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The Incredible Son-in-law Chapter 65 Night Demon Four Fiends

Author:  Sui Yue Wu Sheng Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-17 06:10:57

Bang! Bang!

The sound of two tires exploding could be heard.

At the same time, the windshield shattered and the two throwing knives stabbed straight into the back of the table and chair.

\"Did that person send him just now?\" Behind a boulder, Ye Lingfeng looked at Feng Xiaoxuan and asked.

\"No!\" Feng Xiaoxuan shook her head.

'\"Little brother, can you let go a little?\" A flush flashed across her pretty face.

\"Uh … I'm sorry, I didn't mean to …\" Ye Lingfeng hurriedly let go.

Her delicate body entered her bosom, weak and boneless.

The scenery was good, and his imagination was elegant.


Although she was in danger, Feng Xiaoxuan still laughed when she saw Ye Lingfeng's embarrassment.

Actually, she enjoyed being hugged so tightly.

Extremely steady, extremely safe.

\"Sister Xuan, don't move here. I'm going out to take a look …\"

\"I'll go with you!\" Feng Xiaoxuan stood up.

\"Alright!\" Ye Lingfeng nodded after some consideration.

As long as the other party wasn't using a hot weapon, he was confident that he wouldn't let the other party hurt Feng Xiaoxuan in the slightest.

\"Kid, who are you? If you don't want to die, get lost! Don't get in the way of our big deal!\"

Four figures flashed out from the shadows, two men and two women.

The two men were as skinny as firewood, their faces ferocious. One man held an army spear in his hand, while the other played with the throwing knife in his hand.

It was like two wild beasts that had gone berserk at any moment.

The two women were well-dressed, their clothes exposed, their demonic auras flying everywhere, and they held a long sword in their hands.

The person who spoke was the throwing knife man, so the throwing knife from before naturally came from his hand.

He was slightly surprised that Ye Lingfeng and the other two were able to dodge his throwing knife without any precautions.

\"Boss Feng, long time no see!\" One of the women licked her sexy lips and said.

\"Four Fiends of the Night Demons?\" Feng Xiaoxuan recognized him.

A cold light flashed through his eyes, \"I didn't expect that the four of you would also become other people's lackeys!\"

\"President Feng's words are wrong. People will die for money and birds will die for food.\"

\"Someone paid a big price for your head, and we just happened to be short of money. Naturally, we accepted this deal.\"

The man with the military thorn in his hand said indifferently.

His gaze swept across Feng Xiaoxuan's irritated figure, filled with fanaticism.

\"Of course, if Boss Feng is willing to spend the night with us brothers, I can consider not making this money.\"

\"Do you really think Jiangnan is a place where you can act recklessly?\"

Feng Xiaoxuan said coldly, \"This time, since you've come, you should all stay!\"

\"Haha, Boss Feng, aren't you overestimating yourself?\"

The throwing knife man licked his blade, \"Do you think we would dare to act rashly without finding out?\"

\"If the one next to you is here tonight, we naturally wouldn't dare to show up. Unfortunately, you're alone.\"

\"Alright, stop talking nonsense with her. Do it. Complete the mission. We'll take the money and leave!\"

Another woman glanced at her companion.

\"Sister Xuan, what should we do?\" At this time, Ye Lingfeng looked at Feng Xiaoxuan and asked indifferently.

\"Kill!\" Feng Xiaoxuan said in a deep voice.

\"Alright!\" Ye Lingfeng nodded.

He naturally wouldn't let go of anyone who wanted to take his life.

\"Brat, it was you who ruined my life just now. Since you're so anxious to die, I'll grant you first!\"

The throwing knife man's eyes sank, and his wrist quickly flipped. Four or five throwing knives shot out like lightning.

\"Insignificant skill!\" Ye Lingfeng said coldly and waved his hand.


A powerful wave of zhenqi swept out.

The five throwing knives instantly deviated from their direction and shot into the tree trunk at the side, disappearing in unison.


The four of them sucked in a breath of cold air at the same time.

External release of zhenqi?

When did such an expert appear beside Feng Xiaoxuan?

\"Let's go together!\" The Thorn Man's eyes darkened as he rushed out like a ferocious beast.

The other three attacked without the slightest hesitation.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three stones flew out.

Without any suspense, the stone struck between the eyebrows of the three people who rushed out first at the same speed as the bullet.

Blood arrows shot out and fell heavily.

Before he could say a word, all of his aura disappeared.

\"You … Who are you … How could you be so strong …\" The remaining woman's entire body trembled.

Ye Lingfeng's skill far exceeded her cognition.

Such an expert was unheard of.

\"Sister Xuan, do you want to leave someone alive?\" Ye Lingfeng turned around and asked.

\"No need!\"

Feng Xiaoxuan had already seen Ye Lingfeng's skill, so she was not surprised at all.

\"Alright!\" Ye Lingfeng's figure flashed out.

\"No, I...\" The woman cried out and ran behind her.

However, within a few meters, he saw a bloody mist burst out from his heart.


He fell to the ground without any signs of life.

In two minutes, none of the four survived.

\"Sister Xuan, it looks like we have to walk some distance.\" Ye Lingfeng then looked at Maserati and helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

\"The night is so charming. Isn't it nice to take a walk?\" Feng Xiaoxuan's mood didn't seem to be affected at all.

\"Alright!\" Ye Lingfeng smiled and started forward.

Just a few steps away, he heard Feng Xiaoxuan's tone as if she was a little woman.

\"I say, as a grown man, you don't know how to be merciful!\"

\"It's such a dark night. I'm so scared to leave by myself!\"

\"Uh\" Ye Lingfeng took two steps back and held the demon's hand.

\"Hehe, that's more like it!\" Feng Xiaoxuan smiled charmingly.

A trace of emotion quietly arose.

If, can hold hands forever like this, how good should it be …

It's just, is that okay?

Could his own fate really be decided by him?

\"Sister Xuan, do you know who sent them?\" Ye Lingfeng asked.

\"En!\" Feng Xiaoxuan withdrew her thoughts and said, \"I'll tell you everything you want to know when I'm free another day.\"

\"Tonight, can you accompany me for a quiet walk?\"

\"Alright!\" Ye Lingfeng nodded.


He held Ye Lingfeng's arm with both hands, and his face was filled with happiness.


The next afternoon, just as Ye Lingfeng was busy, his phone rang.

\"Who is it?\"

\"Master Feng, I'm Cao Si … Master Kun and Brother Bao have an accident …\" Cao Si's anxious voice came from the microphone.

\"What happened?\" Ye Lingfeng frowned.

\"The crows of the Western District drank tea today. During that time, they talked about Qiu Hu.\"

\"So, Qiu Hu and Crow are fellow disciples. He came back from abroad to avenge Qiu Hu.\"

\"How are the two of them now?\" Ye Lingfeng's eyes sank.

\"I... I don't know either.\"

\"The crows have ambushed a group of mercenaries in the teahouse. They are all heavy-handed. The twenty brothers that Master Kun brought are either dead or disabled.\"

\"Master Kun and Heibao were finally taken away by the crow. At the same time, let the brothers bring a message to Master Feng.\"

\"What do you mean?\"

\"He said that if you want Master Kun and the other two to live, Master Feng should go to the West City to see him within 24 hours.\"

\"Send me the address!\" Ye Lingfeng said coldly.

\"Alright!\" Cao Si continued to ask, \"Master Feng, should we call our brothers?\"

\"No need!\"

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