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The KPOP Otaku's Noona Fantasy 30 The devil is beautiful Unedited

Author:  CountSpankula Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-11-22 02:34:40

"I'm sorry" Irene suddenly says.

Still in my reclined position, with my head supporting my head. I ask " For what?"

She is not facing me but I can see the struggle on her face. "for .... telling hayoon. I didn't ... know.... "

I interrupt her apology attempt and say nonchalantly " You don't have to be. It was fun"

She seems genuinely appreciative of my attitude and says "Thank you"

I stare at her for a while just enjoying her serene appearance and suddenly without control of my impulses, I blurt out " You are really gorgeous"

'My loose lips!'

'Seriously Dylan , have some self control will you'

A pink blush slowly arises from her face and this time when she says, "Thank you" it is much more muted.

She finally gathers the courage to face me. Our eyes lock contact and for a second my entire surroundings disappear.

Time slows down and the only thing In my view is her dark eyes like a void in space I loose all sense of gravity in them.

MC: Author! Wtf does that even mean?

Author: No idea but it sounds really good right ! It gets the people going!

MC: *Sigh*

We sit silently for a short while until Irene says, " You told Jaebum ... about us before?"

My eyes dart around the room. I can't seem to get my bearings.

'Did she figure out about my Baechu slip up at school''

'No, it's not clear yet. Dylan play it cool.'

Trying to control my nervousness I answer, " What do you mean?"

" Well .. Hayoon said that it was his idea to come after finding out about today. It seemed like he knew something. So ... it just seemed weird" She says

"Yeah yeah , weird" I nod my head.

'Nearly in the clear Dylan'

'Nearly there'

Author: Fake it till you make it MC!

Irene still sending that something is not right. Keeps rattling her brain. No matter how much I try to change the flow of the conversation.

"Nice weather"


"Your shoes are very pretty, where did you get them"


"I want to a harem of noonas!"


'Well nothing seems to be working'

'Why is she so stubborn!'

Out of seemingly nowhere I hear a shout.


She seems to have figured something out.

I just can feel the cold swear run down my spine. As I wait for her to make her revelation.

She claps her hands once and turns towards me with a smile . That's not a smile, I think. That is a death warning.

Her mouth slowly opens and she annunciates every word as clear as she possibly can, " How. Did. Jaebum. Know. About. My. Nickname"


'Come on Dylan we can still fake this'll

My mouth grows dry as I utter, " Did he I didn't notice"

She continues interrogating, " Usually when you hear something you don't know you show some confusion... but he was calm as if he already knew the answer. Now tell me what's the reason."

Avoiding her gaze, I deny any involvement " I don't know , maybe he guessed"

"no no no, if he guessed. he would have made an affirmative statement confirming his suspicions but he had none at all. There is only 2 logical explanations 1) he overheard it before or 2) one of us told him. And since I didn't both point to you"

' Holy Moly! Are you Sherlock Holmes?'

'The jig is pretty much up at this point'

If it was a mystery novel , this would probably be the point where the villain lays out his entire motive and confesses.

Since I know I can no longer escape punishment. The best option left , no the only option left is ...

I hurriedly get up from my seat , make my way to Irene and when In front of her . I collapse to my knees in the dogeza position and raise my hands above my head.

I exclaim loudly, "I did wrong! Please be lenient"

Author: So much for being a man I guess

My head is facing the floor but I can swear I can feel Irene's current expression. It is no longer that of an angel. Rather It is that of a devil.

It is at this moment in my life which made me fully understand the idiom....

'the devil is beautiful'

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