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Rangers of the Three Kingdoms C169

Author:  Hu Bao Genre:  Military UpdateTime:  2019-12-30 16:10:05

Zhang He and Gao Lan occupied the left side of the crater, so not only did Zhang Bao's plan to use the terrain to attack the Yang Lin Cavalry miss, the two hundred thousand xanthopanax s were also trapped on the left side of the crater. Yang Lin's cavalry had passed through the left side of the ring-shaped mountain. If Zhang Bao wanted to escape now, there was only death waiting for him.

"Let's trap Zhang Bao in the ring-shaped mountain, there's no need to attack them, let them guard in the mountain with their lives."

Yang Lin brought a few generals and advisors to the left of the crater to check on the position of the xanthopanax. If they attacked forcefully, there would be heavy casualties. Although they had attacked the left side of the ring-shaped mountain, Yang Lin's soldiers still paid a price of more than three thousand people, causing Yang Lin's heart to ache uncontrollably.

"Lord General's words are reasonable. After trapping Zhang Bao in the ring-shaped mountain, the imperial government will not be in a rush. We will just wait here."

The Zhang Banxian nodded and agreed with Yang Lin's decision. As long as they could defend the exits on both sides, none of the xanthopanax s would be able to escape. If Zhang Bao were to forcefully break through the encirclement, he could only be relentlessly hunted down.

"But the xanthopanax has a lot of food. It shouldn't be a problem to persevere for half a year, can the emperor wait? If we still can't defeat Zhang Bao next spring, there will definitely be people attacking the Lord General in the imperial government. I feel that it would be better to think of a way to get rid of Zhang Bao before the new year. "

Kuai Yue brought up different ideas, although he did not say it clearly, everyone's thoughts were clear as day. No matter how great your contributions are, as long as you lose a battle or the progress of the battle is not satisfactory, he will withdraw and change. Lu Zhi and Huangfu Song will not have a good end.

"The crater is not the Guangzong City, I estimate that the xanthopanax will not last more than a month on the mountain. Once spring starts next year, when the Yellow River thaws, it would be extremely difficult for the xanthopanax to cross the Yellow River again. Even if Zhang Bao wanted to stay here and defend, the generals under him would also encourage him to break out of the encirclement. Thus, I am sure that the xanthopanax will definitely break through. "

The Zhang Banxian said confidently. In this barren mountain and wilderness, the xanthopanax would definitely not wait for death here. The reason they left Qing He County was only to escape to the Central Plains. There was no point in being trapped in the ring-shaped mountain.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed. The xanthopanax occupied the right side of the crater mountain while Yang Lin's group occupied the left side of the crater mountain. Both sides actually did not issue out a conflict, which showed that Yang Lin was not anxious at all, but rather, wanted to trap Zhang Bao to death.

Gao Sheng had been injured while guarding the left side of the crater, and after half a month of treatment, his right arm was almost healed. However, he was feeling extremely depressed. Seeing that xanthopanax had walked into a corner, he was also extremely anxious. He was drinking alone the entire day, but he did not expect that Yan Zheng had come to visit him.

"Why didn't you ask us brothers to accompany you for a drink when you drank alone?"

Once Yan Zheng walked into Gao Sheng's tent, he immediately sat down. Without even needing Gao Sheng to invite him over, he poured himself a cup of wine and poured it into his mouth. Then, he placed the cup on the table heavily and glared at Gao Sheng.

"Originally, I wanted to invite you brothers over, but I was afraid that you would be in a bad mood, so I had no choice but to drink by myself."

Gao Sheng laughed bitterly, then took up his wine jug and personally poured Yan Zheng a cup of wine, and immediately explained to Yan Zheng. No matter what, they were comrades-in-arms who lived and died together. Amongst the four generals under Zhang Bao's command, the two of them had the best relationship.

"I'm not in a good mood, so I can only borrow some alcohol to calm my worries down."

Yan Zheng lifted his wine cup once again, and poured it all into his mouth, leaving Gao Sheng with no choice but to pour it all over him again. It could be seen that Yan Zheng's mood was indeed extremely bad. After drinking a few cups of wine consecutively, Yan Zheng finally put down the cup of wine. He raised his head and stared at Gao Sheng, his gaze causing his heart to go numb. Somehow, Yan Zheng suddenly said to Gao Sheng.

"Gao Sheng and his brother, I have been pretty good to you, right?"

"Very good, we are brothers."

Gao Sheng was shocked, and hurriedly replied. Seeing Yan Zheng's serious expression, Gao Sheng knew that Yan Zheng was definitely not only here to drink. He must have something important to discuss with him, so he immediately put down the wine pot and said solemnly.

"Brother Yan Zheng, what do we brothers have to say to you? We are like blood brothers. Why are you talking about this? Is there anything I can do that would let you down? "

"No, no, how could you have let me down? I'm just saying. Sigh, we have been trapped in this desolate mountain for over half a month, what do you think, Gao Sheng and his brother?

"Well, what can I think? Anyway, he's the leader of the land general, so he can do whatever he wants. Even if I have any ideas, he wouldn't listen to me. "

"Gao Sheng and his brother is right, we are all generals, we have no right to speak."

After saying that, Yan Zheng stopped and lowered his head to look at his own wine cup. Gao Sheng did not know what to say, so he raised his wine cup and invited Yan Zheng to drink. Unexpectedly, Yan Zheng shook his head and said coldly.

