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The Incredible Son-in-law Chapter 67 Get Something For Nothing

Author:  Sui Yue Wu Sheng Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-19 06:20:30

\"You\" The crow opened its mouth with difficulty, unable to say a word.

\"You should be glad that you didn't attack the people around me like your senior brother did. Otherwise, you would already be a dead man!\"

Ye Lingfeng's words changed, \"Where are the two of them?\"

\"He … they're upstairs, I'll get someone to bring them down immediately …\" The crow waved upstairs after another shock.

Soon, Hong Kun and Black Panther appeared in Ye Lingfeng's line of sight.

Apart from some skin wounds, his body was fine.

\"Master Feng!\" The two of them bowed in front of Ye Lingfeng with a slightly embarrassed expression.

\"Are you alright?\" Ye Lingfeng asked.

\"Master Lao Feng, please be careful. It's fine.\" Hong Kun shook his head.


Ye Lingfeng then turned to the crows and the men in camouflage clothes.

\"Jiangnan is not a place for you to be presumptuous. Each of you will cut off one of your arms and scram out of Jiangnan!\"

\"Do you … have to be so extreme?\" The crow gritted its teeth and looked at Ye Lingfeng.

\"I will only say it once!\"


One of the men knelt down.

\"Master Feng, please forgive me this time. I will leave Jiangnan immediately and will never come back.\"

\"You don't understand me?\" Ye Lingfeng looked over coldly.

\"No, I don't want to break my arm\" The man stood up and ran towards the door.


Ye Lingfeng casually raised his hand, and a surge of True Qi swept out, directly smashing into his opponent's back.


The camouflage-clothed man continued to run a few steps forward due to inertia.

He lowered his head to look at the blood mist spraying out of his heart and fell down.

The crows' pupils shrank to the size of needles.

Is this **ing human?

Killing invisible!

He was actually this strong?

Many years later, when they recalled this scene, their entire bodies would still tremble.


Hong Kun and Black Panther exchanged glances and took in a breath of cold air.

Master Feng, just how many methods are left to be used?

Every time they made a move, it overturned their perceptions.

\"Who else doesn't want to break his arm?\" Ye Lingfeng continued to look at Crow and the others.

\"I admit to encountering an opponent like you!\"

The crow took out a military knife from its body and slashed at its left arm with a heavy gaze.


The broken arm fell to the ground and blood sprayed out.

The other four also gritted their teeth and slashed down with their knives.

\"I... Can we go now?\" The crow asked with difficulty.

\"Go back and tell the people behind you, don't try to challenge my bottom line.\"

\"I'm just an ordinary doctor. I have no interest in the underground world. If there's another time, I'll personally send him down to see Buddha!\"

Ye Lingfeng waved his hand and said, \"Scram!\"

From the moment he received Cao Si's phone call, he knew that someone was testing him.

Otherwise, with the behavior of a crow, it would definitely not be as simple as capturing Hong Kun and the others.

As for what the crow said, it was not bad to deceive a three-year-old child by purposely coming to avenge Qiu Hu.

If you want to take revenge, just look for Ye Lingfeng. Why bother looking for Hong Kun?

Hearing Ye Lingfeng's words, Crow and the others did not hesitate at all and ran out with the blade on their arm.

\"Master Feng, I'm sorry to embarrass you again.\" Hong Kun looked awkwardly at Ye Lingfeng.

\"It has nothing to do with the two of you. He's here for me.\" Ye Lingfeng led the two of them out of the factory.

\"Master Feng, I have something to report to you.\" Black Panther said.

\"What is it?\"

\"Recently, there has been quite a commotion from the He Clan. Quite a few unfamiliar faces have entered and left.\"

\"Furthermore, the He Clan's people have been very close to Lord Buddha these days.\"

\"Huh?\" Ye Lingfeng frowned, \"Continue to send people to keep an eye on him, including the Buddha!\"

\"Roger that!\" Heibao nodded.

\"Also, Master Feng, there's someone who wants to meet you. What do you think?\"

Hong Kun said.


