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The Invincible Sword God Chapter 66 Yellow Dragon Fruit

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Luo Zheng coldly snorted. Lan Li's sword twisted, and a bloody hole appeared in Xiao Fei's chest. His eyes also lost their luster and turned gray without any vitality.

At this moment, the smoke and dust disappeared. Xiao Yuan was dumbfounded as he looked at the scene in front of him, almost unable to believe it.

Xiao Fei was ambushed to death by the smoke and dust!

\"Damn it, I'm going to crush you into meat paste!\"

Xiao Yuan was about to split his canthus and roared like a madman. He didn't hold back and charged at Luo Zheng. He turned into giant palms that tore open the air and crushed down on Luo Zheng.

He could not accept that Xiao Fei, who was at the Marrow Transformation Realm, had actually died unexpectedly by Luo Zheng's hands.

\"Haha, then give it a try!\"

Luo Zheng smiled indifferently and his aura rapidly rose. A powerful true qi gushed out from his qi sea, forming a powerful airflow around his body.

In an instant, Luo Zheng's cultivation rose from the Membrane Forging Realm to the Marrow Changing Realm.

Afterwards, the Blue Li Sword let out trembling bee cries. Blue sword qi erupted one after another, and in an instant, it stabbed the enormous palm of True Qi until it exploded repeatedly, sweeping away the enormous palm that filled the sky.

\"How could you be at the Marrow Transformation Realm!\"

The corner of Xiao Yuan's mouth trembled. Luo Zheng, who had always been regarded as an ant by them, was actually this powerful.

The Blue Li Sword in Luo Zheng's hand made him feel even more terrified. That sharp sword qi was invincible, and it was simply not something he could resist.

\"Damn it, the sword in Luo Zheng's hand is no weaker than a mid-grade magical artifact. You absolutely cannot defeat it. Run away as soon as possible. Go back and invite the experts of the clan to chase after him. We must avenge Xiao Han and Xiao Fei.\"

In an instant, Xiao Yuan knew that he was no match for Luo Zheng. Not only was the power of the Blue Li Sword terrifying, Luo Zheng's cultivation had far exceeded his expectations.

\"Good good good! Luo Zheng, you are a disciple of a poor sect. You are only fourteen years old, yet you have already cultivated to such an extent, and you still possess a mid-grade magical artifact. It is truly surprising. \"If my guess is correct, you obtained a great fortuitous encounter in the Five Beast Army's Blood Refining Examination, and even obtained the inheritance of an Ancient Era's martial artist. However, all of this is useless. If you die, our Xiao Clan will kill you before you grow up and seize the benefits from you.\"

Xiao Yuan's gaze was like a blade, filled with hatred. \"Wait!\"

\"Really? But do you think you can still leave today? Die!\"

Luo Zheng didn't allow him to escape. He stepped out of the Star Flying Steps, and in an instant, he was a hundred feet away. The crystal blue sword qi suddenly slashed down.

Step by step, the speed was extremely fast, it was Luo Zheng's strongest strength!


There was a sword scar that was ten zhang long on the ground, but Xiao Yuan disappeared.

His divine sense sensed it and released it with all its might. There was no trace of Xiao Yuan in the surroundings.

\"My current divine sense can cover a radius of three miles. It's impossible for Xiao Yuan to escape three miles in an instant!\" Luo Zheng's eyes flashed as he suddenly swept towards the ground, \"It's Earth Escape!\"

He instantly understood that Xiao Yuan must have cultivated an extremely rare Earth Escape Technique.

'\"Hmph, Earth Escape is sneaking underground. Its speed will definitely be much slower than on the ground. Furthermore, with Xiao Yuan's cultivation, he will definitely not be able to enter the ground. Otherwise, he won't need to escape at all and will immediately be crushed to death by the weight of the earth.\"

With a thought in his heart, Luo Zheng activated his divine sense, drilled into the ground, and spread out.

In the air, Luo Zheng's divine sense could reach a place three miles away, but entering the ground was extremely hindered. It was only fifty zhang deep and could no longer penetrate further.

