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The Perverted Evil Cultivator 234 Time to infiltrate

Author:  Ero_Saint Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2019-12-10 03:11:51

By final destination, Bai Long didn't mean it in a bad or a foreboding way. And rather like a good thing. Almost as if that would be the place where all of his goals will end up being fulfilled and his dream will come true.

This was why Bai Long didn't plan on leaving anything or anyone he cared about behind.

So, other than Lifen who rejected his offer saying that it would be impossible for her to enter the Ice Phoenix Empire without getting found out, Bai Long was taking every other woman with him.

After all, it was them whom he was using to obtain entrance inside the Ice Phoenix Empire.

Leaving Fan Yu behind in his courtyard since just like Lifen she was also someone who would easily be recognized, Bai Long with the help of Zheng Xue went back to the Ice Mountain.


"Oh, you've come back sooner than I expected."

"What could I do, I just missed you so much mother."

Kissing Linxin in a way which no other son would kiss his mother, Bai Long quickly made note of how much all of their cultivations had improved.

Putting aside the strength of the Futanari living on this island, all the six women he cared about were in the Qi Sage Realm.

These six women were Linxin, Cao Ning, Zhenya, and the Wei triplets. 

Though they were all a little far away from entering the Qi Saint Realm, Bai Long felt that their strength was more than enough for what he needed them to do.

So, he quickly explained the plan to Linxin whom he wanted to take the lead and the others about what they needed to do when the time arrived.

Like this, while Bai Long spent the days as pervertedly as possible by being served with six beauties, the ice mountain flew straight towards the Ice Phoenix Empire.


"This place is weird."

Speaking to Bai Long as he was looking at the Ice Phoenix Empire's capital city in the distance, Zheng Xue for the first time since he met her was showing signs of being nervous.

"What is it?"

"I... I don't know. This place just makes me feel as if something very important is hidden here."

Frowning and not brushing her words off, Bai Long who knew that dragons were this way only when the topic was related to treasures and riches felt that maybe the reason behind the Ice Phoenix Empire remaining as the strongest force was due to some special treasure they were hiding under their capital city.

Either way, since he was going to enter it soon enough Bai Long didn't mind trying to look around and find out what it was that the city was hiding.

That is if he managed to enter anyway.

Quickly going to his position which he had decided on his own, Bai Long could only pray that his mother would succeed in doing what he asked her to do.

Is she unfortunately failed or he ended up getting caught they'd be forced to flee as quickly as possible unless they wanted to be exterminated.


Taking a deep breath to calm herself as the ice mountain landed, Linxin who couldn't remember the last time her son asked her to do something had made up her mind to do her best to fulfil his request.

Looking at the huge army flying towards them and surrounding the landed ice mountain, Linxin was forced to take another long breath to maintain her calm.

"Since you are here, you must know the rules of the Ice Phoenix Empire concerned with others entering the capital city."

"Of course."

Speaking with an amicable smile, Linxin spoke about how only women were allowed inside the capital city, and then too they weren't allowed in a huge number at the same time.

The Ice Phoenix Empire didn't reject men or any such thing. It was just its capital city which forbid men from entering it.

They were, however, free to visit any of the many cities that were under it.

Linxin who knew all of this continued smiling as she started explaining that their situation was a little special due to which they were wishing for a meeting with the Empress to ask for permission in establishing their force inside the Ice Phoenix Empire.

"Special? No matter how special it is, the Empress will never allow some other force to establish themselves inside the capital city. You can all leave no... "

Stopping suddenly, the woman who looked like one of the generals responsible for guarding the city could only look at what was happening in front of her with wide eyes.

After all, Linxin had just pulled the robe off of the woman who was standing next to her and revealed the dick that was swaying between her legs.

"What in god's name is that...!"

Not answering the question, the Futanari started to rub her dick which slowly turned erect and quickly started pulsing as well following which it even spewed out semen causing the general to look even more shocked and blushing from embarrassment as well.

If it was some man who did this, she would've killed him a thousand times over by now for showing such a thing to her.

But since it was a woman who was rubbing her dick, she truly didn't know what to do or how to feel.

So, she did the only thing she was capable of.

"Fine. All of you can enter the city and wait while I inform the Empress about your.... Situation. But this is only possible if we are sure that there aren't any men inside the flying mountain. So please let us thoroughly check it before allowing you inside the city's boundaries."

Saying so the woman left after giving orders to her subordinates about what to do while she flew at her highest speed to tell the Empress what she just witnessed.

Now all that was left was for Bai Long to not be caught in the checking being done by the thousands of soldiers. 

If he managed to do that, he'd become the first male to ever enter the Ice Phoenix Empire's capital city.

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