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Chen Xin expressionlessly scolded, \"I always feel like you've robbed me of my lines …\"

He looked at Brother Chun and his group of younger brothers and asked in surprise, \"Didn't the bear I took care of last time tell you about me?\"

Dongzi's expression froze as he subconsciously asked, \"Brother Xiong?\"

Brother Chun cursed with a face full of frustration, \"Don't mention that shriveled calf! You took my money and didn't even return it to me! Damn it, you must bring me back with you if you have the chance!\"

As he spoke, he felt Dongzi tugging at the corner of his clothes, \"Brother Chun, Brother Chun …\"

\"So what?\" Brother Chun impatiently turned around and shouted.

Dongzi whispered, \"There may not be enough people on our side …\"

\"Not enough people\" Brother Chun's scalp went numb when he reacted. He hurriedly waved his hand and said, \"Go ahead, don't talk about killing yourself. This daddy will bear the brunt!\"

Taking advantage of the fact that his younger brothers were all roaring and pouncing over, he followed Dongzi and turned around to flee this place.

However, the series of plopping sounds behind him and the miserable cries of his younger brothers made him unable to help but look back. He saw Chen Xin's face appear right in front of him, causing his feet to soften and he even pounced on Dong Zi.

\"You, you, how is that possible … are you a devil!?\" He was so frightened that his liver and gall were about to split apart that his hands and feet were limp and unable to move.

In the past, when he first started out, in order to stand out amongst the many hooligans, he had no choice but to show his ruthlessness and ruthlessness, killing people and chopping vegetables.

However, after opening the stall and gaining fame, the dirty work was basically handed over to his subordinates. After many years of nourishment, he no longer had the spirit and courage he had back then.

Facing such a terrifying Chen Xin, he was already trembling with fear.

Dongzi could barely stand up, but with the boss standing in front of him, there was no need for him to stand up and suffer. He tactfully chose to collapse on the ground and pretend.

A few unconvinced thugs got up and rushed towards Chen Xin. Chen Xin didn't even need to turn around and directly punched backwards. The few of them immediately rolled on the ground like gourds and fell out, letting out miserable screams.

Chen Xin bent down and looked at Brother Chun, the corner of his mouth curled into a smile. \"Now, tell me, how do you plan on letting me take care of you?\"

He kicked the rock beneath the flying block and flew past the bridge of Wang Lao's nose. He sneered and said, \"Where else do you want to play?\"

Elder Wang's legs ached as he knelt down and kowtowed, \"Little brother, no, uncle, this really has nothing to do with me. I am also a victim, please let me go!\"

\"Use me to pay off the debt. No, it's only for one month's interest. You're not being forced to do this, are you?\" Chen Xin sneered and looked at him, \"Climb over quickly! Do you want me to invite you over?\"

Second Elder Wang immediately obediently crawled over.

Brother Chun's face was covered in cold sweat. He shook his head and said, \"Little brother, this is actually a misunderstanding. It was all my fault. I shouldn't have provoked you … It's not easy for us to do this, is it? I just want to take back the loan that was released!\"

Chen Xin looked at him and shook his head, \"Brother Chun, come out and be a bachelor. Don't act like a woman, okay? Don't you know that you haven't done anything harmful to the heavens?\"

Brother Chun was speechless.

Chen Xin saw Second Elder Wang crawl over and nodded, \"I'm not an unreasonable person. You guys don't have any good things. Logically speaking, killing you guys now would be considered killing the people, right?\"

\"Right, right, right!\" The three of them nodded in unison. They knew that Chen Xin would definitely say something like that, but it was still behind them.

Sure enough, Chen Xin smiled and said, \"However, I am a soft-hearted person. I always love to give people a way to survive. Even if he is an unforgivable villain and bastard, as long as I see a little bit of light, I do not want to kill him.\"

\"Now I'll give you a way to live!\"

Chen Xin looked at Brother Chun and Dong Zi and smiled. \"You two break each other's arms and legs. Whoever moves fast, I won't kill him.\"

Brother Chun turned to look at Dongzi. Dongzi's body froze and he smiled awkwardly, \"No, Brother Chun, you can't …\"

\"Don't blame me, brother. Didn't you say you would always be loyal to me? Don't worry, brother will take care of your wife and children after you leave.\" Chun Ge pounced on Dong Zi's neck and smiled sinisterly.

Dongzi's hands grabbed onto Chunge's neck and struggled desperately. He kicked with both his legs, but if he lost his first hand, how could he make a move?

A few minutes later, Dongzi's hands and feet were completely silent. Countless wounds appeared on Brother Chun's arm. He released Dongzi from his embrace and broke his limbs with his hands and feet. Then, he panted and looked at Chen Xin who was watching the play.

Chen Xin had just said that as long as he showed a trace of merit, he would be spared. In his opinion, it was only to show his determination and ruthlessness.

This was the reason why he had ascended to the throne in the past, and it would also become his capital to survive. Only such a person could be considered useful to Chen Xin!

Sure enough, Chen Xin applauded and praised, \"As expected of the boss, he was ruthless and capable of attacking!\"

Brother Chun revealed a bashful smile, \"You're ridiculously praising me. As long as you can spare me, I'm willing to do anything in the future!\"

Chen Xin smiled and said, \"Is that so? Right now, there's something I need you to do.\"

He looked at Second Elder Wang who had witnessed the scene of the murder and was already trembling. He said to Brother Chun, \"Disable his limbs as well, but save his life.\"

Hearing that, Second Brother Wang's face immediately changed. He hurriedly climbed in another direction. However, Brother Chun had already leapt over like a cheetah. He grabbed Second Brother Wang's hair and smiled sinisterly, \"Where are you running to?\"

\"Please spare my life, Brother Chun …\" Wang Lao'er's face was filled with tears and snot, causing Brother Chun to feel disgusted. However, he guessed that the devil had left Wang Lao'er alive for him to supervise him.

\"Second Brother, don't blame me. You are much better than Dongzi. At least he will let you live,\" he consoled, holding the heart technique of not offending anyone ruthlessly.

\"Just endure it for a while. There's still a long way to go!\"

Second Brother Wang felt very familiar with this and couldn't help but be convinced. Then, he let out a miserable scream-taking advantage of the fact that Brother Chun had already broken the bone in his right arm.

Endure it, endure it, and it'll be over!

He muttered in his heart. His teeth almost shattered. Finally, he let out a few more miserable screams. His limbs were completely severed, and he had already met the requirements of his heart.

Brother Chun walked over to Chen Xin and bowed, \"My lord, everything is done.\"

\"That's right, it's quite quick. It really saves people's worry!\" Chen Xin glanced at him and nodded.

\"Now, it's time for us to settle our debts, right?\"

Hearing this, Brother Chun felt that something was wrong. \"Sir, this …\"

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