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The Invincible Sword God Chapter 460 So What If You Have Inner Armor

Author:  Duan Jian Genre:  Historical UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:42:23

\"It's my turn now. How do you want to die?\"

Sun Minghu stared at Luo Zheng and laughed sinisterly.

He had full confidence in this inner armor. Armor was extremely rare among precious artifacts. The Sun Clan had paid an enormous price to buy this precious armor.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Sun Ming Hu felt that something was wrong. He felt a sharp pain in his chest.

He lowered his head and looked. His entire body was stunned. At some point, Luo Zheng's fist had already pierced through his inner armor and his entire forearm had sunk into his chest!

\"So what if it's the inner armor? You still have to die!\"

Luo Zheng curled his lips in disdain

With a twitch of his arm, Sun Ming Hu's chest was pierced with a punch!

Sun Minghu twitched and his body slowly collapsed, turning into a dead man!

\"I'm going to kill you!\"

The Sun Clan Patriarch was about to crack his eyelids, his face ferocious, and suddenly exploded. The Northern Profound Dragon Turtle Art was unleashed, and a huge dragon turtle condensed above his head and fiercely charged towards Luo Zheng.

\"Old Ghost Sun, do you want to get rid of your Sun Clan from the Southern Yao Sea?\"

When Lu Gaozhi saw Luo Zheng kill Sun Minghu with one punch, he knew that it was not good. In an instant, a fist-shaped Yuan Qi shot towards the Dragon Turtle.


The tremendous Yuan Qi ripples caused the entire platform to collapse. Fortunately, there were no weak guests who came to participate in the wedding ceremony this time. They all used their means to protect themselves and flee in all directions.

Lu Gaozhi and the Sun Clan Patriarch were both at the Yuan Refining Realm.

When the Ancestral Immortal fought, mortals suffered, but the servants brought by the various clans were not so lucky. Those with weak cultivation were directly torn into pieces by the Yuan Qi Wave, and those with better cultivation were seriously injured and fell into the sea!

\"Good, good, good. I, Sun Cunzhong, will remember what happened today!\"

The Sun Clan Patriarch knew that Lu Gaozhi was present today. There was no way he could kill Luo Zheng. If this continued, even if he could escape, the descendants of the Sun Clan would die. He squinted at Luo Zheng, released a flying ship, took the family, took Sun Minghu's corpse, and flew into the air.

\"So this old man is called Sun Cunzhong.\"

Luo Zheng looked at the flying ship and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He looked at Lu Gaozhi and smiled, \"Thank you Elder Lu for your help.\"

\"It's a small matter.\"

Lu Gaozhi nodded and didn't say anything else.

\"This kid actually used his fist to pierce through the inner armor of the precious artifact. I wonder what kind of cultivation technique he has cultivated. However, he is too arrogant. He will only make more and more enemies. Zi Mo is interested in him. It's really not a good thing.\"

Although Lu Gaozhi knew that he wasn't afraid of Luo Zheng today, he was still dead, which would inevitably affect the reputation of the Lu Clan. Therefore, he couldn't help but feel a little dissatisfied with him in his heart.

As for the guests scattered around, their gazes towards Luo Zheng changed, especially those who had previously mocked Luo Zheng, they didn't dare to come over at this moment.

Who could withstand the might of that punch!

Lu Gaozhi brought Luo Zheng to the main island, arranged a small courtyard for him to stay in, and then left.

The arrangements were very thoughtful, but their attitudes were slightly colder than before.

Luo Zheng knows the reason, but he doesn't care about this. He has endured it several times today. Your Lv Clan's face is important. Don't tell me that my face doesn't matter anymore?

Lu Gaozhi settled Luo Zheng down and walked towards the inner mansion of Lv Clan.

At this moment, the news had already spread. Not only did Lv Clan know, many of the guests who had already arrived on the island had also received the news. However, after word of mouth spread, the taste of the matter changed.

\"I heard that the newly-rising leader of the Red Tiger Society is not an ordinary arrogant person. Not only did he allow his servant to injure Sun Mingxiang, he even killed Sun Minghu!\"

\"This Sun Clan's old grandson, Sun Cunzhong, has always kept a low profile, and the Sun Clan's descendants have always followed the rules. This Luo Zheng is really too arrogant, bullying honest people.\"

\"The Lu Clan is really unlucky to have invited such a guest. It's too unlucky that someone died before the wedding ceremony even started!\"

\"This kid is too much. The Red Tiger Society has been pressing down on the price of pills until now, leaving no market for our pills. Damn it!\"

Some people were jealous of Luo Zheng. After all, his recent rise was too fast, suppressing other young talents. Some people suffered losses because of the price of pills, so they naturally wouldn't say anything good about him.

In a hall of the Lu Clan's inner mansion, a group of Lu Clan's rulers sat together.

\"Patriarch, what happened today was indeed a disaster brought on by the people of the Sun Clan. However, Luo Zheng was too ruthless and directly killed Sun Cunzhong's most precious grandson. Although this son's talent is high, his temperament is too bad. In the future, it will be difficult for him to be magnanimous and not worthy of Zi Mo.\"

Lu Gaozhi told the story and then looked at Lu Gao Feng, the head of the Lu Clan, who was sitting in the middle.

Lu Gao Feng was not only the head of the clan, he was also Lv Zimo's father.

\"Great Elder, what do you think of this matter?\"

Lu Gao Feng looked at Lu Gao Ye. The person in the Lu Clan who had the most contact with Luo Zheng was Great Elder Lu Gao Ye.

'\"Luo Zheng's temper is a little too aggressive. Previously, he had beaten the Prince of the Principality of Zhu. At that time, Chang Tianze was indeed a bit excessive, but after I taught him how to remedy it, he also ignored him. If not for the Patriarch's appearance, Duke Zhu would probably have come to find him.\"

Lu Gaoye said indifferently, not optimistic about Luo Zheng.

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