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My campus belle wife Chapter 67 Tyrannical Hegemon Is Not Convinced

Author:  Liang Shao Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-10-19 06:10:08

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

Campus was no exception.

The world of the school tyrants was to fight for the throne of first place.

This time, Chen Jinwu felt that he had performed very well in the mock exam. With his accumulated advantage in the first subject of English, he was very likely to win the first place in the total score of the seventh class in the third year of senior high school.

Unfortunately, the sudden appearance of an interrupter was something he hadn't expected.

148 points in English, not only deprived him of the year-round ninth rank halo, but also pulled himself away a full twelve points!

To an arrogant and spoiled student, this was simply unbearable.

The whole class was quiet, looking at Teacher Liang Honghou's expression.

His heart was filled with apprehension.

Especially Zheng Wei, who didn't dare to face Teacher Liang Honghou's gaze.

As a representative of mathematics, she felt that she was not doing well enough.

\"This time's math exam question-I have to say, it is indeed too difficult.\" Teacher Liang Honghou held his glasses and his hair was grey. His eyes were still bright. \"Without a doubt, the college entrance examination questions are definitely not that difficult. Therefore, please rest assured, students.\"

The students in the class let out a long sigh of relief.

Teacher Liang Honghou's status in the hearts of the teachers and students of the school was quite high. At the beginning, the students were worried that the old gentleman would explode with rage. Now it seemed that the wind was peaceful and sunny, and everything was fine.

\"The mock exam this time also revealed a lot of questions.\" Liang Honghou said in a deep voice, \"Although the exam questions are difficult, there are only eighteen students who have passed! In a class of more than fifty students, only a mere one-third of them have passed! Such a passing rate is too disappointing for me!\"

Eighteen passed.

Many people blushed and prayed that they would be one of the eighteen.

\"However, I am gratified that one of my classmates did very well in the exam.\" Liang Hong's thick face revealed a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, the pupils of the students widened.

His curiosity was completely aroused.

Some of them looked at Zheng Wei.

In Class Seven, Zheng Wei's math scores had always been impressive.

\"Now hand out the exam papers, Student Tang Daer.\" Liang Honghou picked up a test paper and called out Tang Daer's name.

Tang Da'er was stunned for a moment before he hurriedly ran up.

When he walked back, he had a sad look on his face.

Long Yu glanced at the test paper and saw an eight-character character the size of a bean.

Eight points!

What heaven-defying luck was needed to obtain the points.

The names of the students were read out one by one. However, the previous ones were obviously flunked. Teacher Liang Honghou was too lazy to read out their scores.

\"Lin Guangfu, 98 points.\" Finally got a score.

Lin Guangfu was stunned, and his expression immediately revealed joy. He walked up to the examination paper and took it.

The first few students who passed were basically over ninety points.

\"Chen Jinwu, 109 points.\" Liang Honghou raised his head and looked at Chen Jinwu.

Compared to the rest of the students, Chen Jinwu's treatment was pretty good.

Teacher Liang Honghou also smiled and said'not bad 'to him.

Although Chen Jinwu smiled as he walked onto the podium, his smile couldn't be brightened.

He could tell that Teacher Liang Honghou was reading from low to high.

The person he cared about the most, his score hadn't come out yet.

Could it be that it was even taller than his 109?

Absolutely impossible!

Chen Jinwu returned to his seat. He didn't believe it, much less accept it.

\"Student Zheng Wei, 115 points.\"

Sure enough, it wasn't much different from what Zheng Wei had expected.

Zheng Wei lowered her head and walked up to the examination paper.

\"Student Zheng Wei, don't just look at the scores.\" Liang Honghou smiled and said, \"I've already understood. Among the five key classes, not many students have scored more than 110 points in math in this mock exam.\"

Zheng Wei nodded, \"Thank you, Teacher Liang, for your encouragement.\"

When Zheng Wei returned to her seat, the classroom suddenly became quiet.

It was as if a needle could be smelled.

There was another person!

Interrupter Luo Feng!

First place in English Single Subject Year round!

His math results were naturally something that his classmates were looking forward to and curious about.

\"Who is Luo Feng?\" Teacher Liang Honghou fixed his glasses and raised his eyes to ask.

In the last row, Luo Feng stood up.

\"It's me.\"

Liang Honghou looked at Luo Feng and nodded with a smile.

\"Very good, come up and collect your test paper.\"

Luo Feng walked up and took the exam paper. He glanced at it, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly, just as he had expected.

Luo Feng turned around and returned to his seat.

\"Teacher Liang, Luo Feng, what's his score?\" Chen Jinwu asked reluctantly.

\"There's a math genius in our class!\" Liang Honghou chuckled, \"Luo Feng didn't do a single question wrong in the entire exam paper! He just left the last question open and didn't finish it. How many points do you think he got?\"

\"148 points!!!\" Tang Da'er cried out in shock.

Liang Honghou's face darkened.

Was the student insulting his teaching standards?

The rest of the students' eyes were already filled with shock.

\"Doesn't that mean that Luo Feng's math scores are 138 points!\" Liu Mei covered her mouth and was shocked. \"This guy is a little heaven defying! Weiwei, even you only got 115 points.\"

\"Where exactly did he get the transfer student? Damn it, he's here to deal a blow. Such a difficult question, he actually managed to get 138 points in the exam.\"

\"It's fine that English is terrifying. You're so good at math that you can't let anyone else live.\"

Chen Jinwu's head had almost retracted into his crotch.

He was still thinking about math to make up for the gap in English, but he didn't know that it was getting farther and farther away.

Chen Jinwu was very, very unaccustomed to being overlooked by the last row of scum that he had mocked and ridiculed a few days ago.

\"Cheating?\" A thought suddenly popped into Chen Jinwu's mind, \"Yes, he must have obtained the exam questions in advance by some means. Otherwise, why did he get such high marks in the exam?\"

It must be like this!

Chen Jinwu was even more certain. Although his cheeks were a little hot, he still bravely stretched his head out of his crotch.

\"Teacher Liang, Luo Feng did well in the exam. We can't deny it. However, I don't think he's a math genius.\" Chen Jinwu said, \"The only recognized math genius in Zijing Secondary School is Qian Yilan from Class 29! I heard that she even solved the last question.\"

Quite a few people focused their gazes and secretly shook their heads.

\"Hmph, this Chen Jinwu is too narrow-minded.\" Liu Mei muttered in a low voice, \"Can't you see someone else?\"

However, no one seemed to object to the Qian Yilan Chen Jinwu mentioned.

Teacher Liang Honghou pondered for a moment and said, \"I also went to learn about Qian Yilan's math scores. She is indeed higher than Luo Feng, but she is only three points higher.\"

Chen Jinwu heaved a sigh of relief.

He really didn't want to see that guy take first place in the year.

\"However, I have a question.\" Liang Honghou looked up at Luo Feng and said, \"Student Luo Feng, you didn't solve the last question in your exam paper, but there is a final correct answer beside you. This really makes me confused.\"

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Everyone looked over again.


Luo Feng stood up and waved his hand indifferently, \"There's no reason. It's indeed solved, but it's a bit complicated, so I'm too lazy to write it down.\"

\"Holy **, this answer--that's too arrogant!\"

Beside him, Tang Daer looked at Luo Feng with admiration and excitement.

Because he knew why Luo Feng was suddenly so high-profile, Luo Feng had just agreed to help him vent the anger of being bullied by a bully for a long time!

Qian Yilan was nothing but three points more than Brother Feng. Brother Feng knew the answer and was too lazy to write it down.

\"Hehe, Brother Feng's arrival is simply unconvincing!\"

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