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Online Game: The Money Throne Chapter 66 Blood Emperor Yan Huang

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Of course, Lin Yue chose to ignore those who used game coins to bid. He was joking. With the value of the purple equipment, even if no player could equip it at this stage, it was not enough to \"sell it cheaply\" with game coins.

There were only a few people who said they wanted to trade with Lin Yue in Chinese coins. They were currently bargaining with Lin Yue. It wasn't hard to tell that these people were players from guilds.

After reaching level 10, players could apply for the establishment of guilds in the guild management buildings of the major cities. According to the official statistics of the forum, there were more than 40,000 guilds in the game, and they were increasing at a rate of 300 guilds per hour.

China's ancient saying is correct. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Where there are rivers and lakes, there are disputes. Although a person's strength is weak, as long as they gather together, that kind of strength cannot be ignored.

Guilds are platforms for game players to improve and temper their own strength, and the strength of the Guild itself will also play a very important role in the long-term development of the players themselves in the future.

The stronger the guild was, the more face the players of the guild would have. Apart from not being easily bullied, a powerful guild could also occupy all kinds of important strategic resources in the game, providing good conditions for the guild players to increase their strength.

For example, Jiuding and Overlord Dynasty were well-known veteran guilds. The reason why the players in their guilds were able to travel so arrogantly, hire arenas for a long time, and bully other Loose Cultivator players was precisely because of the strength of the guild behind them.

Right now, those people who were bargaining with Lin Yue were only buying purple clothes for the sake of increasing their guild strength.

The only two items on the Divine Weapons Rankings were purple-colored equipment. There would not even be a third item for a long time to come. If they could be displayed in their guild's base, they would naturally greatly increase the popularity and reputation of their guild. This was a manifestation of their guild's strength.

Lin Yue was also bargaining with these people with this thought, but unfortunately, the price they offered was not up to Lin Yue's expectations.

Time passed bit by bit. Unknowingly, an hour had passed. More and more people gathered in front of Lin Yue's stall. The number of people sending private chats with Lin Yue had changed from three or four kittens to dozens.

Under the bombardment of those people, Lin Yue was a little annoyed. Just as Lin Yue wanted to pick up a high bidder and sell it, he received a new private chat request.

The other party didn't say anything, only saying, \"150,000 necklaces, 80,000 armor, Chinese coins, first money, then goods.\"

Tyrant, really tyrant.

What a domineering sentence. This was Lin Yue's first thought when he saw this private chat.

Lin Yue quickly turned off the \"insignificant\" private chat. He immediately contacted the owner of the overbearing offer. The owner did not hide his ID. When Lin Yue saw the name on the private chat channel, Lin Yue was stunned.

Blood Emperor Yan Huang.

Unexpectedly, it was this fellow, the president of the Yan Huang descendant, the Yan Huang Blood Emperor, who could be called the overlord of the \"realm\" ten years later. In an instant, Lin Yue even had an illusion that he was dreaming.

Regardless of whether it was the Yan Huang Blood Emperor or the descendants of Yan Huang, they could only look up to Lin Yue when he was alive again. At that time, Lin Yue had fantasized that he would one day be able to join this world's leading guild.

However, in his previous life, Lin Yue didn't even have the qualifications to be a peripheral member of this guild. However, he didn't expect that in this life, the famous guild leader of this guild would stand in front of him and trade with him.

Speaking of the Yan Huang descendant Guild, it was definitely a legend in the online game world. Compared to the Nine Cauldrons and Overlord Dynasty, it didn't take long for it to be born.

It was rumored that the descendants of Yan Huang had only been established before the public examination of \"Realm OL\", and they had only been established for less than three years. It could be said that they were newbies in the players' guild.

However, in the short three years since its establishment, this \"rookie\" swept across several well-known online games in the country at that time, and achieved very outstanding results in the game. It was named one of the top ten online games guilds in China by the most famous magazine in the online game world, \"thegame\".

It was no exaggeration to say that the descendants of Yan Huang at that time, regardless of their strength or popularity, had directly forced those old guilds that had been established for more than ten years or several decades to rise up at a rate that could be called the miracle of the online game world.

Probably because Lin Yue hadn't replied for a long time, the Flame Yellow Blood Emperor's private chat sounded again. \"How about it? Do you think the price is too low?\"

Lin Yue's voice was as crisp as a yellow oriole's. Only then did he notice that the other party was actually a woman.

That's right, the Yellow Blood Emperor was a female player. This was something Lin Yue had known before he was reborn, but now that he could hear the voice of this important person with his own ears, Lin Yue was still slightly shocked. It took him a long time to regain his senses.

\"No, your price is very high. I'm willing to sell you the equipment.\" Lin Yue did not conceal his thoughts and replied straightforwardly.

After a few seconds of silence, he said, \"There are too many people here. Let's find a quiet place to talk first.\"

Lin Yue immediately agreed to the Yan Huang Blood Emperor's request. In fact, the players gathered in front of Lin Yue's stall were as exaggerated as the three floors outside. Lin Yue had yet to see what the Yan Huang Blood Emperor, who was chatting with him in private, looked like.

With the thought of seeing this \"celebrity\" in the online game world with his own eyes, Lin Yue quickly turned off the booth function under the stunned gazes of the players, and then crawled out of the crowd.

Lin Yue saw the famous Yan Huang Blood Emperor in front of an empty NPC shop at the appointed location. However, what disappointed Lin Yue was that the other party was wearing the same heavy armor as him. Apart from the curves of the armor, he could barely tell that the other party was indeed a female player, Lin Yue could not tell what she looked like.

\"Knight Elite Set?\"

Apart from being shocked by Lin Yue's attire, Lin Yue also recognized the origin of the armor that Lin Yue wore. It was different from the white board that Lin Yue wore. What the Yellow Blood Emperor was wearing now could be said to be a true newbie \"divine artifact\".

The Knight Elite Set was a complete set of Level 15 blue equipment. Its value was countless times higher than the Whisperer in Lin Yue's hand. In his previous life, Lin Yue had long heard of this equipment. It was the strongest newbie equipment in the early stages of the [Realm OL] game. Ordinary players could wear it to Level 30 or higher.

Of course, acquiring such a powerful set was naturally very difficult. Even if ordinary people knew the strategy, they rarely wasted time collecting such a set of equipment. After all, level-15 to level-30 was not a very long transition period. Rather than wasting time collecting it, it was better to seize the time to practice leveling and strategy instance dungeons.

However, the Yan Huang Blood Emperor in front of him was dressed in such a set of blue clothes on the second day of the public examination. Lin Yue was so shocked that he had nothing to say.

\"As expected of the number one person in the online game world in the future. Although I am a revivor with my own Goldfinger, I still feel that there is a gap.\"

Although he was a little disappointed, Lin Yue quickly felt a sense of victory in his heart. Lin Yue did not notice this.

\"Are you the stall owner who sells purple clothes?\" Because Lin Yue had hidden his ID, the Yellow Blood Emperor asked carefully when he saw Lin Yue.

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