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The Lunatic Merciful person C106 How could it be you?!

Author:  yu qing mu Genre:  Military UpdateTime:  2019-12-20 16:47:23

On the second day, Shu Ling and Wei Yutian woke up very early. At this time, the entire village was already drowned in the quiet of the morning.

He walked around, feeling the fresh air, experiencing the rare peacefulness and peace in this chaotic world, Shu Ling could not help but feel complicated inside, and even coveted the beauty of this place.

"If there were no war, the people could live and work in peace, and everyone could live such a peaceful life, how great would that be? We do not want wealth, but want a peaceful life." Shu Ling said to himself.

Wei Yutian also followed him out. Hearing Shu Ling's words, he also seemed to have thought of something.

In these past few days, he had kept his five senses open, and he couldn't even sleep peacefully. It wasn't easy for him to finally have a clear ear, and the scenery in front of his eyes was peaceful.

Old man Qian had also gotten up early, and seeing Shu Ling and Shu Ling standing outside, he smiled secretly, and went to prepare breakfast for them, as if he was treating his own children.

After breakfast, Shu Ling was extremely grateful to the old man, but he also wanted to find a reason to follow the old man to.

"Old man, thank you for your hospitality. I see that you have packed quite a lot, since we are wandering warriors anyways, we can help you deliver them to the Military Residence. If we were lucky enough to catch your son-in-law's eye, and end up with a position and position, we would definitely be deeply grateful to you." Shu Ling bowed respectfully, he believed that this was the reason to persuade the old man.

When Old Man Qian heard this, his face was filled with joy. "I had already planned it this way, since you are wandering practitioners, then you must have extraordinary martial arts knowledge and experience. This world is in chaos, so this good son-in-law of mine must also be thirsty for talent."

Shu Ling never thought that old man Qian would have such thoughts. Living in the mountains for his entire life, such wisdom was truly admirable.

"Thank you very much, old man." Shu Ling thanked him once again, and Wei Yutian followed suit.

"Don't call me old man, call me chimbria. You two are younger than my children." The Old Man Qian said confidently.

If it was in terms of age, Shu Ling would probably be considered the grandson of the Old Man Qian, and calling him chimbria would not be a loss.

"Hey, okay, chimbria!" Shu Ling felt warmth in his heart.

Wei Yutian also followed along and called out to chimbria, his face full of smiles like a child.

The old man hadn't noticed last night, but now that he could clearly see Wei Yutian's appearance, he couldn't help but be shocked. He had lived for almost seventy years but had never seen such a handsome face.

After cleaning up for a while, the three of them left the house and headed straight for Gold Pearl Country.

The old man walked the entire way, but when he saw that the old man was a little tired, Wei Yutian actually directly released a large amount of inner force to support the old man in the air. The old man was initially a little afraid after being shocked, but he slowly sat on the true inner force formed by Wei Yutian.

Old Man Qian was shocked by the sudden turn of events. He thought that Wei Yutian was a god that had descended to the mortal world, so he did not explain further. He only said that Wei Yutian was called the mad spirit and had reached the peak of perfection in his martial arts.

Although it was not the first time that he had seen the true form of Inner Qi, he was still extremely surprised at Wei Yutian's ability to continuously output the inner strength, and to the point that it seemed to be endless.

The speed was simply too slow. After getting the Old Man Qian's permission, the three of them started to slowly unleash lightness exercise, and after getting used to it, they increased their speed, just like that, their speed became faster and faster.

Four hours later, the three of them had already arrived at a place not far from Golden Bead City.

When they arrived at the Military Residence, Huang Sheng recognized Wei Yutian at first glance. Naturally, Wei Yutian still remembered Huang Sheng since they had met each other before.

"So it's you!" Huang Sheng was overjoyed, he was extremely friendly to Wei Yutian, but on the contrary, he was indifferent to his father-in-law, so he quickly invited Wei Yutian to take a seat.

Wei Yutian was also not polite, he did not understand the rules that should exist, but he still allowed the Old Man Qian to take a seat first, which Huang Sheng did not have a choice about.

Seeing that, Shu Ling asked: "Yellow General and Maddened mind mind and mind know each other?"

"Oh, may I ask who this Young Heroes is?" Only then did Huang Sheng immediately greet Shu Ling. He also felt a considerable pressure from Shu Ling's body, one that came from the powerful aura of a warrior against another.