"Gao Sheng and his brother, don't you think that the Lord General has already brought us to a dead end?"

"Brother Yan Zheng, you drank too much."

Gao Sheng hurriedly stopped Yan Zheng from speaking any further. Although he was very unhappy with Zhang Bao, he did not dare to say bad things about Zhang Bao. Even many of the xanthopanax soldiers under his command were very loyal to Zhang Bao.

"I'm not drunk at all. We are trapped on this desolate mountain, do you want to let us live? Once we leave the ring-shaped mountain, there will be flat plains to the north and south. Even if we break out, Yang Lin's cavalry will definitely chase us all the way. How many of us can escape the Yellow River? Adding on Yang Lin's soldiers, they were all elites out of 100, didn't you get cut by them as well? Could it be that you can't see that it's not that Yang Lin doesn't dare to attack the mountain, it's just that he doesn't want to suffer any more casualties, he's waiting for us to break out of the encirclement so that he can kill us. "

Gao Sheng didn't say anything, just listened quietly. How could he not understand Yan Zheng's words? However, he did not dare to say it out loud. In the past few days, he made up an excuse to treat his injuries, and he rarely saw Zhang Bao, so he didn't want to talk about these troublesome matters. Seeing that Gao Sheng did not say a word, Yan Zheng said indifferently.

"I heard that Earthen Lord General is preparing to break out of the encirclement. He will probably gather us for a discussion soon. What are you planning to do?"

"What else can I do? I can only run with you."

"Run? Where to? Where do you think you should go? "

Yan Zheng raised his head again and stared at Gao Sheng. Neither of them spoke a word. After a while, the corner of Yan Zheng's mouth twitched, as though he was making some huge decision. In the end, he made his decision and said to Gao Sheng.

"Gao Sheng and his brother, we are about to break out of the encirclement. Don't you think we two brothers should coordinate and control each other?"

"Of course, we two brothers must embrace together at all times. Even if we die, we die together."

Gao Sheng said hurriedly. How could they not be united at this crucial moment when they were on the verge of breaking out of this predicament? Hearing Gao Sheng's words, Yan Zheng's face revealed a gratified smile. He picked up the wine cup, clinked it with Gao Sheng's, and poured it into his mouth in one gulp.

Indeed, in the afternoon of the second day, Zhang Bao had the herald inform the generals that they were going to discuss the matter with his Big Account. Gao Sheng, upon receiving the order, rushed to Zhang Bao's Big Account. Not only were there, Ren Zhi, and Qian Lin, as the three generals, but there were also over twenty centurion s who had come to discuss the matter.

On the seat of the Big Account, Zhang Bao looked around with a gloomy face. All of them were the main generals of the xanthopanax, other than Gao Sheng, Yan Zheng, Ren Qian, and Qian Lin's subordinates, there were a few other centurion s that were direct subordinates of Zhang Bao.

"The reason I gathered you all here today is to prepare for a breakthrough. Yang Lin's army is facing us in the ring-shaped mountain, so they want to trap us to death here. We cannot just sit here and wait for death. I decided to break through the siege tomorrow night and take advantage of the freezing Yellow River to cross the Yellow River and go to the Central Plains for a big fight. In order to ensure that a large number of people would break out of the siege, it was necessary to leave 50,000 people behind to protect them. After the large number of people crossed the Yellow River, the 50,000 people behind would then go to the Central Plains to meet up with the large number of people. Which one of you is willing to cover and break through? "

As soon as Zhang Bao finished speaking, everyone looked at each other, no one fighting for this task. Everyone knew clearly that if the Five ten thousand people wanted to stop Yang Lin's cavalry, it would be as a cover for them to break out of the encirclement.

"Who's willing?"

Zhang Bao asked again, his eyes starting to sweep across Generals's face. When he saw Gao Sheng, his gaze stopped at his face, as if he was about to say something. Gao Sheng's heart immediately turned cold: It's over. Looks like I'm going to die here.

Just then, Gao Sheng saw Yan Zheng's eyes glance at him, but before he could realize what was happening, Yan Zheng had suddenly pulled out his own blade and rushed towards Zhang Bao. Zhang Bao who was staring at Gao Sheng did not expect this sudden change, and anxiously stood up, extending his hand towards his own blade, but it was too late, Yan Zheng's blade suddenly stabbed into Zhang Bao's chest.

"Puff …"

Blood spurted out from Zhang Bao's chest, staining Yan Zheng's arm red. Zhang Bao's eyes were staring straight at Yan Zheng, his lips moved, as though he still wanted to say something, but his eyes slowly faded and the aura of life quickly disappeared from his body.

"Ah …"

Generals in the hall screamed and reacted in an instant. He instinctively took a step back and unsheathed her blade. He didn't know what to do. Just then, Yan Zheng took the blade back from Zhang Bao's body, and said coldly:

"The leader of the bandits, Zhang Bao, is dead. "Those who are willing to follow me to the army, please stand to the left and those who are unwilling to join the army, please stand to the right. I will allow you and your men to rush down the mountain, but the soldiers must stay."

"I agree to join the army."

Gao Sheng immediately understood as he took the lead and walked over. allowed them to exchange glances, and also quickly stood to the left side. The centurion under them all followed one by one. Only the few centurion s under Zhang Bao's command hesitated for a moment, before standing to the left.

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