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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 961 - Dark Demon King

Author:  Mad Snail Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-01-11 06:12:06

Seven years ago, Nirvana Flame gathered these players together, then led them to the summit, sweeping through all opposition.

The glory of the Mad Rogue was still vivid in their minds as it was three years ago.

At this moment, they recalled Nirvana Flame had recently returned to game. It was just that no one knew in what corner of the game he was off levelling in!

Would Nirvana Flame return to the apex and lead Bladelight and the others in defeating Fallen Angel?

While the spectators were lost in thought, Warlance was suspensefully defeated by Bladelight.

As Bladelight walked down from the stage, Tang Yao walked up with a wide grin. “It’s finally my turn!” He locked eyes with Godking on the other side.

There were only two more representatives left on Fallen Angel’s side. Godking, and after him Plenty. The first nine were only the appetizer. Asskickers United’s remaining nine players were itching to test their skills. They wanted to see just how strong the Chairman of the Dark Council was!

Tang Yao versus Godking. Nie Yan was fairly confident in Tang Yao’s skills. Although Godking was a veteran expert who was one of the first to become a Gold Wing, Tang Yao was equally if not more unfathomable. As a Level 206 Magister with a full set of Chaos gear, he held a 60%-victory rate against the other peak experts in Asskickers United.

Though the position of number one expert in the Righteous Faction had been left vacant ever since his departure from the game, even Nie Yan wouldn’t have any objects if Tang Yao were to take his place.

Godking’s chances of winning were basically nill.

Nie Yan shifted his attention away from the livestream. He returned to diligently picking up the loot off the ground, acquiring a stunning amount of Ancient Ores and Deceased Skulls. Thankfully, he had plenty of bag space. The bags he was using were 1,000-slot bags he’d obtained from the guild treasury. He had five altogether. The same ores and skulls could be stacked together, with 20 making a full stack. So, even though he’d collected more than 200 ores and 1,000 skulls, he still had plenty of space left.

After circling around a mountain of bones, Nie Yan spotted an enormous figure roaming the plains in the distance.

Standings over 30 meters tall, the creature resembled a primordial demon from the distant past. It was a skeletal monster with a long tail, sharp spines growing all over its body. Its eye sockets blazed with crimson flames which pulsed around non-stop, like a pair of headlights.

Dark Demon King (Demonified Lord): Level 200

Nie Yan sucked in a breath of cold air. He didn’t expect to encounter a Level 200 Demonified Lord here! Starting from Level 180, monsters became exponentially stronger every 10 levels. A Level 180 Lord and Level 200 Lord shouldn't even be compared in the same breath.

With Nie Yan’s current strength, he would die to the Dark Demon King if he were discovered.

The Dark Demon King seemed to vaguely sense something and looked over in Nie Yan’s direction.

Nie Yan hurriedly had the Divine Eclipse Dragon hide behind a large pile of bones. He himself held his breath, deathly afraid to budge an inch.

Nie Yan could sense the Dark Demon King’s gaze sweep over him from more than 300 meters away. Thankfully, it didn’t appear to have discovered him. It bent down, grabbed a handful of undead and shoved them into its mouth.

The countless undead were like helpless fowl as they went straight into the Dark Demon King’s stomach.

Even from this distance, Nie Yan could feel the ground shaking from every step the Dark Demon King took.

What a frightening existence!

The Dark Demon King was slowly moving towards Nie Yan’s hiding place. If it got any closer, it would discover him.

Nie Yan had an idea. He summoned his shadow clone, then had it dash off into the distance with Gale Step.

The Dark Demon King was just about to devour another handful of undead, when something caught its attention. The crimson flames in its eye sockets pulsed. It quickly locked onto the fleeing silhouette of the shadow clone. A piercing roar resounded through the surroundings as it gave chase.

Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. His plan worked. He quickly left before the Dark Demon King would be back.

Before hitting Level 190, Nie Yan felt he wouldn’t stand a chance versus the Dark Demon King.

Nie Yan checked the skills in the Glimpse of Darkness. The very last one he could unlock was a Legendary skill called Sanguine Tide. To unlock it, he first had to max out the three skills he already obtained, and then meet the kill count requirements for it. He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of skill it was.

A Legendary skill certainly wouldn’t be lacking!

Unlocking Sanguine Tide required him to kill 200,000,000 dark creatures. This figure was a bit daunting. The previous three skills he obtained would require him to kill 300,000,000 dark creatures to max out. He wouldn’t be reaching this goal of 500,000,000 any time soon. However, extending his stay in Hell wasn’t out of the question.

