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The Devil's Cage Chapter 834 - Slander

Author:  Rusty Dragon Genre:  Sci-fi UpdateTime:  2019-12-17 11:56:21

Chapter 834: Slander

Translator: Dess Editor: EbonyFrost

Each of them that came down from the wagons bore an intimidating look yet they dressed like either nobles or wealthy commoners.

When they saw the black wagon, their steps slightly paused before dashing forth even faster.




Cries sounded from the people’s mouth and anxiety followed tightly behind.

Especially when there wasn’t the slightest sound from inside the black wagon, worries started to fill their heart, increasing their anxiety further.

Their anxiety reached an all-time high the moment before the carriage door was opened.

When the carriage door opened up, the worries, anxiety, restlessness all turned into devastating sorrow.

Four naked dead young girls appeared in the sights of the crowd.

Their face had the lingering fear of death and the countless wounds on their body told the crowd what torture they been through before they died.

“My child!”

One of the ladies in the crowd broke out in tears.

Following the agonizing cry, the sorrowful crowd was awoken, rage flooded them like the rising tide.

How sad they were a moment ago, how enraged they were at this moment, especially when there was someone who sowed dissensions among them.

“We are too late! Although I’ve tried my best in contacting everyone!”

“Cyan” walked forth from behind the crowd and when she saw the bodies in the carriage, her eyes instantly turned red and said as she choked on her own sobs, “I-I’m sorry everyone!”

“No, Mr. Cyan, it isn’t your fault! You’ve fulfilled your duty as a teacher. It is that devilish woman’s fault!

“Cyan”‘s words and expressions were on point, it further increased the fondness of the crowd to her since they already appreciated her because of telling them the news in the first place.

The crowd started to comfort the responsible teacher.

“No, I didn’t fulfill my duty as a teacher… If it wasn’t for my hesitation, the girls, my students will never face such a horrible end.”

“Cyan” who was choking on sobs before had broken into soundless cry completely.

The couple of teachers followed behind “Cyan” exchanged gazes with each other after the scene, they saw shock in each other’s eyes.

Before they arrived, they never would have thought such a huge incident would go down.

Based on their shallow guesses, they initially thought it would be just a scheme trying to get more speaking rights within the school or even compete for the principal’s position but the thing that didn’t come into their minds was “Cyan” and that lord behind the scenes wanted to completely destroy St. Paolo School and the principal.

Look at the four bodies and the enraged parents!

They could already imagine how this incident would develop but…

Were they left with any options?

Even if they spilled the truth now, what good would it do?

Aside from the fact that “Cyan” warned them about the lord before this, once the teachers spoke, the only possible outcome was they were treated as accomplices and the enraged crowd would tear them to shreds!

They had already wet themselves before this and now they wanted to quit?

Stop joking! It was impossible and too late for them to back off.

Moreover, the rewards!

Once they thought of the rewards from the lord, the teachers didn’t care anymore and the struggle in their hearts swiftly vanished into nothing.

“Yeah, we never thought the school would commit such a disgusting act in the first place!”

“We didn’t want to believe it at first but as more evidence was shown, we were forced to believe it!”

“It’s so surprising that respectable principal used her students as products to provide services to those disgusting people!”

The few teachers who forgot their consciouses because of benefits started to give their best effort in playing along with “Cyan”.

Those words were originally taught by “Cyan” to them but a few of them tried to display themselves, thus exaggerating the matter.

The parent crowd’s faces started to change. Being prejudiced by first impressions, the crowd had started to believe what the teachers said.

When the parents thought about their own child being placed in a dangerous situation, they were completely enraged. Even more so since they had quite the authority and wealth among the common citizens.

The rage from them was different from the parents who lost their children, they, whose children were spared for a horrible end, felt rage from provocation.

“Cyan” saw the looks on the parent’s face and her heart couldn’t help but smile. She knew the situation was progressing as the lord has expected it.


“Cyan” looked at the four bodies inside the carriage, her eyes shone a little.

“How fortunate! Seems like Reed’s death made the security team loosen up their guard! Otherwise, if one or two security members appeared together, it would be solid evidence! But still, even with this… it is our victory! So what if Guntherson is powerful, what can he do against this? Fight the entire city?”

“Cyan”‘s heart laughed out coldly, she then stood aside and watched the situation quietly.

At this point, she wouldn’t need to say or do anything more, someone else would take over her role in all this and in fact, it already happened.

A mere 3 to 4 seconds later, a middle-aged man who lost his daughter stood up from the crowd.

He was holding a kerosene lamp in his hand and took the flintlock pistol from his wagon.

“Everyone, I am going to burn down this place! Don’t stop me!”

The man then strode into the school’s compound.

The rest of the parents instantaneously followed up tightly but the really surprising thing wasn’t the enraged parents themselves, it was those attendants that overtook them from behind.

Compared to the parents, each of the attendants had at least some intimidating aura around them, when they picked up the swords and guns, it gave them a professional look that they employer didn’t possess.

Because of their own safety, the parents weren’t stingy in spending and the retired mercenaries and bounty hunters needed a steady job as well.

So two sides clicked together with ease but none of them would have expected a scene like this.

The attendants from the families who lost their daughters looked extra cold and bore killing intent in their eyes because they knew even if they burned down the school, their career would be over.

No one else would be willing to hire mercenaries and bounty hunters that failed to protect their employer’s child.

The thought of going from a sufficient life to worrying when would their next meal be made the attendants grip their weapons tighter, they wanted to retrieve their honor and names if possible.

As for the guy who stepped out suddenly and tried to stop them from moving forward, no mercy would be shown.

“F*ck off!”

One of the attendants shouted loudly at the hooded figure in front of them who appeared without their knowledge but the other attendants didn’t care much and raised their weapons at the figure.

There were swords and flintlocks, all of them launched their attack at the figure but none of their attacks landed on the target.

The figure was like an illusion, all the swords and bullets went through his body yet no harm was done but the attack that came from the figure, sending the attendants flying backward told the crowd the figure was real.

The paradoxical sensation between real and unreal stunned the enraged crowd uncontrollably.

They instinctively halted their steps and glared at the figure before them.

“Merciful God, please forgive these men who are blinded by lies!”

The figure said slowly.

As the figure spoke, a layer of faint white brilliance appeared on his body. His voice that sounded flat at first felt holistic and compassionate under the brilliance.

Right away, everyone who saw the layer of white brilliance changed their expression differently.

Some smiled coldly, some were shocked but most of them were astonished.

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