Soon, Luo Zheng found traces of Xiao Yuan. This fellow was currently thirty zhang deep underground, advancing with difficulty.

'\"This damned Luo Zheng is said to be a disciple of the Han Clan. A few months ago, his cultivation was only at the Tendon Forging Realm. How could he have risen four realms in such a short period of time? Damn it! Just opening up the Qi Sea and generating True Qi takes at least a month. How did he do it? Damn it!\"

Beneath the ground, Xiao Yuan's entire body was wrapped in True Qi. He was like a ferocious beast that was digging into the ground, slowly sneaking under the ground.

His face was covered with a ferocious expression, and his eyes were filled with dense unwillingness. This time, he and Xiao Fei originally wanted to kill Luo Zheng and avenge Xiao Han.

As a result, Xiao Fei was killed in one go, and he didn't even have the courage to connect with Luo Zheng's sword, so he used a secret technique to escape.

Escape was a secret art in the Ninja Dao. When one reached a high level of cultivation, one could travel thousands of feet underground. Moreover, it was extremely fast, ten times faster than when the flood dragon's bloody war horse was galloping.

However, Xiao Yuan's cultivation was still far from enough, so it was naturally impossible for him to do so.

Stealth underground consumed a lot of True Qi, but after walking twenty miles, Xiao Yuan was already exhausted. However, he was now a frightened bird that was as timid as a mouse. He still gritted his teeth and walked five miles underground before he drilled into the ground.

\"Hmph, damn Luo Zheng, this bitch from the Han Clan, I will flee back to Dafeng City and immediately send a message to the clan. Invite an expert from the Zang Refining Realm to kill you. At that time, the benefits from you will fall into my hands!\"

The fresh air drilled into Xiao Yuan's nasal cavity. Xiao Yuan panted heavily, feeling extremely unconvinced in his heart. He gritted his teeth and roared.

\"Haha, do you think you still have a chance to leave Qiuyang Mountain?\"

Luo Zheng's voice suddenly sounded.

Xiao Yuan raised his head and revealed an expression of disbelief. He saw Luo Zheng leaning against a big tree, staring at him indifferently with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.


There was no time to be shocked. Xiao Yuan activated his secret art again and was about to dive into the ground.

However, Luo Zheng was already prepared this time, so how could he allow him to escape again?


The sound of the wind breaking rang out, and the blue sword qi slashed against the ground. Blood sprayed into the air, and Xiao Yuan's head flew up.

Following that, Luo Zheng searched the corpses of Xiao Fei and Xiao Yuan for more than 100,000 gold tickets and dozens of Blood Nourishing Pills before returning to the cave to cultivate.

Two days later, a voice came from outside the cave.

Old Chen dragged his heavy footsteps and walked in with a sad expression.

\"Old Chen, what's wrong? Where's Chief Hunter?\"

Seeing that Old Chen was the only one who came in, and his expression was wrong, Luo Zheng's heart thumped as he thought to himself, \"Not good.\"

\"Boss has met a vicious beast at the Viscera Refining Realm and is already buried under the beast's mouth.\"

Old Chen's eyes turned red and he was filled with grief and indignation as he spoke intermittently about what had happened.

It turned out that three years ago, Yan Jun and Old Chen had accidentally entered a deep valley on Mount Qiuyang and discovered a yellow dragon tree in the valley.

The Yellow Dragon Tree was a spiritual root between heaven and earth, bearing fruit every two hundred years.

The fruit of the yellow dragon tree is called the yellow dragon fruit.

It was said that the yellow dragon trees in the world were all ancient divine beasts. A drop of Heavenly Dragon's bloodline fell to the ground and grew.

The Yellow Dragon Fruit also contained a trace of the Heavenly Dragon bloodline. It was an extremely rare spirit fruit in the world. Without refining it, it could be consumed directly. It could increase one's cultivation, condense one's body, and increase one's strength. It was also a sacred medicine for healing injuries. Its medicinal power was equivalent to a low-grade magic pill.

If a Body Tempering martial artist consumed one, their cultivation would soar. The value of the Yellow Dragon Fruit was inestimable.