"My name is Traveller Shu Ling of the Jianghu. Just now, when I saw you looking at my master, your eyes lit up, did you two know each other?"

Shu Ling did not know how to explain his relationship with Wei Yutian, so he could only show it as his master and disciple. It was only because he admired the mad spirit that he chose to travel the martial arts world, so it was reasonable to call him that.

"So it turns out to be Young Hero Shu. I have long heard of him, and indeed, I know Si Mu, and because of his appearance, sshe stopped the war between me and Hong Liguo. Although we originally had the advantage, I did not blame Si Mu for it. But you said just now that he was the mad spirit? But that mad spirit who stopped fighting? " Huang Sheng courteously said a few words, but in reality, he did not know Shu Ling, but on account of Wei Yutian, he had still said it, but towards the name of mad spirit, he had heard of it before.

Wei Yutian did not know that he had stopped a war. When he regained his senses, there were no longer any battles between the two armies.

Shu Ling looked at the innocent looking Wei Yutian and knew that this might be true.

"It really is the mad spirit." Shu Ling replied.

Only then did Huang Sheng realize that the god-like being he had met back then was the legendary mad spirit. No wonder when he appeared, he had instantly destroyed their battle with Hong Liguo.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Shu Ling finally reached the main point.

"I heard that Great General Huang is the son-in-law of chimbria, and coincidentally, it was you who personally led the troops to search the Qian family. You said that you took a fancy to my Qian family's elder sister?" Shu Ling was naturally familiar with his, on one hand, they were related to each other, and Old Man Qian did not object.

Just then, Huang Sheng's mind raced, thinking about something, one moment worried, the next happy.

Thus, he first asked the servant to bring Old Man Qian, which was his father-in-law, out of the guest hall. Old Man Qian was quite tactful, and followed the servant to meet his wife.

After the Old Man Qian had left, Huang Sheng then said, "This matter is a long story, but to be honest, the son of the Qian family was once a powerful general under my command.

After Shu Ling heard this, he nodded his head repeatedly, but he did not believe what Huang Sheng had said.

"Congratulations!" Since we have already sent chimbria there, we should leave as well. I hope you will treat The Chambers well, if not I believe that you have seen the might of mad spirit before.

After all, Wei Yutian had stopped Huang Sheng from fighting in the first place.

When Huang Sheng heard this, he became a little anxious, and said: "Why are you in such a hurry to leave, no matter what, the mad spirit has to wash up, and what's more, I still want you to properly advise your master, and have him take command over my Gold Pearl Country. Tomorrow there will be a battle with Hong Liguo, and with mad spirit taking charge, my Gold Pearl Country will definitely sweep through the enemy forces."

Shu Ling just wanted to hear Huang Sheng say these words so he could truly touch chimbria's son Qian Hongjun.

After that, Huang Sheng personally brought Wei Yutian and Shu Ling to the best guest room in the Military Residence to settle down.

Shu Ling nodded as a response.

"Si Mu, can you use your inner force to check the position of the chimbria and listen to what Huang Sheng is saying?" Shu Ling said to Wei Yutian.

was very clear about the Qi of the chimbria and Huang Sheng, so it was not difficult to search for them.

Wei Yutian nodded, then immediately released his inner strength that ordinary practitioners could not detect, and opened both of his ears, allowing countless sounds to enter his ears.

After a moment, Wei Yutian said: "chimbria is at the back very far away, there is still an old granny inside, but the two of them are weeping and crying, very sad, Si Mu wants to cry."

Shu Ling hurriedly consoled them, "Don't cry, we came here this time to completely free them. What did Huang Sheng say? "

"Wei Yutian said that he wanted to use the mad spirit to defeat Hong Liguo, and wanted to use the chimbria and his family to force Qian Hongjun to commit the crime. He even called the The Chambers stupid."

Hearing Wei Yutian's words, Shu Ling immediately felt that he was not wrong.

did this for the sake of winning the war. To Shu Ling, he and Wei Yutian would never change the outcome of the war, but to use a citizen other than a war to achieve the goal of winning the war, it was truly too shameful.

Shu Ling believed that as long as the mad spirit was here, this war would not start. The innocent members of the Qian Family would also be safe and sound.

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