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The Black Market Chapter 94 - Zombie Boss

Author:  Condemned Genre:  Military UpdateTime:  2020-01-12 11:21:54

Somewhere inside the Earth Alliance Academy, several men and one woman sat elegantly inside a room. All of them had powerful auras, but everyone inside was not bothered at all. Everyone of them had expectant gazes as they watched the big screen in front of them. 

They were all professors of the academy, and they were looking at their students' progress on their first mission as a class. Some of the professors were nervous, while a few appeared rather calm as if they already knew the results. 

"Professor Santharus, how do you think your S-Class section will do in this mission?" Ken Seijin broke the ice and asked Santharus with a faint smile. The former was infinitely grateful towards Santharus for inviting him to join the Tyrannical Tower. And he thanked his past self for accepting the invitation. If he had rejected the offer, he would have been stuck at the S-Class level for many years. Now, after a little more than a year inside the Tyrannical Tower, he was already at the peak of King-Class level. Aside from that, he also enhanced his swordsmanship by several times with the help of the tower's top swordmasters.

The latter glanced at him briefly before he spoke. 

"My S-Class section will successfully accomplish this mission. As to how they will do it, I'm not sure though. But I am certain that they will be fine. The Situ Family's Situ Kui is the best inside the academy so far. His leadership capabilities will play a big factor in doing this mission. Not just that, there are also other talented youths in the class who can similarly lead everyone. With that, this mission's success is already a foregone conclusion. Unless an accident happens, which is highly unlikely to happen."

Ken Seijin smiled and glanced at his class on the screen in front of them. His A-Class section also had a very capable tactician who scored perfect in the academy's written exam. He should have become one of the S-Class students, but due to his unsatisfactory score in the Physical Exam, he was placed in the A-Class section instead. His tactical capabilities was even greater than that of Situ Kui's. His name was Levi Stoklasa, one of the most brilliant students in the academy. If he could train him in shooting and swordsmanship, perhaps he would be able to stand toe to toe with the S-Class section's top geniuses. 

* * *

Virtual World, S-Class section.

"Everyone! The zombies are here! Don't shoot randomly! Aim before taking a shot and stand your ground! We must not let them inside the camp or it will be much harder for us to kill them on by one!" Situ Kui shouted at his classmates who had different expressions. Some looked nervous, some were excited and some other kinds of emotions surfaced within their minds after seeing the zombies. After hearing his shout, the class instantly turned serious and they held their weapons with much strength. They followed the orders and aimed before taking a shot, which made their attacks more accurate and efficient.

Situ Kui smiled before pointing his M4A1 at a distant zombie.


The zombie's head exploded like a watermelon smashed on the floor. 

He aimed for the more distant zombies and fired his shots at them with great precision. His actions were similar to that of a well-trained soldier. 

Seeing their class leader's performance, the S-Class section's morale soared. No zombies could even go near the camp's gate as the students fired their shots with more efficiency.


"Bang! Bang! Bang!"


Blood, limbs, internal organs and brain matter splattered on the ground as the fighting continued. It was not even a fight at all, but a one-sided slaughter.

It was the same until they heard a loud roaring sound similar to a humongous beast's angered cry.


A huge silhoute that is more than four meters tall can be seen glaring at them from afar. It was a huge zombie with explosive muscles. 

"That must be the boss! All sharshooters aim your shots at the boss! The rest of you continue shooting the little ones! Fire!" Situ Kui shouted at everyone before aiming his shot at the boss' head.


The zombie boss used its thick arms to shield its head. The bullets were not even able to penetrate deeply on its thick muscles and all it did was only injure it lightly. As long as a zombie's head is intact, then it will not die. 

The zombie boss charged towards the camp with a speed similar to that of a car that is traveling at forty miles per hour. It protected its head with its muscular arms while advancing towards the camp.

"Shit!" Situ Kui pulled out a knife attached on his leg and held it back-handedly. Roan also held a knife and waited for the zombie boss to come near them. 

Situ Kui glanced at his friend with a smile and nodded his head at him. The latter nodded his head back before glaring at the gigantic monster charging towards them. They both moved at the same time and dashed towards the it. The young men were at the peak stage of D-Class level and at the mid stage of D-Class level espectively. Although it was their first time confronting someone with a much greater strength than them, they did not appear to be afraid at all. 

Both men's classmates were awed by two's fearlessness. They never knew that both young men were nervous.

'This is just a virtual world, so we won't really die in real life. With Roan's help, we can definitely kill this monster.' Situ Kui thought to himself while striking the boss' knees which appeared to be its weak spot.


Roan on the other hand jumped at the most perfect time and summersaulted in midair before aiming his knife towards the defenseles neck of the towering behemoth. He held his knife with both hands and thrusted his knife with full strength.

"Roar!!" A savage cry echoed within the virtual world as Roan's attack accurately hit the boss' neck. Although it did not penetrate deeply on the giant's skin, he was able to damage its spine. Roan held his knife tightly to keep himself from falling down.

The boss grabbed the puny human on its neck and threw it with great strength. Roan could not overpower the boss who was at the C-Class and he could only allow it to throw him like a ragdoll. He protected his head with his arms, but he still received a substantial amount of damage from the throw.

"Bang!" Roan'w body was embedded on a wall. But his movements were frail and weak, signifying the amount of damage the boss dealt towards him.

The boss knelt on the ground while clutching its neck. 

"Shoot it now!" Situ Kui shouted at his classmates before dashing towards Roan.



The boss who was clutching its neck could no longer block the rain of bullets fired his way. Its huge head was riddled with bullets and crumpled on the ground with loud....


- Mission Success!

Everyone heard an announcement that rang beside their ears, before their vision turned blank.

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