Nie Yan decided to avoid the area he found the Dark Demon King in. This land of death was massive anyway. He could always explore in a different direction.

After marking down the Dark Demon King’s territory on his map, Nie Yan carefully backtracked and discovered the monsters he cleared out were already back. What a frightening respawn speed! However, ordinary monsters were perfect for him right now.

Exploring another section of Hell, Nie Yan checked up on the livestream. Tang Yao and Godking’s battle had already reached its climax. Godking activated Demonic Embodiment as the golden wings on his back turned jet black, firing out spells in rapid succession. Tang Yao used the most basic Blink skill to dance around the battlefield as he fired out magic like a machine gun. All of his spells were instant cast.

Instant cast spells generally didn’t deal much damage. However, a Fireball from Tang Yao was incomparable to a Fireball from an ordinary player. Even his most basic spells could instantly kill a Level 190 Warrior!

Tang Yao’s damage had reached ludicrous heights!

Even though Godking had activated Demonic Embodiment and protected himself with a shield, he still didn’t dare to take Tang Yao’s attacks head-on. He continuously beat his wings to dodge.

While Godking and Tang Yao were facing off, a small commotion broke out among the spectators. Nobody knew when, but Plenty had appeared in front of the players from Fallen Angel. He was wearing luxurious black robes.

“Plenty finally couldn’t sit still anymore and came himself!”

“Of course. Look how badly they’re losing. If he didn’t come, Fallen Angel would become the laughingstocks of both factions.”

“I wonder if Plenty can turn the tide by himself, or if he’ll just be another body to the count.”

The spectators were anticipating how this development would change the competition. A true heavyweight had appeared!

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others smiled. The real boss had finally appeared. They’d been waiting for this moment.

Plenty wore a calm expression on his face. The domineering air he gave made all the surrounding players retreat three meters away. No one dared to stir up trouble, unless they had a death wish.

Plenty observed the stage. Though his expression was calm on the surface, his heart was battered with waves of shock. Even Godking was being suppressed! At this rate, the match would be over in the next few minutes. After so many rounds, Fallen Angel had only achieved one win! This was undoubtedly a disgrace. The gap between Asskickers United and Fallen Angel was actually this great!

Young Sparrow Hawk could actually defeat Godking! Plenty realized that if he wanted to beat Sparrow Hawk, he would actually have to put in some effort.

Plenty originally planned on launching an attack on Asskickers United. Of course, it wasn’t going to be an all-out offensive. Rather, he would first take control of the passage linking the surface to the underworld, then dispatch an army of 30,000 experts to sweep through the enemy’s strongholds. They wouldn’t tangle with the NPCs of the Righteous Faction and suppress Asskickers United first. Even if Nirvana Flame returned, Asskickers United would be at an absolute disadvantage. However, he quickly realized what a joke this idea was. With how strong Asskickers United’s top experts were, they would end up making a fool of themselves and have their own strongholds taken instead.

If it were one versus one, Plenty was confident he could beat anyone. However, if he were to face two or three of Asskickers United’s peak experts at once, even he would have no choice but to turn his tail and flee.

Plenty thought back to three years ago. Back then, Nirvana Flame could face off against several dozen peak experts, massacre a bunch of them, and escape completely unscathed. What’s more, there was nothing the enemy could do to stop him!

Plenty inwardly sighed. That was a height he could never hope to reach.

Godking cut for a sorry figure, just barely surviving at this point. On the other hand, Tang Yao was getting more and more bold. He had a smug smile on his face, just like a cat playing around with its prey.

Fallen Angel had talked a good game, but their skills just couldn’t match up in the end.

Plenty’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Sure enough, he had miscalculated today’s outcome. Asskickers United was much stronger than he predicted, but he wouldn’t allow anyone to look down on Fallen Angel!

Arcane Reset!

Dark Flame Burst!

Dark Flame Burst!

Dark Flame Burst!

Godking blinked away, dodging the dense shower of spells. He reappeared 10 meters behind Tang Yao and coldly snored. You’ve had your fun. It’s my turn now! He waved his staff, sending three black fireballs flying towards Tang Yao. As they closed in, he growled, “Explode! Explode! Explode!”

Three Dark Flame Bursts suddenly detonated, the flames engulfing everything in a 30-meter radius, turning it into an AoE attack.

At the same time, Tang Yao lightly waved his staff. Arcane energy surged out into the surroundings.

Just like three grenades going off, the three fireballs completely engulfed Tang Yao.

Dark Flame Burst was a super powerful, high damage spell. Even Warriors like Smoke Stub and Lei Su would be clinging onto dear life after taking three in a row, let alone a squishy Mage like Tang Yao!

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