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Naturally, it seemed simple, but not everyone could succeed because transferring Essential Qi required special attention to the distribution of acupoints. If a person who knew nothing about that tried to save a dying person, not only could he save no one, but also might directly accelerate that person's death.

The sweat sprang up on his forehead in only ten seconds. He became weak for losing a huge amount of Essential Qi; after all, saving people always meant paying the price.

Just like the time when Gui Jianchou cured his arm. Wasn't Gui Jianchou an incomparable practitioner? At least he was the strongest one that Wang Feng had ever met.

However, when he fixed Wang Feng's arm, he was so exhausted that he had to immediately meditate in the ward to refresh himself. Now Wang Feng did the same.

Without a timely treatment, Zhong Xiaoqian would die immediately, so Wang Feng tried his best, regardless of the burden to his body. Everything would be fine as long as he was alive.

On the other side, seeing Wang Feng touching Zhong Xiaoqian's breasts, Dongfang Yu'er instinctively rushed up in order to push Wang Feng away, but she didn't do anything when she noticed his pale face.

She suddenly realized that Wang Feng was saving her friend. He was indeed marvelous, for he could stop the bleeding with several simple actions, while she absolutely could not.

'Maybe Wang Feng was a doctor?'

"Hang on, you will be fine again." Seeing Zhong Xiaoqian's open mouth, Wang Feng knew she was standing at the crucial spot on her struggle for life. If she gave up, he would be unable to save her.

Surely enough, a doctor with superb medical skills could pull people back from the edge of death, provided that the patient was still breathing. If she totally give up the will to live, even the gods had no way to cure her.

"Xiao Qian, you must suvive, I can't live without you." Dongfang Yu'er was also anxious when she noticed Zhong Xiaoqian's abnormal state. How she wished that she could replace Xiao Qian to suffer the great pain.

"You're gonna be ok." Wang Feng said as his strength was being delivered to her body in order to keep her vitality.

Her condition was critical, so after Wang Feng was finished, he slumped down on the ground; not because he was frightened, but because he was exhausted.

Now he only felt his head was very heavy, as a fit of dizziness came over him—for he almost ran out of all his strength to save the woman.

He originally wanted to see if the woman recovered, but before he got up, he fell to the ground and fainted.

Wang Feng couldn't compare with Gui Jianchou who had an incredible amount of Essential Qi, so he lost consciousness after losing so much strength.

"Wake up!" Dongfang Yu'er was shocked and hurriedly pushed Wang Feng.

She asked Wang Feng to protect them, but he had fainted just then. Looking at Zhong Xiaoqian, who remained unconscious, Dongfang Yu'er finally felt panicked.

The enemy would go there at any time. She could escape if she were alone, but what could she do with two unconscious people?

As long as they were found by others, their food might be robbed, or even worse, all of them would possibly die there.

After shaking Wang Feng for a long time, he was still in a coma, so Dongfang Yu'er really didn't know what she should do. She had clearly realized that the way Wang Feng saved people was forcibly retaining Zhong Xiaoqian's life with his strength, so that he became quite weak as a result.

"Scabs are growing!" Suddenly, Dongfang Yu'er glanced at Zhong Xiaoqian's wound and was pleasantly surprised.

Zhong Xiaoqian's wound was so serious that it almost killed her. But at the moment, the horrible blood hole had been crusted shut and no blood flowed out.

Dongfang Yu'er looked at Wang Feng with gratitude, for she knew that if it weren't for him, Zhong Xiaoqian and her would have died. So, after a moment of nervousness, she immediately began to pay attention to all the movements around her and prepared for any contingencies.

Wang Feng exhausted all of his strength to save Zhong Xiaoqian. Until the next day, he was still so weak that he was not even able to move.

But he felt somewhat strange about the soft thing beneath his head, accompanied with an extraordinary fragrance.

He was stunned when he turned and saw that he was resting his head upon Dongfang Yu'er's leg, which was the reason why he felt comfortable in the dream. Beside him, Zhong Xiaoqian was resting on her other leg. They may have spent the night with that posture.

"You finally woke up." Dongfang Yu'er slowly said to Wang Feng who raised his head.

Although her voice was calm, she was relaxed for no reason when she saw Wang Feng wake up. Last night they were both in a coma, so she kept watch at night by herself.

