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The Incredible Son-in-law Chapter 66 Play, Play This

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The address that Cao Si sent over was located in an abandoned industrial factory in the western suburbs of the city.

Forty minutes later, Ye Lingfeng parked his motorcycle and slowly walked into the factory.

At the entrance of the factory, four men in camouflage uniforms were standing, each holding a semi-automatic rifle.

His body emitted a strong aura of blood.

\"Who is it?\" A bald man revealed his yellow teeth and stared at Ye Lingfeng.

\"Where is Hong Kun?\" Ye Lingfeng asked coldly.

\"Are you the kid who killed Boss Chou?\"

The bald man sized up Ye Lingfeng from head to toe.

\"Boss Chou has really gone back more and more over the years. He actually fell into the hands of a pretty boy like you!\"

The other three also stared at Ye Lingfeng with contempt.

Ye Lingfeng glanced coldly at them and walked into the factory.

\"Kid, did I allow you to enter?\"

\"Kneel down and kowtow a few times, I'll let you in!\" The bald man pointed at Ye Lingfeng.


An incomparably domineering aura of pressure burst out from Ye Lingfeng's body.

It instantly enveloped the four of them.

The surrounding air then dropped to freezing point.

\"Mm\" The four of them immediately felt as if they had fallen into an ice cave, their entire bodies trembling.

In their eyes.

At this moment, Ye Lingfeng did not have the slightest bit of the weak aura he had just had.

Pure pure essence was a devil that had walked out of hell, and his entire body was filled with killing intent.

Just this terrifying aura made them unable to resist in the slightest. The hand holding the gun trembled uncontrollably.

Such an existence wanted to kill them, but it was only a matter of waving his hand.


As the aura of pressure rose again, the four of them couldn't hold on any longer and knelt down at the same time.

Everyone's eyes were filled with endless panic.

The bald man said with difficulty, \"Wu … Brother Crow is waiting inside … waiting for you …\"

Ye Lingfeng retracted his momentum and turned around.


Looking at Ye Lingfeng's back, the four of them exhaled a mouthful of turbid air at the same time.

Sweat poured down his face, as if he had made a trip through the gates of hell.

How could there be such a terrifying existence?

Brother Crow, I'm afraid we'll lose this time …

After entering the gate, Ye Lingfeng looked around.

A hook-nosed man in his thirties wearing a camouflage vest was half-lying on a rocking chair.

He had a cigar in his hand, and there were several scars on his arms and neck.

Behind the man stood five camouflage-clothed men holding rifles.

Just like the others outside, their auras were ferocious.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The crow stood up and applauded, \"That's right, you are very bold. You really dare to come alone!\"

\"You are qualified to be my opponent!\"

\"Just you?\" Ye Lingfeng snorted coldly, \"In my eyes, you are not even an ant!\"

\"Tell me, why did you invite me over? Where are Hong Kun and Black Panther?\"

\"Haha, interesting!\"

\"It's been a long time since anyone dared to talk to me like this,\" Crow's eyes turned cold.

\"Do you know that just what you said just now is enough to kill you several times!\"

\"What nonsense!\" Ye Lingfeng said indifferently, \"My time is limited, and my patience is even more limited. Don't try to challenge my patience!\"

\"Haha! Before I saw you, I was very puzzled.\"

\"In a small place like Jiangnan, how could anyone kill my senior brother?\"

The crow slowly walked forward. \"Now, I understand that just your courage is not something that my useless senior apprentice-brother can compare to!\"

\"Since you are so bold, then let's play an old game.\"

As he spoke, the crow took out an old-fashioned revolver from its body.

Then, he poured out five bullets from the wheel and placed them on the table. The last bullet was left in the wheel.


The crow spun the wheel.

Then, he flipped his wrist, and with a click, the wheel was in place.

\"Each of us will do it once. If you are still alive after two times, I will let you take Hong Kun and the other two away.\"

After saying that, he threw the gun on the table.

\"Are you coming first or am I coming first?\" Ye Lingfeng looked at him with an abusive expression.

In the game, it was naturally luck.

But first, you have to have the guts to play.

His crow was lucky to be able to reach this point, but it was all because of his courage.

Over the years, he had played roulette five times.

The heavens blessed him. Every time, he would watch as his opponent's head was blown off by a spear.

\"How is it? Don't dare?\" The crow spat out a string of smoke rings.

\"Tsk! I wouldn't dare to see him act so cowardly!\" The other camouflage-clothed men all had mocking expressions.

\"Do you really want to play a game?\"

Ye Lingfeng walked to the table expressionlessly.

He picked up the pistol, picked up four of the bullets, and loaded them into the roulette wheel.

Six bullet holes, only one empty space left.


With a flip of his wrist, the wheel spun rapidly.

\"If you want to play, then play this!\" Ye Lingfeng then put the gun on the table and said, \"Do you want to go first or should I go first?\"


When the camouflage costumes saw this scene, they took a deep breath at the same time.

Roulette. They've seen people play it many times.

However, he had never seen anyone play like this before.

This bastard is risking his life!

The crow's expression, which was originally smiling at Feng Yun, also changed at this moment. A strange expression flashed in its eyes.

\"Hmph, are you scaring me? I, Crow, am scared ** out of my wits!\"

The crow sucked in a mouthful of cigar and said, \"If you have the guts, come first!\"

\"Alright!\" After Ye Lingfeng finished speaking, he picked up his pistol and pulled the trigger towards his temple.

Everyone's pupils contracted.

How dare he? He really dared to shoot!

I've seen bold people, but I've never seen such a life-threatening person before.


After a sound, there was no imaginary shot to the head, empty …

\"It's your turn!\" Ye Lingfeng threw the pistol in front of the crow.

His expression was expressionless, and his tone was calm.

Crow: \"…\"

How the hell are we supposed to play with this? The remaining five positions are loaded with bullets. Whoever plays with them will die.

\"What, you can't afford it?\" Ye Lingfeng looked coldly at the crow.

\"Kid, who exactly are you?\" The crow took a deep breath and said.

Ever since Ye Lingfeng entered the door.

Facing so many semi-automatic rifles, his face did not change and his heart did not beat. There was not a trace of panic in the entire process.

Playing games, one-sixth survival rate, without blinking an eye.

Such a person was absolutely extraordinary!

\"You don't dare to shoot? Then I'll drive for you!\" Ye Lingfeng said in a low voice and pulled the trigger with a pistol.

\"Don't\" The souls of the crows appeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before the crow could finish its sentence, the gunshot rang out.

All five bullets were fired.


All the semi-automatic rifles in the hands of the five men in camouflage fell to the ground, each with a bloody bullet hole on their wrists.


The scene fell into a deathly silence, as if there was no sound of breathing.

The men in camouflage had forgotten the pain on their wrists. They were all dumbfounded and their entire bodies trembled.


A bead of sweat the size of a soybean dripped down from the crow's forehead.

This feeling of coming back and forth from the Gates of Hell was truly uncomfortable.

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