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The Devil's Cage Chapter 1304 - Faintly Appearing

Author:  Rusty Dragon Genre:  Sci-fi UpdateTime:  2019-12-17 11:56:21

Chapter 1304: Faintly Appearing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The man from the Special Affairs Division stepped aside and the other one behind him opened the door for Wier.

They knew what kind of people they could afford to offend and what kind they couldn’t.

Even if they didn’t care about Wier, they had to at least care about the person inside the room.

Or in simpler words, it was because of the man in the room that they obtained the power to disregard Wier.

It wasn’t related to strength, just the use of authority within the system.

Some didn’t care about their way while others took it as bitter malt.

Wier didn’t further talk to the two men and instead strode into the ward.

It was a ward, but it had an unimaginable design inside.

First, it was huge.

After all, it was modified using a whole floor of the hospital. There was a study room, a meeting lounge, a game room and even a cigar room and wine storeroom.

On top of all the basics, the simplistic decoration in the room made it look reserved. It wasn’t extravagant and gold, displaying wealth; instead, it had the elegance of a noble with a long history.

Where did the elegance come from though?

Rare and valuable.

At least, Wier thought, any one of the decorations in the ‘ward’ would cost him a whole year of salary. It was well-known that the Special Operation Division had quite a high pay because of the casualty rates.

Stuffing in an unimaginable value in a limited space was a game liked by many higher-ranking officers.

This ‘ward’ was built to serve the higher rankers, so even if Wier might have had second thoughts and different feelings about the place during normal times, he wouldn’t voice them out.

But now?

Seeing everything in the ‘ward’, it looked extra blinding to Wier.

“Wier, what’s wrong with you?”

Mayor Syro Derl, who was wearing hospital garments, placed his book down when he saw Wier. Although he was wearing hospital garments, the mayor was still emanating a book-ish presence. With the addition of the glasses perched over his nose, he looked more like a scholar than a politician.

“What is the Ghoul incident about? Not the one 30 years ago, I’m talking about the one now.” Wier was never a person who hid his thoughts and he didn’t think he should hide them in front of Syro Derl either.

“Now…” Syro Derl sighed softly when he saw the angry, probing veteran consultant. “I was anxious for success 30 years ago. I thought it was a chance, a chance to free Eiders from the cover of darkness forever, but…”

Cough Cough!

“I was blinded by my optimism. I was so optimistic that I thought I had everything under control. And in the end, I got what I deserved.”

Syro Derl sounded tired when blaming himself, he even coughed fiercely a few times.

Wier could clearly see the red through the seams of Syro Derl’s fingers over his mouth.

Wier was shocked. He quickly bent over, his courteous address becoming intimate as well, like how a friend would address another.

“Syro, your body. I’ll call the doctor.”

When the red entered his sight, Wier wanted to press the caller for the doctor beside the sickbed, but Syro Derl stopped him.

“It’s useless, I know my body’s condition. 30 years ago, the damage I suffered was far beyond saving. It not only took away my ability to produce child, but also buried a seed in my body. Now, it’s just the matter of when the seed will grow into something that will take my life.”

Syro Derl wiped the blood off his mouth with a handkerchief and showed a relaxed smile as if he had seen through life and death.

“I-I’m sorry,” Wier mumbled, ultimately lowering his head.

He couldn’t help but feel guilty for questioning Syro Derl in his terrible condition.

“Wier, you have no need to apologize, because I am also very intrigued by this Ghoul Incident! Everything should have ended 30 years ago, and…”

Syro Derl paused for a while, the relaxed smile that he showed being replaced by nervousness instantly.

“Is it about Carlo and Kairot?” Wier asked.

“En. They’re missing; Annie Penny Lynne’s missing; and then there’s Aimor Morr’s death. I don’t think it’s all unrelated. After all, we three old geezers knew some secrets hidden from the public,” Syro Derl nodded and sighed.

“What about Quaker Wilberst? His death? I’m sorry, Syro, I don’t mean anything else. It’s just that their cases all happened at that timing, so I had to link all of them together. A few hours ago, Wilberst even committed an act that confounds me.”

Almost out of instinct, Wier reacted to his tone when he voiced his question, apologizing to Syro Derl again.

“Something that you confounds you? What is it?”

Syro Derl waved his hand without much concern at Wier’s tone; he was quite intrigued by the name Wilberst.

“Old Wilberst killed Speaker Hardy Lynne and was sent to the ‘prison’.”

Wier tried his best to slow down when he mentioned this.

Although he knew his old friend must have already heard of the news, he tried not to further excite his failing body.

After all, Hardy Lynne and Syro Derl did have quite the relationship.

Fortunately, even though Syro Derl looked gloomy at the news, it was just a flash.

Wier heaved a breath of relief then told Syro Derl what happened to Wilberst in detail.

“What did you say? Wilberst’s body isn’t like that of an old man, but even stronger than a young man’s?” Syro Derl’s tone uncontrollably raised higher.

“Yes. From the autopsy, we were able to make certain that Wilberst’s seemingly old looks had remarkable vitality underneath and that he was strong. Even men couldn’t…”

Cough Cough Cough!

Wier nodded as he spoke, but before he could finish, he was stopped by Syro Derl’s fierce coughing.

This time, the coughs were more turbulent than before. Blood gushed out mercilessly and the mayor fell unconscious after that.


Wier quickly pressed the caller for the doctor without further thought.

After the doctors and nurses rushed in, the mayor was rushed into the ICU, and Wier, who wanted to follow in, was blocked outside by the two men from the Special Affairs Division.

Judging from their persistence, Wier knew he wasn’t going to be able to get in.

So the veteran consultant sat on the bench and prepared himself for a long wait.

But moments after he sat down, he felt a pain in his neck.

Before Wier passed out completely, he suddenly realized that the two Special Affairs Division members had also somehow passed out on the floor.

Once everyone was knocked out cold, a figure walked out of the ICU.

He didn’t stop or hesitate, going straight out of the hospital.

Thus, he didn’t see one of the fallen Special Affairs Division members suddenly stand up after his absence.

“Why am I always getting hurt and receiving all the beatings?”

An upset rant later, the man from the Special Affairs Division vanished just like that.

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