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Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 66 Receive A Task

Author:  Luo Cheng Dong Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-10-18 06:03:06

Chen Feng slowly walked over and said in a deep voice, \"What should everyone do? Don't worry about me.\"

His voice wasn't loud, but everyone in the hall could hear him clearly because of his powerful True Qi.

\"Yes, Senior Brother Chen!\" Many people answered in unison.

Chen Feng arrived at the end of the Mission Hall.

On the wall at the end, there were many signs, each of which represented a person.

Quests were also divided into different levels. After all, some of the missions were extremely difficult and were not something low-level martial artists could complete. If they received them, they would also be courting death.

The disciples could only accept missions that were a level higher than their own.

Chen Feng directly skipped missions below level seven and looked at missions above level seven.

'\"Level 7 mission, hunt at least ten Gale Wolves? You have to be able to find them! A demonic beast like the Gale Wolf can't defeat you at first glance and immediately run away. This won't do.\"

\"Level 7 mission, search for the Dragonblood Wood?\"

\"Eighth level task, kill fifty golden armored bulls? Mission reward, confidentiality? If you don't want a mysterious reward, you can get 2,000 Medium Grade Spirit Stones! The mission issuer was responsible for providing the general location of the demonic beast, as long as 50 bull hearts were used as tokens. Well, this is interesting! In other words, the reward for the mission was worth at least 2,000 Medium Grade Spirit Stones! I can consider this … \"

Chen Feng picked and chose, and in the end, he took three missions at once.

After he left the Mission Hall, the disciples immediately surrounded him.

\"Quickly take a look. Quickly take a look. What missions did Senior Brother Chen take?\"

\"Looking for the Thousand Year Purple Gold Vine?\"

\"Looking for the Blood Dragon Wood?\"

\"These two spirit treasures are both grown in the mountains and marshes. They are extremely dangerous places, and they are often guarded by powerful demonic beasts! Senior Brother Chen is truly an expert!\"

\"What are those two missions? This is amazing! Senior Brother Chen accepted the mission to hunt fifty golden-armored giant bulls!\"

\"Golden-armored Giant Bull? This is a Houtian seventh-level demonic beast! It is extremely powerful and its defense is extremely tyrannical! With its thick skin and thick scales, an attack from a Houtian seventh-level expert cannot penetrate the defense of a Giant Bull!\"

\"A golden-armored giant bull can rival two Houtian Seventh Layer experts!\"

\"Senior Brother Chen actually wants to fight over 50 golden-armored giant bulls on his own? Too domineering! Too tyrannical!\"

No one thought that Chen Feng was overestimating himself. They were all sighing with admiration at Chen Feng's tyrannical strength.

That evening.

Chen Feng had already arrived at a place in the Azure Forest Mountain Range. This place was already more than 700 miles away from the Qianyuan Sect.

Fortunately, he had a Golden Horned Horse, otherwise he wouldn't have come here so quickly.

This was the location of the Golden-armored Giant Bull that the elder who issued the Golden-armored Giant Bull Hunt mission had given him.

However, the location that the elder had given him was very large. It was a hundred kilometers in radius. Chen Feng could only look for it himself.

The mountains here were high and dense, and demonic beasts appeared. Fortunately, they were roughly considered the periphery of the Azure Forest Mountain Range, and there weren't too many powerful demonic beasts.

There were few people here, and Chen Feng had walked in the dense forest for an entire day without meeting anyone.

During this period, he encountered a few demonic beasts, all of them at the fourth and fifth level. A month ago, he had to fight against such a demonic beast, but now, he was killed.

The corpse of the demonic beast was too big to carry. Chen Feng only took the demonic beast core and the most valuable part of its body. He intended to sell it at the Xie Clan Auction House in White Stone City.

The next day, at noon, Chen Feng crossed a mountain range and saw an expanse of space in front of him.

A huge mountain valley appeared in front of him. It was hundreds of kilometers in radius and could not be seen at a glance. The valley was filled with grasslands. The grass rose and fell, and a gust of wind rose and fell like waves.

Chen Feng rode on the Golden Horned Horse and rode his horse wildly, letting out long howls.

The cold wind blew on his face, and he was extremely happy.

Chen Feng judged that the golden-armored giant bull was very likely to exist on this grassland.

As he rode his horse, he looked around. Very quickly, he found a lot of huge hoof marks on the shore of a lake, the size of a bathtub.

He recalled the information provided by the elder and discovered that the hoof mark was exactly the same as the golden-armored giant bull's.

\"I got you!\" Chen Feng smiled.

He chased after the footprints.

Bypassing a mountain depression, Chen Feng saw several gigantic figures.

It was 30 feet long and over 20 feet tall. Its body was four to five times the size of an ordinary buffalo, and its head was as big as a round table. Its surface was covered with golden scales the size of a washbasin, shining in the sunlight. Two enormous golden horns, as tall as one person, flickered with cold light, extremely sharp.

Unlike ordinary buffalo, the golden-armored giant bull looked extremely ferocious and ferocious!

It was the golden-armored giant bull.

Unfortunately, there were three of them!

Chen Feng was not shocked but delighted. He also wanted to weigh the strength of the Golden-armored Giant Bull and see how many he could deal with.

Chen Feng shouted and leapt out of his hiding place. He did not move his King Ming Seal and smashed it towards a giant golden-armored bull.

The Immovable King Ming Seal heavily smashed into the neck of the golden-armored giant bull.

Normally speaking, the neck was the vital point of a demonic beast.

However, what Chen Feng hadn't expected was that the Immovable King Ming Seal would instantly dissipate without a trace when it landed on the scales of the golden-armored giant bull.

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