\"Ye Ji!\"

\"The one in the north of the city? What does she want to see me for?\"

\"I don't know!\"

\"Not interested!\" Ye Lingfeng shook his head.

He didn't have any thoughts on the matters in the underground world, and he was only trying to recruit Hong Kun for the sake of convenience.

Moreover, a small Jiangnan could not attract much interest from him.

But if anyone thinks it's a sign of weakness.

In that case, he would use his own methods to tell the other party.

It wasn't that he didn't dare, it was disdain!

Swallow Bird knew his ambitions!

The next day, near noon, Ye Lingfeng received a phone call from Shen Yunya.

\"Yun Ya, is something the matter?\"

\"Wait for me at the infirmary. I'll pick you up and have lunch with a friend and family of my mother at noon.\"

Shen Yun Ya's voice sounded, \"Also, I have two things to discuss with you.\"

\"I'll explain it to you in detail when I get there.\"

\"Alright!\" Ye Lingfeng nodded.

Twenty minutes later, a red Porsche 911 stopped at the door of the infirmary.

Then, a beautiful figure walked out of the car. It was Shen Yun Ya.

The fragrant carriage beauties complemented each other!

Wang Jianan's efficiency was not bad, so he sent the car to Yizhi Company yesterday.

Originally, he wanted to return the car purchase money together, but Shen Yun Ya said that she would not accept anything, so he could only do it.

\"Tsk tsk, Yun Ya, it's really cool for you to drive this car!\" Ye Lingfeng smiled and greeted him.

\"Glib tongue!\" Shen Yun Ya said coquettishly.

Then, he took out Audi A6's key from his body and teased.

\"Congratulations. From tomorrow onwards, you can be considered to have a car.\"

\"Haha, thank you, Yun Ya!\" Ye Lingfeng grinned.

\"Hello, Uncle Feng!\" After Shen Yun Ya entered the hospital, she first looked at the wound on Uncle Feng's arm.

\"Uncle Feng, how's the wound?\"

\"I've made Yun Ya bother. She's fine long ago.\" Uncle Feng smiled and said, \"Find Ling Feng for lunch?\"

\"En!\" Shen Yun Ya nodded and turned to Ye Ling Feng, \"It's almost too late. Let's get in the car and talk about it.\"


After greeting Uncle Feng, the two of them got into the car and left.

\"Yun Ya, what kind of friend is Mom? Why are we suddenly having dinner together?\" Ye Lingfeng asked.

\"A former colleague of my mother's has been doing business in other places in recent years. She just returned to Jiangnan not long ago.\"

Shen Yun Ya replied, \"From what my mother says, I think I've made some money these past few years.\"

\"You're back to show off your wealth?\"

Ye Lingfeng smiled and said, \"Your mother specially called you, the general manager of the company. She probably wants you to help her support the situation, right?\"

\"Let's not talk about this anymore.\" Shen Yun Ya pouted.

With her understanding of her mother, it was naturally what Ye Lingfeng meant.

\"Right, I told Grandma and the others about the 10% stake.\"

\"What reaction?\"

\"They don't want to take out the money.\" Shen Yun Ya said angrily.

\"Haha, as expected!\" Ye Lingfeng smiled faintly, \"Then don't you want the shares anymore?\"

\"They propose to transfer the Xiao Corporation's Shini Cosmetics Company to Yizhi Company for a price of 25 million.\"

\"Cosmetics?\" Ye Lingfeng had never paid much attention to the business of the Xiao Corporation.

\"Yes, it's a separate section under the group.\"

\"Because the jewelry business has access to a lot of high-end people, Grandma set up a cosmetics company with a special grant in the early years.\"

\"How are you doing now?\"

Ye Lingfeng knew that he had asked nonsense.

If she did well, with Old Lady Xiao's personality, would she be willing to let go?

\"It's on the verge of bankruptcy!\"

Shen Yun Ya pouted her lips.

\"Grandma, this is a white wolf with empty gloves!\"

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