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The Fierce Illegitimate Miss Chapter 40

Author:  Xi Ruyi Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-11-22 04:16:19

Chapter 40

Translator: NovelMultiverse | Editor: NovelMultiverse

“Miss, miss, it’s not good!” Xuan Cao stumbled in with panic on her face, “Master is back and wants you to go see him!”

Yu Linglong sat up from the bed and stretched comfortably, completely ignoring Xuan Cao’s anxiety: “What does it matter to me when he comes back?”

Xuan Cao jumped anxiously: “I heard the lady in the yard saying that the master has lost his temper, and I want you to go there quickly!”

Yu Linglong took the tea bowl brought by Ling’er, rinsed her mouth, and said, “He wants me to come to him when I’m called? Who is he to me?”

Xuan Cao froze for a moment before stammering: “But…but the master is your father!”

The young lady took her to the Yu Mansion with all the hardships, didn’t she just want to seek shelter with her father? How come, General Yu back now, but the young lady isn’t taking it seriously?

Yu Linglong got out of bed, walked to the square table, and sat down. She leisurely plucked up a honey peanut and put it in her mouth. It seemed that General Yu hadn’t taken her seriously from the start.

Xuan Cao was worried and afraid again: “Miss, won’t you go?”

Yu Linglong wiped the sugar from her fingers and said, “Does he not have long legs? If he wants to see me let him come over himself!”

Xuan Cao was so scared that she stuck her tongue out and didn’t dare to say more.

Ling’er’s eyes widened in surprise. What a powerful mistress did she follow? She didn’t even come to her own father when she was called!?

As soon as Yu Qianliu heard the news, she stood up quickly, almost overturning the teacup in her hand.

“What? Master wants to sort out Yu Linglong?”

Her close maid Hong Lian smiled and said: “Exactly, I heard from someone in the room that the master ordered Fourth Lady to come over immediately. He ordered someone to ask for the family law, saying that he should teach Fourth Lady well!”

Yu Qianliu covered her mouth with her headscarf and laughed tremblingly: “I said that girl will not be able to jump for a few days! This time it will be fine. I will see how the master will sort her!”

After rolling her eyes a few times, Yu Qianliu raised her hand to straighten the hairpin on her head and walked out quickly. As she walked, she said: “No, I have to go to the master to talk about how that girl bullied me. Let the master vent my anger for me!”

If it was only because of her being bullied by Yu Linglong, General Yu would probably not take action, but now she was going to file a complaint, which would make matters worse, adding more to General Jade’s anger.

Hong Lian trotted behind, and the mistress and servant walked out with joy.

In this world, there were a kind of people who were not against watching the excitement.

When she arrived at the room, Yu Qianliu put away the joy in her face and tried to look wronged. She called out at the door: “Father, mother.” Then she walked into the room.[Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @ novelmultiverse.com]

General Yu sat at the head angrily, and was not happy when he saw Yu Qianliu: “What are you doing?”

Yu Qianliu looked terrified, and whispered: “I want to come and see my father.”

Just saying this, Yu Qianliu coughed. She was covering her mouth with a kerchief and had a pained expression on her face, as if she wanted to suppress it but couldn’t help it.

In the presence of General Yu, Mu Shi of course wanted to show sympathy for the sons and daughters of the concubines, so she asked with concern: “Qianliu, what’s wrong with you? Have you caught a cold?”

Yu Qianliu coughed for a while before reluctantly replying, “Thank you for your mother’s concern. I’m okay, but since I was beaten by the Fourth Sister last time, I have not been healthy.”

When General Yu heard this, he was really furious: “This girl even beats her own sister? How bold!”

Yu Qianliu coughed harder immediately, and a few tears welled up in her eyes at the right time: “Father, ever since the Fourth Sister entered the mansion, everything has changed. It’s not a big deal for a daughter to be beaten, but the parents have received a lot of grievances!”

Mu Shi and Yu Qianliu couldn’t speak, which instigated General Jade into anger, and shouted outside: “Why isn’t that dead girl coming!”

The maid outside saw that he was really angry, and braced herself and walked in: “In response to the master, the Fourth Lady…the Fourth Lady said she would not come…”

“What!?” General Yu and Mu Shi’s eyes widened.

Yu Linglong was so bold that she even dared to ignore General Yu!?

The maid knelt on the ground in fright, and said tremblingly: “The Fourth Lady said… that if the master wanted to see her, to ask the master to come over…”

Of course, Yu Linglong didn’t say that, but to give this maid more courage, she did not dare to pass along Yu Linglong’s words verbatim.

Although the maid spoke softly, General Jade was furious with anger: “This dead girl, she even dares to not listen to me? Come, get my whip!”

General Yu walked out in large strides and stretched the whip straight, and he roared angrily: “She dares to ask me to meet her? See if I won’t kill her!”

General Yu, a general of the army, always used simple and rude methods to solve family problems. Although Yu Linglong was just a delicate little girl, in his eyes, he still had to use a whip to get results if she was disobedient!

Behind the awe-inspiring General Yu, Mu Shi, and Yu Qianliu followed with joy, and they both had the same idea: Yu Linglong was finally about to be beaten, which made them so happy!

Both of them had suffered big losses under Yu Linglong’s hands. Although they had lingering fears about Yu Linglong’s methods, they had absolute confidence in General Yu and the others. Isn’t it a piece of cake for General Yu who has been on the battlefield to sort out a concubine? They couldn’t wait to watch the fun!

Soon, a group of people came outside Pinlan Garden, and surrounded it quietly, so not even a single figure was heard.

General Yu kicked the door open and roared: “Dead girl, get out of here!”

Hearing this roar, Xuan Cao and Ling’er shivered together inside, and both their eyes immediately looked at Yu Linglong.

Yu Linglong let out a cold snort and slowly stood up.

This Yupeng was quite obedient. She asked him to come, and he really came!

Everyone had visited, so she, the mistress, naturally wanted to give him a bit of honor as a father!

Xuan Cao looked around the room subconsciously, trying to help Yu Linglong find something convenient. Seeing that Yu Linglong had already walked out, she rushed up with a small bench and said, “Miss, the master wants to hit you. You can grab this soon!”

Although it was a little ugly to hold the bench, at least it can be used for self-defense!

Yu Linglong looked at the bench in the hands of Xuan Cao with a little bit of laughter. This little maid’s courage was really getting bigger and bigger. She was terrified when she wanted to hit someone before, but now she dared help her find a weapon!

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