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The KPOP Otaku's Noona Fantasy 29 THE END OF A LONG DAY Unedited

Author:  CountSpankula Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-11-22 02:34:40


'I can't keep using that crappy excuse of i'm from the future'

'It would make me look like a weirdo, especially in front of the others'

Author: Shout out to the guy in the comments who suggested MC use the future excuse but nah

MC: How are we going to resolve this then?

Author: I got you

'Think Dylan'


"Uhm Chae-hyun told me" I say.

'Phew! Blame it on the little sister. She owes me'

'I'm going to have to send her a text later to corroborate the alibi.'

'I can feel my wallet hurting'

'I know its wrong to bribe but when the going gets tough the rich don't play fair.'

'Whoever said money can't buy you happiness was wrong. You just got to ask how much.'

My self monologue is once more rudely interrupted by Jaebum. Dude! What is up with your timing? Now I can't even finish my thoughts.

"Who is Chae-hyun?" he asks

"Bae's little sister" I answer.

The group gets worked up again.

JEEZ can you guys stop acting like teenagers.

Oh wait. They are.

This is why I don't like younger kids. Always making a big deal over small things.

Noonas are the BEST!

*Drool* *Drool*

Okay Dylan! Focus!

Where were we? Oh right. The girls are now talking in there own group, who knows what they are busy discussing while Jaebum is giving me the eye.

"Stop looking at me like that Jae. You cool and all. But i'm not into guys" I say

He just rolls his eyes.

"As if you are not even my type", he jokes. "So you've already met her family, you guys are serious hey?"

"Ir..." phew almost a mistake again. Really can't wait for her to start using her stage name then these small strange slips won't be so strange. "Joo-hyun is my goddess"

"Dude! Can you not be so cheesy" He says with a grossed out look

"It ain't sappy if its true" I say in the most serious of tones.

Jaebum doesn't react and just continues "You make it real easy to hate you. If the guys in class were to know you were dating the ICE princess after only 2 weeks at school. Your life would be over"

Giving him the puppy dog eyes, I put on my aegyo voice and say " Byut you wyon't be dyoing telling on me hyun hyun"

He slaps my back hard. Even causing the girls to take a small break to see what happened.

We just smile at them and explain, "Guy's stuff"

Seeing this they accept the reasoning and once more enter into their own world.

Jaebum looks at me " Dylan, never again. If you ever use that voice on me again. YOU ARE DEAD"

We laugh for a bit. Soon after the commotion finally settles down, we decide to eat.

I unwrap the packaging and hand Irene a bowl of Jjajangmyeon. She smiles and mouths

a thank you.

In unison we put our hands together and say , "Thank you for the meal"

After having lunch we played a game of wits to decide who will do the dishes. Irene's competitive nature once more revealed it self.

She was way to happy winning.

In the end it was Jaebum and Min-seo who lost but Irene and I are doing the dishes anyway. Those two seemed like they would cause a bigger mess trying to clean than actual cleaning. So Irene volunteered to do it anyway.

Irene and I make a perfect team. While she washes, I dry and pack away. It is a really harmonious feeling. We are in sync. No words get said but it feels like we are growing closer.

The rest of the days passes with nothing to eventful happening. We decide to make this little group a weekly thing. Apparently it was fun and productive for the others too.

I really wanted to object. Who are they to take away from my IRENE TIME. But since Irene herself pleaded to me when I was vehemently rejecting them, I could do nothing but resign myself to defeat.

At about 4 pm the trio finally left. Good Riddance!

The house is finally calm and serene. Irene is sitting on the couch drinking a peach flavored drink and reading one of the books she brought along. She really looks .... like a real housewife right now.

Seeing her in this light is a privilege only I can have. I will never let anyone else have this pleasure.

I move next to her to silently. Trying not to destroy her peace.

Just enjoying her company. I recline back into the seat and just lean my head into the headrest so I can face her.

The light wind coming from the windows and the dimming son makes the atmosphere ..... really warm.

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