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Pet King Chapter 1462 - Walk around and take a Look

Author:  Jie Po Genre:  Game UpdateTime:  2020-04-20 12:26:23

Chapter 1462: Walk around and take a Look

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Hahahaha! Are you still alive, poor people watching my live broadcast? Are you still living a miserable life of being hungry and cold? And your idol, smart, beautiful, kind, hard-working, brave, and rich little mermaid Shihua is now, here in America!”

In the bathroom with the door closed, Shihua spoke to the mobile phone with great joy.

“I am staying in a luxury hotel in Queens, San Francisco, but because the fans are just so crazy and scared me so much, I shall not reveal the hotel name as I did in Egypt! You have to guess which is the most luxurious hotel in San Francisco, and you won’t be wrong!”

At this time in China, it is the prime time at night for live broadcasting, and there are a lot of online people in her live broadcast room. Netizens are still ruthless and sharp.

“As far as I know, there is no Queens in San Francisco.”

“This brainless little mermaid confused New York and San Francisco.”

“Maybe, she probably feels that the sound of ‘Queens’ is relatively elegant, and so spouted rubbish…Well, this is also Shihua’s style.”

“It is a step below Manhattan, and Queens is just an upscale slum.”

“So are you in San Francisco or New York? If you are in New York, I’ll take a taxi to find you.”

Shihua selectively ignored these barrage bullets, boasting flawlessly how luxurious the hotel she stayed in was from a Korean drama she had watched before.

“Say, did you watch snowy’s live broadcast? I heard that Snowy has also gone to San Francisco.”

“Snowflake is here! Some insider information, Snowy, has indeed gone to San Francisco. Would you like to consider a joint live broadcast?”

“Is Snowy’s fan called Snowflake? What is the name of Shihua’s fan group?”

“Peeing fish balls?”


Shihua pursed her mouth. Compared to vomiting, she didn’t want to see her fans talk about other anchors and have their names at the tip of their tongue. This makes her feel rather betrayed, and so she quietly pulled up the IDs of those individuals and then blacklisted them.

Knock knock!

The bathroom was tapped twice, and Zhang Zian pushed the door open, signaling that she should end the live broadcast.

Shihua frowned. She didn’t start broadcasting for long, but she also wanted to ask him something, and she said that she was jet-lagged and told her fans to watch her next live broadcast at Binhai local morning time the next day. With that, she closed the app.

“Hey! Did I hear someone say she was playing a mermaid just now?” She grabbed the edge of the bathtub and asked with anticipation, “Is my reputation already in the United States? I hear that if it got a lot of hype, it would attract a lot of people to cosplay! Is the cosplay version of me popular in the US? ”

Zhang Zian: “…”

In fact, this is not wrong, but the cosplay image is that of the mermaid and not the individual image of Shihua.

“She cosplays a mermaid, but it is not you,” he explained.

“I’m a mermaid, and a mermaid is me.” She pointed to her nose. “They cosplayed me without giving me a license fee? What should I do if my portrait rights are violated? Doesn’t all cosplays are made to look like my image? If it does not look like me, does it not damage my reputation? Especially, please don’t use my image to cosplay and do some disgusting things. My image is the dream of girls all over the world. If it hurts my image, I must confess my sins to the people of the world! ”

“Where did you hear such tales? What is the barrage of sand sculpture netizens online talking about all day long?” Zhang Zian is really speechless.

Shihua’s mind is like a child, and she was especially vulnerable to popular culture, whether it is Korean drama or Internet spoof.

“This shall be set aside first. Where are you going to play today? Be sure to make a video and let me watch it! Otherwise, the traitors on my live broadcast will say that I’m bragging again!” She slaps against the water with hate.

“Okay.” After Zhang Zian promised, he put her on his mobile phone and will be taking the video for her as a form of compensation to her. After all, she couldn’t go anywhere.

Although San Francisco is near the sea, the ocean currents are very cold. Even in midsummer, you can’t go out to the sea to swim. There is nothing to play by the sea. Even gorgeous girls would be rare to find there.

The other elves all traveled in stealth, one after another in his rented travel wagon.

The car is slowly heading towards downtown San Francisco.

“This place…looks old,” Fina commented.

The buses that have been in operation since the end of World War II look very retro, because they are a product from decades ago.

The driver pulled the metal lever, rang the bell, and drove a toy-like claw car through the undulating streets, and the passengers even experienced a roller coaster-like experience when going downhill.

In addition, compared with China’s big cities, San Francisco looks rather mediocre. The few high-rise buildings are concentrated in the downtown area. The other areas are basically low-rise buildings. The buildings are often painted in different colors. When viewed from the hill, they look like a row of colorful piano keys.

As there are a lot of homeless people and street artists, some of the alleys are very distinctive. The walls on both sides are covered with post-modern style graffiti. Some graffiti are outstanding works of art, and some displayed various forms of nudity as a source of provocation.

Zhang Zian doesn’t understand art, and it is not easy to drive in the tight alleys. Driving in San Francisco is already a test of his driving skills, so he only stopped at the alleyways for a short while and browsed casually.

“San Francisco was originally a city full of sensations. Some people said: If you want to see the United States now, go to Las Vegas; if you wanted to see the United States 50 years ago, go to Los Angeles; if you wanted to see the United States 100 years ago, you must come to San Francisco.”

It may be, due to the strong impact of exotic culture in Egypt, the elves’ perception of San Francisco is relatively dull. They feel that it is not bad here. The air is fresh, and the temperature is suitable. They are all good in all aspects, but they can’t say anything else that is special. Some aspects of it were like Binhai City, and they are both places suitable for old age if housing prices are not considered.

He drove around the city to check in at some famous attractions, such as City Hall, China Town, Little Italy, Lombard Street, took photos and recorded a few short videos, and then went to Fisherman’s Wharf. He will solve his lunch here. After lunch, he took a picture with other tourists at the crowd of sea lions at Pier 39, and then went to the Golden Gate Bridge after dinner.

To be honest, in various Hollywood science fiction movies, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Statue of Liberty are often the hardest hit areas by monsters and aliens. Therefore, when he saw the intact Golden Gate Bridge, he was still a bit uncomfortable, and his eyes were always looking towards the sea, expecting a monster like Godzilla to pop up there at any time.

The Golden Gate Bridge is also a well-known suicide sanctuary in San Francisco. Every month, several people plunge into the icy Pacific Ocean from the bridge to end their lives. They jump into the water from the 220-meter-high bridge, and the impact they will experience is no less than hitting a dirt road directly. There is almost no possibility of surviving…Fortunately, such tragedies did not appear when they visited.

On his first day in San Francisco, his itinerary was no different from ordinary tourists.

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