The reason why they were sleeping on her legs was that she didn't want them sleeping on the ground, and the other reason she would never say, that was, she was a little scared.

She stayed up the whole night to protect them; by now she was terribly fatigued with sore eyes.

She was chased for so long, worried by Zhong Xiaoqian's injury and then stayed up all night. It would be weird if she weren't tired.

Wang Feng looked up to the sky, the sun suggested that it was almost noon.

"Why didn't you sleep?" Wang Feng asked.

"I'm not tired." Dongfang Yu'er was somewhat speechless with Wang Feng's question. Of course she wanted to sleep, but how could she? Dangers hid all around. If she fell asleep, what waited for them would be death.

If they were on the march, every soldier would stay awake for several days and nights, so she could persevere for the moment.

"Well, hang in there. I need more sleep." Wang Feng said and laid on Dongfang Yu'er's leg with another comfortable gesture, regardless of her red face.

Although he had slept for hours and had replenished part of his strength, he was still too weak to sit up.

Dongfang Yu'er fragrance got the best of him, resulting in his sound sleeping, which in turn spiked Dongfang Yu'er Dongfang Yu'er's anger. She wished she could push him away.

In the end, however, she did not do so because she knew it was her fault.

If she didn't ask Wang Feng to protect them, how could he be feeble like that? He came closer to death when lost all his strength in that place, so actually, it was their luck that helped them survive the night.

The day was breaking right then, so the danger was lower, but she still dared not to sleep and kept paying attention to everything around her.

Wang Feng woke up after many hours. Until then, he finally accumulated some strength. He took out some food from his equipment bag and ate it, then he stood up.

Though he was still feeble, he could sit up and practice.

Looking at Dongfang Yu'er who was extremely exhausted, instead of leaving, Wang Feng sat down beside her and said, "Well, you haven't slept since yesterday. Now it's my turn. You can sleep for a while."

"I'm fine. I can hold on." Dongfang Yu'er stubbornly shook her head.

"Damn it. If you want to die, just do it. Don't be a fool." Wang Feng cursed while Dongfang Yu'er gazed at him with staring eyes.

It was the first time that she had been reprimanded in such a tone.

"Don't hesitate. Come on, eat some food and get some sleep. Dangers hide everywhere. Maybe someone may find us at night. The priority now is to conserve energy." Wang Feng finally gave a reason that persuaded Dongfang Yu'er.

Indeed, they had to spend several days there, so they must keep energetic, because no one knew when danger would arrive.

As nobody would attack others during daytime, Dongfang Yu'er didn't say anything but took out a bit of food and ate it. Then she leaned on a tree, putting Zhong Xiaoqian's head on her leg and prepared to sleep.

"Come here." Wang Feng said while seeing that scene.

"What?" Dongfang Yu'er glanced, not knowing what he would do.

"Use my leg as a pillow." Dongfang Yu'er was stunned by Wang Feng's words.

She was kind of scared so she let Wang Feng rest on her leg, but it was already daytime. Was Wang Feng afraid?

Her expression changed while thinking. It was reasonable for her, a woman, to feel intimidated at night, but Wang Feng was afraid even in the daytime... Wasn't that a little bit...?

"Don't think nonsense. I just want to offer you a comfortable place for sleeping, so that you can quickly recover. If you want to wake up feeling sore all over, you can still sleep on that tree." Wang Feng seemed to have guessed Dongfang Yu'er's thoughts and said slowly.

"All right then." Although she didn't want to sleep on that posture, she knew that Wang Feng was being serious. Sleeping in a comfortable position was the fastest way to regain mental strength. There was a world of difference between the two postures, just like the difference between sleeping on the bed and on the ground.

Eventually, Dongfang Yu'er suppressed the shyness and rested on Wang Feng's leg.

She blushed while smelling Wang Feng, for she had never stayed so close to a man; not to mention, in a posture that was similar to that of lovers.

She only felt her heart beating several times faster than usual. She wanted to get up, but she was afraid that Wang Feng would be annoyed.

She struggled with herself for minutes, until her frustration defeated all her hesitation, then she fell asleep.

She was too tired from staying alert that long, so she soundly slept under Wang Feng's protection.

In addition, she felt at ease when she pillowed his leg as if no enemy would find them again. That's the reason why she could quickly fall asleep.

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