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Poison Physician Consort Chapter 425: Whatever the Cost

Author:  Sweet Violet (紫嫣) Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-18 05:00:09

A bold plan formed in his heart when he thought up to this point. Luckily for him, he was able to carry out his plan the very next day. If he really wanted her to return to his side, he would have to carry out his plan flawlessly.

No matter how strong he was, he wasn’t able to carry out the plan himself. Regardless of how perfectly he executed it, he had to ensure that the elders in his sect wouldn’t find out about Bai Luochu’s existence.

After running through the simulation in his head several times, Lu Wenshu left his room to look for Hua Sen. When Hua Sen heard that Lu Wenshu was looking for him, he nearly slid off his chair. The casual atmosphere immediately turned stale as Hua Sen looked at Lu Wenshu.

"Se... Senior, what is the new plan?" The junior was obviously frightened by Lu Wenshu’s actions the day before. He wasn’t able to speak properly and his gaze lingered at the door. He was prepared to make a run for it as soon as Lu Wenshu tried to grab him again.

Lu Wenshu slightly raised his brows and didn’t know why Hua Sen was so afraid of him. When his gaze landed on the bruise under Hua Sen’s collar, it was as though a lightbulb appeared in his head. Cupping his hands together, he apologized, “I have been rude to you in the past. Please forgive me. I was at fault and lost control of my emotions.”

When Hua Sen saw that Lu Wenshu was apologizing, his heart started pounding. It was an understatement to say that Hua Sen became even more terrified. "Senior, if... if you have any instructions, please do not hesitate to let me know."

Lu Wenshu looked up and saw that there was an audience. As he narrowed his eyes, all the disciples felt their breaths quicken. They were preparing to take their leave but Lu Wenshu spoke first.

"It isn't necessary. You shall follow me to my room." Lu Wenshu left after speaking.

When Hua Sen turned around and looked at his fellow disciples, he realized that all of them were looking at him with a look of pity. His heart skipped a beat and he almost cried out loud/

Sigh, only I can save myself now. Since I’m going to die anyway, it was worth it to see Lu Wenshu acting humble for once in his life.

Even though his thoughts were running wild, Hua Sen didn’t dare to make Lu Wenshu wait. He nearly broke out into a run as he followed behind his senior brother.

When they finally arrived at Lu Wenshu’s room, he said, "The situation is urgent, hence, I shall make this as short as possible. I will be going into seclusion for the next few days. If there is nothing exceptionally important, do not allow anyone to disturb me. You have been helping me out for some time now and you should know what to do.”

Hua Sen became rather concerned that Lu Wenshu was going into seclusion. He even wanted to look for a physician for Lu Wenshu and he asked in concern, “Senior, if your internal injury has yet to recover, why don’t you look for the sect’s physician? It won’t be beneficial for you in the long run if you fail to treat the hidden injuries." Even if Lu Wenshu was no longer the previous Lu Wenshu and was temperamental and unreasonable, he was still the Chief Disciple.

Lu Wenshu shook his head and refused, "That will not be needed. My internal injury has already recovered. I am cultivating because there might be a major incident happening a few days later. If I don't have enough spirit qi, I might fall in the Desolate Region."

Major incident?! Hua Sen became suspicious after hearing what Lu Wenshu said. However, he didn’t wish for a replay for the scene a few days ago.

"This junior understands. Since that is the case, senior can cultivate at ease. This junior will comply with senior's arrangement. I will definitely handle everything in your absence."

Lu Wenshu suddenly felt guilty when he saw how terrified Hua Sen was. "I was at fault for losing my cool. Please forgive me. I hope you never experience what I went through." Lu Wenshu didn’t wish to explain himself too clearly as the matter with Bai Luochu shouldn’t be revealed. He didn’t want anyone to cause trouble for her before she was strong enough.

Even though Hua Sen was confused, he nodded in acknowledgement. As he left the room, curiosity got the better of him and he turned around to ask, "Senior, what major incident are you referring to? We should remain prepared to deal with anything that comes our way, right?”

How would the old fox, Lu Wenshu, be unaware as to what Hua Sen’s goal was? Even though it wasn’t a secret, Lu Wenshu didn’t want to reveal too much. "You don’t need to bother about this. If my master asks about me, tell him that I’m entering seclusion to stabilize my cultivation base.”

Lu Wenshu didn’t make himself too clear as the more he revealed, the more likely it was for him to make a mistake. Hua Sen knew what he had to do and he left the room.

After taking two steps, something clicked in his mind and Hua Sen’s eyes widened to the size of saucepans. He looked back with an alarmed expression on his face, Senior Lu wouldn't be... thinking to activate the ruins, right?!

"He is mad, he is really mad!" Hua Sen fell into extreme shock but it was too late to do anything. Lu Wenshu’s door was slammed shut and he knew that there was no turning back. “Hahaha, fine! It’s better to be mad than to be stupid!”

"The sky is probably going to change.”

The reason Hua Sen revered Lu Wenshu wasn’t because Lu Wenshu was the Chief Disciple. Instead, Hua Sen respected Lu Wenshu as a human being. After all, not everyone would dare to go against the sect. It was too bad after this incident, he would probably lose his position and reputation in the sect...

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