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Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 81 Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa!

Author:  Luo Cheng Dong Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-10-29 06:04:55

Chen Feng took two steps back and turned around. He pointed his sword at Zhao Qi and sneered, \"Who is trash?\"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Everyone looked at Chen Feng as if they were looking at a monster.

They were greatly shocked. Chen Feng, who they had originally thought was at the sixth level of Houtian realm, had actually revealed his strength at the eighth level of Houtian realm!

One palm and one sword, there were only two moves!

Two moves, kill the Houtian eighth level Tyrannosaurus rex!

Is this still human?

After being shocked, they turned around and surrounded each other.

Wei Meng laughed heartily, \"Chen Feng, so you're so powerful.\"

Wang Yun was also shocked.

Mu Chunxue thought for a moment and shouted, \"Chen Feng, are you, are you that Chen Feng who has gained fame in the outer sect competition?\"

Chen Feng hesitated for a moment, \"That's right, it's me.\"

\"No wonder you're so powerful. You're one of the top ten in the outer sect competition. You should be so powerful! You hid it from us so bitterly!\"

Mu Chunxue chirped.

\"My strength is only used when it should be used. Unlike some people, I can only talk about it.\" Chen Feng looked at Zhao Qi and sneered.

\"I was lucky enough to break through the Tyrannosaurus rex's defense.\"

Zhao Qi said firmly, \"If it was me, I would cut off his head with a single sword.\"

Nobody cared about him.

Zhao Qi was very embarrassed. Seeing Mu Chunxue and Wang Yun looking at Chen Feng with admiration on their faces, he stared at Chen Feng with a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Wei Meng stepped forward and dug out the Tyrannosaurus rex's crystal core. He handed it to Chen Feng, \"Come, Chen Feng, you killed the Tyrannosaurus rex. This belongs to you.\"

Chen Feng didn't hold back and directly took it.

He continued heading deeper into the mountain range.

In the evening, they circled a mountain range and arrived at a valley.

Purple clouds filled the valley floor.

\"Purple Cloud Stream is ahead.\" Wei Meng pointed ahead.

Everyone walked to the deepest part of the valley. In front of them was an extremely narrow and deep canyon. The stone walls on both sides were over a thousand feet tall and could not be seen to the top with a single glance.

This place was filled with purple mist. Within the purple mist, there were trees, vines, and beasts roaring and birds singing. They looked extremely beautiful.

Although there was fog here, the visibility was still good.

Seeing the deep stream, Zhao Qi's eyes flashed with pride, \"Chen Feng, you dare to steal my limelight and humiliate me. This is your burial ground!\"

Everyone entered Purple Cloud Stream and walked forward.

It had been more than ten kilometers deep, and it had been walking downwards. The cliffs on both sides were getting steeper and steeper, and the ground was getting more and more humid.

\"Look, what is this?\"

Suddenly, Mu Chunxue shouted.

Everyone saw that in a crack in the cliff, a purple vine was climbing beneath a rock at a height of more than 50 feet from the ground.

The purple vine was only a meter long, and its color was like blood, sparkling and translucent.

Originally, it was hard to discover her hidden under the stone, but the little beauty seemed to have sharp eyes and was often the first to discover something.

\"Purple Blood Vine, that's great, this is Purple Blood Vine!\"

Wei Meng shouted excitedly, \"Wang Yun, your father's illness is cured.\"

Wang Yun was so excited that her tears almost fell.

Suddenly, the smile on Wei Meng's face froze.

His entire body trembled, and his body softened. He actually knelt on the ground, unable to lift it.

Soon, everyone knew what the reason was.

Behind the rock above the Purple Blood Vine, a tiger walked out.

It wasn't big, it was only one fifth the size of an ordinary tiger, but the tiger's face was actually a ghost face!

It was ferocious, cold, and extremely terrifying!

Moreover, there was a wing on each of the Ghost-Faced Tiger's ribs!

It was actually a flying demonic beast!

One had to know that most of the flying demonic beasts were at the Divine Gate Realm, and very few were at the Houtian Realm.

\"This is, this is the Ghost-Faced Demonic Tiger! A demonic beast at the ninth level of the Houtian realm!\"

The knowledgeable Wei shouted fiercely.

The Ghost-Faced Demonic Tiger was at the ninth level of the Houtian realm. Its greatest characteristic was that its speed was extremely fast, and its claws were filled with poison. Once touched, the poison would quickly kill him!

This was an extremely difficult type of demonic beast, capable of suppressing all Houtian ninth layer experts.

At this moment, apart from Chen Feng and Zhao Qi, none of them could stand. The pressure of the Ghost-Faced Demonic Tiger's Houtian ninth level demonic beast was emitted, and it was extremely tyrannical. Everyone else was suppressed to kneel on the ground.

The Ghost-Faced Demonic Tiger's face revealed a ferocious expression as it suddenly launched an attack without warning.

The Ghost-Faced Demonic Tiger turned into a streak of black lightning and charged towards the two of them.

His speed was incomparably swift, making it impossible for anyone to react, unable to resist!

A strange look flashed through Zhao Qi's eyes as she struck Chen Feng's back with her palm.

Looking at the route of his palm, as long as Chen Feng was hit, he would immediately crash into the path of the Ghost-Faced Demonic Tiger and be directly killed!

\"Trash, you dare to embarrass me! Strike me in the face! I will take your life!\" Zhao Qi gritted her teeth, her face ferocious.

His palm strike was silent, but it was filled with dense true energy.

It seemed that Chen Feng was completely unprepared.

However, just as he was about to be hit, Chen Feng suddenly turned his head and dissipated the force in Zhao Qi's hand with a single palm. He grabbed his wrist and angrily said, \"What are you doing?\"

\"I, I didn't do anything!\" Zhao Qi instinctively panicked.

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