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Chapter 277 Zi Ling Was So Angry That She Ran Away

After going out of the bathroom, Wang Feng saw Zi Ling sitting on the sofa with a red face. She might be still thinking about what she saw just now.

“It’s okay. Just a glance. I won’t blame you for anything.” Looking at Zi Ling, Wang Feng said very gently.

“But my Master said that I couldn’t look at the man’s body at random.” Zi Ling shook her head, which made Wang Feng stunned. Was it a teaching method?


“Because my Master said that men were not good things, which couldn’t be watched.” Zi Ling said, which made Wang Feng really want to kill her Master with a shoe sole.

Her Master was also a man. How could he say that men were not good things? Did he teach Zi Ling seriously? It was simply misleading.

“It’s okay. It’s not a big deal. Anyway, I won’t get injured because it is you who watched my body. Are you hungry? Would do you like to eat some food or not?”

“No, I only have one meal a day.” Zi Ling shook her head, which made Wang Feng stunned again.

“Is this also what your Master taught you?” Wang Feng asked in confusion.

“Yeah.” Zi Ling nodded. Hearing this, Wang Feng was almost fainted. It was okay for her Master to say that men were not good things, but how could he let a girl eat only one meal a day? Were they so poor that they even had no money to feed themselves?

According to Wang Feng’s information, almost all the cultivators were not short of money.

“My Master said that the food which we eat contains too many impurities. If we eat too much, it will affect our cultivation.”

“What do you usually eat?” Wang Feng asked.

“All those delicacies from mountain and sea.” Zi Ling said, which made Wang Feng have to sigh. They were really rich. How could they eat those delicacies from mountain and sea every day as their food?

However, after a moment of contemplation, Wang Feng said, “I don’t care what you eat with your Master, but since you are here, you have to eat on time. Eating three meals a day is a must.”

“And you just said that food would hinder the cultivation. Why haven’t I heard of it? I also eat coarse grains, and I have still reached the interim of Internal Strength. You don’t have to follow what you Master told you. You have to eat the meals.”

“But I don’t want to disobey the orders of my Master.” Zi Ling was very stubborn and shook her head.

“Well, I don’t have those delicacies from mountain and sea for you to eat, but the ordinary food. It’s up to you.” After saying this, Wang Feng lay down directly on the sofa and looked at Zi Ling with a smile.

Wang Feng was not a man who could not afford to buy those delicacies from mountain and sea. Many people would sell these, but if she wanted to eat every day, nobody could afford. Even though Wang Feng had a lot of properties, he couldn’t afford it for a long time.

After all, Zi Ling was not the only cultivator in this family. If she ate these delicacies every day, how could it be possible to let Wang Feng treat others unfairly?

At that time, when all the people in the family ate the delicacies from mountain and sea, even the richest one couldn’t afford it.

Besides, Wang Feng still treated himself as a normal human being indeed. Wasn’t a normal person supposed to eat three meals a day? Although Zi Ling’s words were a little bit reasonable, but it was too much to say that eating ordinary food would hinder the cultivation. He would never agree on this idea.

Cultivation was mainly related to one’s opportunity and effort. It was rarely related to the diet, so it was nonsense totally.

“I have money. You don’t need to care about me.” Zi Ling said, which made Wang Feng can’t help looking at her. Then he asked, “How much do you have?”

“My Master said that the money was enough for my whole life.” Zi Ling said with a little embarrassment.

“S**t! ”

When he heard her words, Wang Feng suddenly stood up from the sofa and said dirty words. How much did her Master give her? How could it be enough for her to eat for a lifetime?

The price of those delicacies from mountain and sea was more than 100,000 yuan, and even some rare materials were worth millions of yuan or billions of yuan. If she ate something which was worth millions of yuan every day, her Mater should have given her at least 100 billion yuan. Right?

From the beginning of his cultivation to now, all the money that Wang Feng could take out was less than 50 billion yuan in total, but it seemed that Zi Ling had more money than him.

She was really the richest woman in the rich, a real millionaire! Wang Feng even didn’t dare to compare to her.

“I don’t care how much money you have. If you live in this home, you have to eat an ordinary meal. I can’t provide those delicacies from mountain and sea, and you can’t buy it without permission. Anyway, it’s a deal.”

Zi Ling was very simple. If she was allowed to go out alone, she might be deceived by others. Wang Feng had to take this responsibility anyway.

“You just lived in this home. So let me show you something today. I will cook in person, and you can have a taste. It is a welcome dinner for you.” When they talked, Wang Feng went to the kitchen alone and was ready to cook.

Bei Yunxue and Zisha began to cultivate now, so the whole family would be all cultivators at that time. How could Wang Feng be unhappy?

Having been busy for more than an hour in the kitchen, Wang Feng finished the last dish. At this time, the living room was full of the aroma of dishes, making people hungered for food with a good appetite. If it had been at ordinary times, Zisha would have already rushed over.

But when Wang Feng came to the living room, there was only Zi Ling, who was watching TV with confusion. Bei Yunxue and Zisha were still upstairs.

“It’s so disgusting.” Suddenly, the face of Zi Ling turned red, and she uttered a coy voice.

“What?” When he heard her words, Wang Feng also looked at the LCD TV on the wall.

After looking at the TV, Wang Feng was suddenly stunned, because the two leading roles in the TV drama were kissing crazily. It was no wonder that Zi Ling would let out such a voice.

“Disgusting? It is normal now in this modern time.” Wang Feng explained on the side.

“But they can’t kiss in front of so many people. Don’t they have a sense of shame?” Zi Ling muttered.

