results are out.\" Huang Da chuckled.

Liang Honghou's thick presbyopic glasses landed on the bridge of his nose. He looked up at Huang Da and said, \"Oh, so it's Director Huang. It's out. The exam papers have been marked and registered.\"

Huang Da squinted and smiled, \"Then, do you mind if I look at the grades? Haha, I want to know more about the grades of these students.\"

\"No problem, look.\" Liang Honghou immediately handed Huang Da a form.

Huang Da's gaze narrowed coldly as a wisp of coldness flashed by.

Luo Feng, I want to see how you can thank Director Huang for his impunity!

When Huang Da thought of Luo Feng's actions in his office that day, he felt incomparably furious.

This time, it was time to think about how to punish him.

Liang Honghou was the math teacher of Grade Seven in Senior Three.

Huang Da picked up the result sheet and looked through it. Finally, he found Luo Feng's name.


Within the teacher's office, Director Huang Da's loud voice sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

The bell rang.


The students of Grade Seven in Senior Three were all waiting.

This time, the difficulty of the math exam was acknowledged to be great, and many students were very worried about how many points they could get in the exam.

\"Weiwei, how many points do you think you can get in math this time? I heard it's very difficult. Do you have a chance to pass 130 points?\" Liu Mei was curious.

Zheng Wei smiled bitterly and shook her head, \"I guess it's around one hundred and one.\"

\"What?\" Liu Mei opened her eyes wide, \"You are the best in our class in math! Is the math problem this time really that difficult?\"

Zheng Wei nodded solemnly.

\"In that case, there aren't many who can pass.\" Liu Mei sighed.

The classroom soon quieted down.

Liang Honghou, a math teacher, walked into the classroom slowly wearing presbyopic glasses.

\"Finally.\" Chen Jinwu's eyes shone with confidence. Although his math was slightly inferior to Zheng Wei's, it wasn't bad. Otherwise, Chen Jinwu wouldn't have been able to occupy the top three spots in Class 7 for a long time.

\"I'd like to see how many points you can get!\" Chen Jinwu secretly snorted, \"It's a mule or a horse. You only know if it's slippery!\"

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