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Today, when he arrived at the lake, Ouyang Hua did not bring his followers and his rebellious granddaughter. Chen Xin randomly found a place to hang up the bait and casually threw it into the lake water to sit down and start fishing.

However, he soon realized that something was amiss. Today, the air around the lake seemed to be a little too good.

When he breathed into his lungs, his entire body felt as if he was several years younger …

Perhaps in the eyes of ordinary people, this was the unique function of the wetlands to filter the air, but Chen Xin sensed that there was actually a trace of imperceptible spiritual energy in the air.

How was this possible?

One had to know that the Earth's spiritual energy was basically exhausted. Otherwise, the elders and brothers of the sect would not have been in a hurry to ascend to the Immortal Dimension.

Chen Xin narrowed his eyes as he circulated the [Haosun Divine Art]. His spiritual sense quickly spread and swept across the lake like a gust of wind. Along the waterfall, he could faintly feel something awakening in the back mountain.

At this time, the spiritual energy in his body had already been exhausted, so he could not continue to explore, so he could only withdraw his cultivation.

Throwing the fishing rod aside, Chen Xin pinched his chin and began to think. In fact, that kind of fluctuation wasn't unfamiliar to him. It should be a precursor to the collapse of the alien space.

In an era when spiritual energy was abundant, every major cultivation sect liked to open up a different space with more spiritual energy as a sect stronghold.

However, with the arrival of the low tide of spiritual energy, the rise and fall of those great sects in the past, these strange spaces were often abandoned before they could be recycled.

As time passed, the lost space gradually collapsed and eventually completely dissipated, and the stronghold remnants would appear on Earth again.

In this way, the back mountain was very likely the anchor point of a different space from before, because that space was on the verge of collapse, and the spiritual energy within it was emitted. It was not impossible for the waterfall to spread into this lake.

After meditating for a while, he got up and walked along the waterfall creek, following the mountain stream, into the deep forest in the back mountain.

The location here was not bad, but there were no real estate developers trying to develop it. In the past, there were other guesses, but now it seemed that the descendants of this sect had not died.

Perhaps they had become ordinary people now, but they still had records of their former strongholds, so they sealed off this place.

Chen Xin casually walked. Suddenly, a burst of wild grass that was taller than a person's leg surged. He turned around and saw a beast the size of a calf rushing towards him at an extremely fast speed!

This was completely unexpected. Chen Xin's divine sense struck the ring on his right hand, and a black iron sword appeared in his palm.

With a swing of his body, the iron sword descended from the beast's neck and slashed to the end!

A strong smell of blood permeated the air, and if it wasn't dealt with, it would definitely attract other wild beasts in the dense forest.

Chen Xin hurriedly placed his hand on the beast's body and head, and then put them into the spatial ring.

He had already seen clearly that this was a wild boar with completely black hair. It was probably nourished by the leakage of spiritual energy. This wild boar's body was obviously too big, and its temper was much more irritable than normal wild boars.

Chen Xin dug up some dirt to cover up the bloodstains on the ground and carefully continued forward.

He was no longer as relaxed as before, and his body was completely hidden in the shadows of the forest like a chameleon.

Along the way, he also saw pythons the thickness of a normal person's waist, cheetahs that emitted pressure all over their bodies, and even more vicious was a pack of accompanying wolves.

These biological reminders were beyond the scope of normal growth in the natural world. They were all nourished by spiritual energy.

It seemed that the leakage of spiritual energy wasn't recent, but it hadn't flowed out of the stream before.

If Chen Xin hadn't discovered it by chance today, he would have been able to hide it for even longer.

Continuing forward, he finally discovered traces of human activity. However, it seemed that it was hundreds of years ago. Chen Xin carefully went over and saw traces of magic formations on the ground amidst the broken walls. However, the spirit stones had already been depleted and scrapped.

This was indeed the anchor of a sect's stronghold in another dimension.

With the collapse of space, the ruins of the stronghold inside could no longer be maintained and would soon be squeezed out.

However, the matter of space was very complicated. Judging from his knowledge, the time that the ruins were spat out was very different. It could be in these two days, some time, or even ten years or even longer.

Any random spatial storm would affect the collapse of that alien space.

This matter cannot be rushed!

After thinking for a while, he went back to the lake to get his fishing rod and go home.

He took out the wild boar in the interspatial ring, bleeding and shedding its hair in the kitchen. He roughly cut it into pieces and stuffed it into the refrigerator, leaving behind a large piece for Lu Wanqing to see if she could finish the game.

There wasn't a single disturbance over the weekend. However, after Lu Wanqing had used all her strength to steam and stir-fry the wild boar meat, it hadn't been completely eaten by the two big and one small people.

The greasy-mouthed Chen Xin went to school as usual on Monday. He was sleepy during morning reading, and the teacher was late for the first class. Several class representatives went to the classroom office to report one by one.

The test papers were sent out one by one, but the quicker thing was that the transcripts were pasted to the edge of the blackboard.

A group of people squeezed over and checked, as if they would have gained 50 points if they had seen it a second earlier.

Chen Xin was still sitting lazily in his seat without moving, but he was quickly surrounded by the astonished gazes of his classmates.

\"How is that possible! How can I be only second? Are you mistaken?\" A duck shouted loudly.

This person was a top student in the class. Although he might be at the middle level in the key class, he was already the number one student in the ordinary class.

Looking at his astonished expression, this time it was definitely not ideal.

\"Could it be that Xia Ying won the first place this time?\" Han Lei leaned on the table and guessed.

Li Shanshan, who was in the front row, turned her head. At the same time, Xia Ying said in a calm tone, \"There's something urgent in the political field. I handed in the white paper.\"

Han Lei's eyes widened, \"You're still the first in the exam? Holy **, isn't this too awesome?\"

Li Shanshan's eyes turned straight as she looked up at her deskmate, Xia Ying.

However, Xia Ying said calmly, \"My score is 605 points, only third place. This time, the first is Chen Xin, 715 points.\"

The two of them opened their mouths wide and could almost swallow an egg. They looked at the lazy Chen Xin sitting there in disbelief.

At the same time, a shrill voice came to mind from the crowd at the front of the podium, \"Chen Xin actually got first place in the exam? How is this possible? He must have copied it, right?\"

\"Yeah, why did he get first place in the exam? Why is he always just passing the exam when he really has the strength?\"

\"Did you copy the answer? It's 25 points higher than Yang Yuke's, almost all of them. It's definitely not right!\"

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