“Alright.” When he heard her words, Wang Feng knew that she couldn’t understand his explanation immediately. She had been living in the mountains with her Master since she was a child. It was normal that she didn’t know the outside world. It seemed that it would take a long time before she became a real modern lady.

“Get ready. We will have dinner soon.” When they talked, Wang Feng went upstairs.

Gently pushing open the door of the Zisha’s room, Wang Feng saw that Bei Yunxue and Zisha were seriously using their hands to make finger gestures vividly during incantations. It was estimated that they were still practicing the cultivation method that Guijianchou gave to them.

By the side of these two people, Dongfang Yunxin was constantly explaining the various problems of cultivation to them, just like a teacher.

Seeing this scene, Wang Feng did not bother them in words but slowly closed the door.

The primary stage of cultivation was the most difficult part. It was said that many people couldn’t figure out the cultivation method, not to mention practicing it. So, how could Wang Feng disturb them when they cultivated?

“Zi Ling, let’s have dinner first. They haven’t finished yet.” Backing to the living room, Wang Feng said to Zi Ling.

“I am not hungry.” Zi Ling said, staring at the TV screen where a Kolean TV drama was played.

Glancing at the drama on the TV, Wang Feng had no interest at all. Wang Feng was too lazy to waste time to watch a Kolean TV drama like this, which was just for earning girl’s tears.

“If you are not hungry, you can just eat a little. I prepared it carefully. You should give me face.”

“But I really don’t want to eat.” Zi Ling said, shaking her head.

“You have to eat even though you don’t want.” When he said this, Wang Feng took the remote control and turned off the TV directly.

It was already at noon. As the saying went, the person was iron, and rice was a steel. A man went hungry without eating the meal. So, feeding yourself was the priority.

Pulling Zi Ling to the dinner table directly, Wang Feng pointed to a position beside him and said, “Sit here.”

“Hm.” Zi Ling nodded and then sat down.

“There are all made by me. I won’t go into that. Choose and pick whatever you want.” When he said this, Wang Feng started to eat.


However, when Wang Feng just had a bite, there was a sound of sudden braking outside the villa, accompanied by the sound of opening the door of the car.

After glancing with the X-ray vision, Wang Feng was shocked suddenly, because a Bugatti was parked outside the villa. This sports car was worth tens of millions of yuan. It was more expensive than his Lamborghini. Who drove this car over?

“Why does this female tyrant come back?” Seeing the person who got out of the car, Wang Feng thought helplessly in his mind.

Back then, he gave Tang Airou a billion yuan. Now she unexpectedly drove a super sports car which was worth tens of millions of yuan. It was really like that the emancipated serfs sang proudly.

She was really generous to buy this sports car which was worth tens of millions of yuan.

There were already four women at home. Now she was back, so there would be five women in total. The rooms at home could be all occupied.

There would be much livelier. Wang Feng smiled bitterly and then looked at the door that was pushed open by Tang Airou.

“It smells good.” As soon as she entered the house, Tang Airou just uttered a pleasant and surprised voice. Then she sniffed a deep breath so enjoyably.

“Gee, who are you?” Suddenly, Tang Airou saw Zi Ling sitting next to Wang Feng and asked with vigilance. She even put her hands on the waist.

“Take it easy. She is one of our people.” Seeing that Tang Airou was reaching for her gun, Wang Feng said quickly.

“Sister, hello!” At this time, Zi Ling said.

“Our people? Not a fancy woman outside?” Hearing Wang Feng’s words, Tang Airou said very disdainfully.

“Can’t you say something nice when you talk?” At this time, Wang Feng put down the chopsticks in his hand and said.

“Sorry, this is me.”

“Why did you suddenly come back?” He knew Tang Airou’s temper very much, so Wang Feng did not want to argue with her anymore. Because even though they argued, none of them would benefit in the end. Anyway, there was a saying that good men did not fight with women.

“This is my home. I don’t need to report to you when I come back. Instead, you just bring women back at random. Is there your hotel?” Tang Airou glanced at Zi Ling’s body while saying, which made tears immediately gather in Zi Ling’s eyes.

Seeing this scene, Wang Feng knew that something bad was likely to happen. As he thought, Zi Ling immediately stood up. Then she wiped her tears and was about to run to the door.

Fortunately, Wang Feng caught her up quickly with sharp eyes and agile hands.

“Tang Airou, it is good for you to be polite when you speak to her. Everyone agreed that she could move in. Besides, she has no enmity to you. Why are you against her? Is it necessary?”

“I am just telling the truth. I am not against her.”


As soon as Tang Airou said these words, Wang Feng suddenly felt that he got a heavy slap on the chest. Zi Ling unexpectedly slapped Wang Feng when he was not looking. Wang Feng hit the wall because of this slap.

Of course, although this slap was very powerful, Wang Feng didn’t get any injury at all. Only with her own strength, Zi Ling could not hurt him easily.

When Wang Feng was knocked off, Zi Ling wiped her tears and directly ran out of the house, which made Tang Airou curve her lips disdainfully.

There were so many women who had already lived here. Now Wang Feng brought another woman back. She was very reluctant. Especially this woman was very beautiful.

Seeing that Zi Ling ran out, Wang Feng changed his complexion. Having no time to take care of the choking sense from his chest, he quickly stood up from the ground.

Zi Ling was unfamiliar with Zhu Hai City, so Wang Feng could not let her run out alone.

“You are really unreasonable.” After saying this to Tang Airou, Wang Feng directly chased after Zi Ling.

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