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The Strongest Cultivator in Foundation Realm Chapter 66 Arson!

Author:  Lv Cha Piao Xiang Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2020-10-18 06:03:07

No, this isn't right!

I've already passed the test, shouldn't I be done with a knock?

What kind of debt was this?

Brother Chun wanted to say something, but Chen Xin stretched out a finger and said, \"First, last Monday, you sent someone to the Yunshan apartment to catch Wang Lao's second daughter. Those subordinates saw that I had spoken rudely and even made a move …\"

\"As the boss, do you have any responsibility?\"

Brother Chun hurriedly said, \"It's my lax discipline, but …\"

\"No buts!\" Chen Xin suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed Brother Chun's right arm. With a crisp sound of fractures, Brother Chun's face twisted in pain.

\"I, I\" His face was deathly pale as he stammered in an attempt to defend himself.

Chen Xin shook his head, \"I don't like people who make excuses randomly. If they are wrong, they should admit it bravely.\"

Thus, Brother Chun could only nod and endure the pain and answer, \"I'm sorry, I was wrong …\"

Chen Xin continued, \"Very good. Then, the night before yesterday, you sent someone to follow Elder Wang and capture his daughter. These people also don't take me seriously …\"

Brother Chun subconsciously realized that something was wrong. Damn it, this time, with Brother Xiong, the trap of bitterness, and today's incident, would it be a pill for him?

Just as he was about to resist, he felt a heartbreaking pain in his left knee. Then, with a cracking sound, his left leg was crippled.

This made him scream miserably, and his body lost its balance and fell to the ground.

Chen Xin expressionlessly watched him twist and struggle on the ground and said coldly, \"Last night, you found a hitman called Bear to trouble me, didn't you? Do you think I would let this matter go?\"

After saying that, he raised his foot and crushed Brother Chun's right leg into pieces.

\"And today, first, we will arrange for Second Elder Wang to plot bitterly, and then we will let the younger brothers surround me. Tell me how to deal with you?\" His voice was icy cold, without a trace of human emotion.

Chen Xin was too lazy to find an excuse. He directly crippled Brother Chun's last intact arm and kicked him, causing him to roll together with Second Brother Wang, who also had his limbs crippled.

Stepping on the bodies of the groaning thugs, Chen Xin walked into the room and saw two tables in the smoky room. On top of them were poker cards and banknotes of all colors, and there was a secret box in the corner.

He was also not interested in opening the secret box. It was just cash notes on his left and right. What else could loan sharks have in their hands?

Returning to the courtyard, he swept his eyes across the courtyard and saw an oil bucket in the corner.

He walked over and saw that it was full of gasoline. He didn't know why these hooligans were stocking up on this gasoline, but he didn't think they would do anything good.

He casually pushed the oil bucket and immediately poured it. The gasoline leaked out and spread throughout the courtyard.

Chen Xin casually pulled a person on the ground and took out a lighter from his pocket. He wiped the flame and threw it on the ground. The flame tongue immediately spread out along with the gasoline …

The sensible gangster was so frightened that he immediately struggled to climb outside. However, there was no back door to the courtyard. He could only get out through the arcade machine hall in front of him.

Chen Xin walked down the aisle to the arcade machine hall. A few kids were still ravaging the machine. He went over to find the patch board and pulled it. Immediately, all the arcade machines went black.

The children who were fighting in the Dinosaur Quick Battle of the Three Kingdoms War immediately shouted, \"Why is there a power outage?\"

\"I'll get the Fire Book soon!\"

\"Boss, let's see!\"

The hooligans who were watching the scene also stood up and walked towards Chen Xin, \"Are you messing with me, kid?\"

As he spoke, he slapped her.

Chen Xin grabbed his arm and the man fell down with his face raised. Then, he kneeled, scratched his hair, and elbowed, causing the hooligan to immediately spit out white foam and become unconscious.

The children were all dumbfounded as they stared blankly at Chen Xin.

Chen Xin smiled sinisterly at them, \"Have you finished your homework? Are you here to play games? Why don't you scram and wait for me to call your parents?\"

A few kids immediately shouted and ran out of the room, pushing the door open.

Chen Xin guarded the aisle leading to the backyard of the arcade hall, and whoever crawled over kicked him back. He immediately cried out miserably and cursed endlessly.

He didn't change his expression and continued to guard there. This place was originally for the sake of concealing the underground casino. It wasn't connected to the nearby buildings, and the sound insulation effect was quite good. Therefore, he wasn't worried that these ghosts would be discovered.

As for the people in the underground casino? Those people probably didn't know what had happened.

Chen Xin knew that the hidden door of the casino was in the backyard, so he naturally wasn't worried about anyone escaping from it.

After a while, seeing that the fire was getting bigger, he patted his butt and got up. He left the arcade hall and found a place not far away to continue waiting.

Along the way, they deliberately avoided the cameras on the road. Fortunately, in order to ensure the safety of the underground casino, these people did not place too much surveillance in the vicinity.

About half an hour later, the growing fire was finally discovered. Someone called the fire alarm and the siren of the fire engine woke up all night long. However, Chen Xin knew that it was useless.

According to the current fire, there was no one left in the backyard. Just the smoke and flames were enough to kill all of them.

He returned to the hospital at ease and smiled at the mother and daughter's concerned gazes. \"I just followed that person to help him pay back the money, but this guy is really a ghost spirit. He found an excuse and turned around to run away.\"

Mu Qianrong sighed, \"This, this is too troublesome for you. Well, what's the amount of debt? I'll slowly make money to pay you back.\"

How much usury did Chen Xin know Wang Lao'er owed him? He shook his head and said, \"This is between me and him. I will ask Second Brother Wang to pay him back. Don't worry.\"

Mu Qianrong let out a long sigh. She knew that Chen Xin was only saying this because he didn't want to burden her. This action was no different from saving their lives. She made up her mind to do everything possible to repay this kindness after she was discharged from the hospital.

It was almost nine o'clock and the mother and daughter had already eaten in the hospital. Chen Xin led Wang Zilin home.

While the two of them were waiting for the bus on the roadside, Wang Zilin suddenly held Chen Xin's hand and asked, \"Big brother, will that person come back in the future?\"

Chen Xin was silent for a moment and said truthfully, \"I don't think so.\"

The little loli giggled.

Chen Xin looked at her strangely and asked, \"Do you hate your father so much?\"

Wang Zilin shook her head and said, \"Then he won't come back to bully his mother in the future. In the past, he always bullied his mother when he came back. I hate this kind of person the most!\"

The next day was Saturday. The school was closed, but Wang Zilin's primary school still had a morning class.

Chen Xin woke up early and took her to school. He was free, so he took his fishing rod and went fishing in the nearby wild lake in the woods.

It's fine around, fishing can be considered to cultivate sentiment and temperament!

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