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The General's Little Peasant Wife Chapter 803

Author:  陽光小葉 Genre:  Magical UpdateTime:  2020-11-24 02:06:50

Chapter 803

“It’s okay, Mother . No matter where we go, as long as I have my little brother, you and father with me, it is enough for me . ” As long as the family was together, he was home no matter where they went .

A smile flashed across Ning Meng Yao’s face: “I’m glad that you think this way, but Feng’er, I will ask some people to teach you some skills after we leave this place . It’s always good to have more skills, then you can better protect yourself . ” Ning Meng Yao said softly to Qiao Mo Feng .

Qiao Mo Feng nodded: “Yes, Mother, I will listen to you . I also want to learn more skills, so that I can protect father and mother, and also protect my younger brother . ” In fact, he really wanted to learn medicine from Qing Shuang, but he did not have time to mention it because they were in a hurry this time .

“Mother believes you . ”

Qiao Mo Feng was silent for a moment, and then he looked at Ning Meng Yao: “Mother, are you really going to ignore father forever?”

“Who asked you to ask this? Did you want to ask this yourself, or did he ask you to do so?” Ning Meng Yao asked Qiao Mo Feng, raising an eyebrow unexpectedly .

“I want to ask . These days father and mother don’t talk to each other anymore, I feel weird, as if my family has changed . ” Their family was very well before, but things changed, and his family did not feel like a family anymore .

Ning Meng Yao rubbed Qiao Mo Feng’s head, smiled and said: “This time, your father really scared us, so we must teach him a lesson, so he can remember not to repeat his mistakes . Feng’er, you must remember, our family will never be separated . ”

Qiao Mo Feng nodded quickly upon listening to his mother . As long as he would not be separated from his father and mother, this was enough for him .

“Daddy, want, hug . ” While the two were talking, Qiao Mo Shang suddenly said a few words .

Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Mo Feng both understood that he wanted Qiao Tian Chang to hug him .

Ning Meng Yao squeezed her son’s grinning face and said: “I’ll let your brother take you to Daddy, okay? Feng’er, please take your brother to your father . I still have some things to settle . ”

“Okay . ”

Qiao Tian Chang noticed Qiao Mo Feng approaching him, he was a little surprised but also a little bit happy: “Feng’er, why did you bring your little brother here?”

“Younger brother asked for you, Father, so Mother asked me to bring him to you . ” Qiao Mo Feng put Qiao Mo Shang in his father’s arms and explained .

Qiao Tian Chang had a headache: “Your mother is still not willing to forgive me?”

“Mother said this is to teach Father a lesson, so you’ll remember this lesson well . Once you know your mistake and remember your lesson, then you’ll be forgiven . ” Qiao Mo Feng’s serious tone almost made Qiao Tian Chang vomit blood . He had understood and remembered his lesson, okay? Ning Meng Yao was clearly just making him suffer further .

“Your mother really said that?” Qiao Tian Chang still did not believe it .

“Yep, Mother really said that . ”

Qiao Tian Chang looked at his quiet son and sighed involuntarily: “As long as she still allows me to see the both of you then I’m okay . ”

If he was treated coldly, and was not allowed to see his sons, then he would really go crazy .

Qiao Mo Feng looked at Qiao Tian Chang, finally he swallowed the thought he had in his mind, there was no need to say it .

After several days of preparation, everything was ready and Ning Meng Yao called everyone out: “We are ready to leave . ”

“Mother, how are we going?”

“Follow me . ”

Ning Meng Yao led the crowd and they walked to a very unremarkable room . She pressed a key somewhere on the bookcase, and an entrance suddenly appeared from the ground .

Qiao Tian Chang’s eyes twitched, he looked at Ning Meng Yao: “You even built secret passages here?”

“Yes, just in case, isn’t it useful now?” She had a place to live in various countries, but there must be a secret passage in every house in such a big town, and the passage must also lead directly out of the town .

Qiao Tian Chang glanced silently at his wife: “You really plan ahead . ”

“Of course . Do you think everyone is the same as you?” Ning Meng Yao gave Qiao Tian Chang a blank look and snorted coldly .

Qiao Tian Chang’s eyelids jumped . Was he rejected? It did not feel nice at all .

“Yao Yao, are you rejecting me?”

“Good that you know . ” Ning Meng Yao threw him a reply, then made arrangements for the crowd to enter the passage, at the same time, she carried Qiao Mo Shang from Qiao Mo Feng’s arms . Just as she was about to carry the child, Qiao Tian Chang quickly took the kid away from her .

“Let me do it . ”

Ning Meng Yao took a glance at Qiao Tian Chang, then turned and walked into the passage, completely ignoring him . After everyone entered the passage, Ning Meng Yao closed the entrance from the inside .

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