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The Hentai System 7 First time cultivating Partial Dual Cultivation

Author:  Ero_Saint Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-10-21 01:03:08

Though the night was meant to be sleepless, both of them were deeply thinking about various things.

After seeing what happened today, Eliza was starting to doubt that maybe what happened on that day wasn't due to her, but maybe due to Felix.

However, she also couldn't completely come to believe that a few days old baby could do something like strip her half naked. Also there was no one to teach him such perverted things, so how could he possibly learn such things on his own?

On the other hand Felix was immersed in trying to understand all he could about cultivation from his knowledge.

In the knowledge he recieved from the system's gift, there were many things in it regarding how the world only favored the strong. So it was quite simple that even he needed to go strong if he wanted to survive. And thus, cultivation was the best way to do it.

However, there was indeed a problem. Though the system reached him the basics of cultivation, and even gifted him with a cultivation technique, he was unable to sense the so called Qi in atmosphere.

Honestly this wasn't Felix's fault, even if you put aside the fact that his Constitution was a complete Mortal one. There was also the fact that he was only a month old.

Even though he had the mentality of a 10 year old, all of his senses and everything was the same as a month old baby. Due to this it would be almost impossible for him to sense Qi in the atmosphere so easily.

Luckily due to the basic cultivation knowledge given by the System, though Felix wasn't able to sense Qi in the atmosphere. He knew about it's existence, and therefore all he needed to do was keep on trying to sense where the Qi was. Though it might take a lot of time, it was inevitable that Felix would sooner or later figure it out.

Unfortunately the place where they were living in was not really loved by Qi, and was therefore very sparse. If not, then it would definitely take much less time for Felix to sense Qi.


It has already been 2 months since the wierd midnight armpit incident took place, and everything was back to normal. Other than the fact that Eliza would stay more alert when sleeping, nothing else tool place.

On the other hand whenever Felix was not jogging Eliza's breasts, he would spend all of his time to try and sense Qi.

And finally, the day came where Felix sensed a single strand of qi in the air.

It happened when Felix was lying on top of Eliza's breasts like always when sleeping, suddenly when he was trying to sense Qi in the air, he felt a kind of freezing breeze below him, though on the outside he was warmly snuggled in between two huge breasts.

It took him a while to figure it out, but he understood that the freezing Qi he felt was coming from the sleeping Eliza.

Soon by using his Advanced knowledge of the world, Felix figured out what happened. Even though Eliza's Constitution was still dormant, it was a very high grade physique which less than 1 had in a hundred million!

So even though she hadn't cultivated yet, or even activated her physique, her body was filled with unrefined Yin Qi of the highest grade!

Immediately utilizing the cultivation technique he was gifted by the System, Felix began absorbing the cold Qi from Eliza's body.

As the cold Qi entered his body, Felix circulated it through specific pathways after which he felt the existence of his Dantian.

The dantian is the basic and most fundamental part of one's cultivation, as this is where there cultivation is stored.

Even the first level of spirit cultivation is to open their dantian by using external Qi. However Felix's dantian was already open since the system did it for him.

So what he needed to do now was absorb Qi and store it inside his dantian. Doing so would not only increase the Qi in his empty dantian, but also improve his internal body's quality when the Qi was circulated making him stronger and improving his Vitality.

The original silver and cold Qi strand which Felix had absorbed from Eliza, after how it was circulated turned scarlet and hot by the time it reached his Dantian and went inside it.

No floating inside Felix's dantian was a single thin strand of blazing red Qi strand.

However, this wasn't the end of the process. After the Yang Qi strand was created by following the Hentai God's Path, a part of the whole strand slowly left his body and entered Eliza's body.

Though Felix wasn't able to sense what happened afterwards, he saw a warm blush and a satisfied smile appear on Eliza's face, making him feel that whatever happened was something good.

In actuality, after the red Yang Qi entered Eliza's body, it immediately diffused and allowed Eliza's body to absorb it. Due to this the unrefined Yin Qi in her body managed to refine itself by using the Yang strand as a catalyst.

Though the small strand wasn't enough to affect all the Yin Qi inside her body, it still did allow a small part of it to become better, which involuntarily made Eliza feel warmth inside her body.

Similarly the small strand on Yang Qi also eliminated a small portion of impurities that it encountered, improving the quality of Eliza's body.

[Obtained 500 SP for Partial Dual Cultivation]

[Bonus reward of impurity elemination has been given for figuring out the method of Partial Dual Cultivation]

[Partial Dual Cultivation - The method of cultivation by exchanging the Yin and Yang Qi between the man and woman by using their bodies contact, instead of having sex, is known as Partial Dual Cultivation]

As he read the system promotes Felix felt his mind become heavy and drowzy. After all his tiny body wasn't able to bear the strain of cultivating, and so he had to sleep.

However before he fell asleep Felix felt a cold and pleasurable sensation spread all over his body, as he felt much lighter.

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