However, the Yellow Dragon Fruit was extremely strange. It had no effect if it was picked before ripening. After it matures, it must be removed within two hours, or else the medicinal effects will be lost.

The yellow dragon tree that Yan Jun and Old Chen had discovered had seven yellow dragon fruits. In addition, there was a Golden Horned Python guarding the yellow dragon tree at the Marrow Transformation Realm.

When he discovered the Yellow Dragon Tree, Yan Jun had originally wanted to get rid of the Golden Horned Python. However, when he thought of the three years before the Yellow Dragon Fruit matured, he could not guard it from time to time.

Without the protection of the Golden Horned Python, the Yellow Dragon Tree would most likely be destroyed by other ferocious beasts. Therefore, he decided to wait until the Yellow Dragon Fruit was about to ripen before killing the Golden Horned Python.

This time, they entered Qiuyang Mountain because the Yellow Dragon Fruit had already matured. They didn't expect Yan Jun to arrive at the valley and want to get rid of the Golden Horned Python, but they discovered that the Golden Horned Python had already transformed into a vicious beast at the Visceral Refining Realm.

Fierce beasts were no different from martial artists. After reaching the Blood Tempering Realm, one's strength would increase tenfold every time one reached the Blood Tempering Realm. Unprepared, Yan Jun was no match for the Golden Horned Python. He only lasted for a few rounds and had no chance of escaping before being swallowed by the Golden Horned Python.

Old Chen's strength was only at the Blood Tempering Realm. When Yan Jun wanted to get rid of the Golden Horned Python, he could only watch from afar.

Although the Golden Horned Python discovered Old Chen after devouring Yan Jun, the Yellow Dragon Fruit was about to ripen. The Yellow Dragon Fruit was extremely important to python pill beasts like the Golden Horned Python. If it could devour the Yellow Dragon Fruit, it would have a good chance of transforming into a flood dragon in the future. Therefore, the Golden Horned Python was unwilling to leave the Yellow Dragon Tree, so Old Chen saved his life.

\"Alas, Chief Lieutenant Yan is a rare good person. What a pity that he died in the belly of a beast!\"

Hearing that Yan Jun had died, Luo Zheng couldn't help but feel a burst of sadness in his heart. At the same time, he also had a strong desire, \"Yellow Dragon Fruit! A spirit fruit equivalent to a magic pill can be consumed directly without refining it!\"

Luo Zheng thought in his heart. Although the Golden Horned Python had transformed into a vicious beast at the Viscera Refining Realm, killing this vicious beast would be extremely difficult, but with the speed of the Flying Star Steps, there was still a certain chance to obtain the Yellow Dragon Fruit.

However, there were quite a few risks involved, and they needed to be carefully considered.

During this period of time, Luo Zheng had also calculated that the amount of pills he needed to increase his cultivation from the Marrow Transformation Realm to the Visceral Refinement Realm was extremely terrifying.

After entering the Blood Tempering Realm, each level of cultivation would increase one's strength tenfold. As a result, the amount of medicinal pills required for each realm would increase steadily.

Just from the early stage of the Marrow Transformation Realm to the peak of the Marrow Transformation Realm, the medicinal power or energy required was equivalent to two thousand Blood Nourishing Pills. To enter the Visceral Refinement Realm, one needed to undergo a marrow transformation.

And changing marrow also required a huge amount of medicinal support. At present, he hadn't reached the peak of the Marrow Transformation Realm, and Luo Zheng himself couldn't estimate it.

Medicinal pills were divided into Mortal Pills, Magic Pills, Treasure Pills, and so on. The medicinal pills of each grade were also divided into the upper, middle, and lower grades.

In Baizhan Dynasty, high-grade Mortal-ranked pills could still be bought with money, but magic-ranked pills were treasures that could not be bought at all, although they were not entirely in the hands of the royal family. However, if some wealthy clans possessed magic-grade pills, they would definitely treasure them like heirloom treasures, and they would never be able to see them in the market.

From this, one could see how precious the Yellow Dragon Fruit, which was equivalent to a low-grade magic pill, was.

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