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The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 66 Complete Victory

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The system displayed a Dao Gamma Attack Power of 347. The bright red number instantly caused the entire arena to boil. Such a skill attack was comparable to a one-star Battle Spirit cultivator's full power attack. However, the reason for the commotion was not because of the attack power of 347, but because Lin Qianhua had only vomited a mouthful of blood under such a heavy blow. Just how strong was this fellow's body?

The spectators who had previously questioned and despised Lin Qianhua were all silent! The students who could come to Nuo University were not fools. It could not be said that there were only a few \"apprentices\" who relied on their physiques to resist 300 gamma attacks, but they were indeed rare.

Zhang Yuhan coldly said, \"I've really underestimated him. A Martial Skill that has doubled in size. A Tier 4 Superior Grade Military Martial Skill, the Cross Absolute Killing Fist.\" \"This thing isn't cheap!\"

Isn't that nonsense? A Tier 4 high-grade battle skill that costs millions of federal dollars on the market. Normally, only special military departments are qualified to cultivate it. Not everyone is as rich as Big Sister? Shen Zhongshan said with a sour imbalance, \"Captain Lin's situation isn't good. It's still a bit difficult to resist this Origin Energy Martial Skill head-on.\"

Zhang Yuhan glanced back at Shen Zhongshan and said, \"Don't worry, this fellow is still fighting with two pairs of magnetic shackles. It means that he can handle this small scene.\"


Looking at Zhang Yuhan's calm appearance, Shen Chongshan simply couldn't imagine that Lin Qianhua, who was like a wild beast on the stage, actually had two pairs of quantum magnetic shackles … Shen Chongshan instantly had the urge to dissect him thoroughly, to see if this fellow was still a human?

Oaks Martin, who had originally planned to take advantage of this opportunity to kill Lin Qianhua, did not expect his body's defensive capabilities to be so strong. Fortunately, he had already severely injured this fellow. Taking advantage of your illness and taking your life, Oaks Martin didn't give Lin Qianhua any chance to catch his breath. Lin Qianhua pointed his saber at his throat. He lowered his head and spat out the blood that was suppressed in his abdominal cavity. He didn't care about his image. He quickly turned sideways and avoided the fatal blow. The pain of tearing his chest became even more intense as he moved quickly. Lin Qianhua was unable to fight back because of Oaks Martin's fierce pursuit. After more than ten rounds, Lin Qianhua was beaten to an unbearable degree, and his face was swollen and bruised, making him look extremely miserable.

But even so, Lin Qianhua was still fine and lost his fighting strength. This fellow's'escape 'without caring about his image was really hard to catch, and he was completely an unbeatable little expert. Oaks Martin once again had a new understanding of Lin Qianhua's physical defense and nervous reaction. Ordinary attacks could hardly break through his defense, and his strongest skill, Blast Kill, could only injure him. He could not really lose his fighting strength due to serious injuries. Could it be? I really need that thing.

Oaks Martin felt that he had very little origin power left. He subconsciously touched his pocket and thought to himself, \"Alright, in this situation, even if I kill him, I won't be sentenced to death on purpose. I'm sorry, kid. Although you have great talent and potential, there are too many people who want your life.\"

Oaks Martin silently took the PAM-Yang promoter capsule, A warm current flowed along his eight meridians. The exhausted origin power quickly recovered. Oaks Martin's eyes gradually turned crimson. His ferocious face revealed the pain caused by the expansion of origin power in his body. The aura of origin power in his entire body rapidly rose to the limit that far exceeded his current level.

[Cross Absolute Killing Fist]

Oaks Martin's heart skipped a beat as he once again used the Cross Absolute Killing Fist. This time, its power had nearly doubled. The system displayed a 580 gamma attack power that was enough to crush Lin Qianhua to pieces.

Wade Arena, As long as it's not a banned drug, the use of drugs in competitions is not recommended, However, it was not forbidden. When Oksmartin took out the PAM-Yang Aid capsule, a cold light flashed in the eyes of Judge Plinson. The PAM-Yang Aid capsule was not only valuable, but its efficacy was almost the limit of what Wade Arena could allow. Clearly, the person who gave the capsule was very familiar with the rules of the arena and was very wealthy.

When Oaks Martin suddenly became extremely powerful, as long as the IQ of the 70,000 spectators wasn't too low, they knew that this fellow must have consumed a potion. This was equivalent to a full-power one-star Battle Spirit attack. If Lin Qianhua still chose to face him head-on, he would probably die!

However, Lin Qianhua did not have the consciousness to dodge. Instead, he took a deep breath. All of a sudden, the muscles in his arms exploded five times, The strong arm and the weak body looked extremely disproportionate, and the vigorous aura emitted by the arm made Princess Princess feel it faintly. Princess Princess looked at Lin Qianhua with deep meaning, and she could vaguely understand why this ugly fellow was able to enter the eyes of some great figures in the depths of her heart.

\"Fly Ape Clonic Strike.\"


The Wade Arena advocated absolute martial power. For powerful contestants, all the spectators present did not hesitate to applaud and shout. As for Lin Qianhua's display of martial power, The crowd was completely shocked. As Oaks Martin was knocked out of the arena from afar, a storm of cheers resounded throughout the arena. One of the fat fellows, who was not tall and wore a white T-shirt, shouted exceptionally hard. The only difference was that while everyone was cheering Lin Qianhua's name, this kid was shouting \"Master Lin\".

This brat was Madrid, who was in charge of the gravity room at the Physical Fitness Comprehensive Training Center! Madrid, who had placed all his wealth on Lin Qianhua.

Ox Martin was carried out by his teammates. With the Cross Absolute Killing Fist and Fly Ape Clenching Strike, Lin Qianhua used all the muscles in his hands to tear Ox Martin apart, sending him flying for nearly a hundred meters before fainting.

Just relying on his own muscular explosive strength, he was able to completely defeat a warrior who had a muscular strength amplification of 20 times. Such a terrifying physique could only be possessed by some of the core direct descendants of the nine great clans. Obviously, judging from Lin Qianhua's current identity, it was far from being comparable to the core direct descendants of the clans.

Whether it was a golden phoenix flying out of the valley or a disciple with an unknown background from a high clan, Lin Qianhua's identity caused many people with ulterior motives to guess. And this unexpected victory, Not only did he rectify the name of the \"Heavenly Frost\" squad, he also let everyone know that among the freshmen, there was Lin Qianhua, who possessed a violent physique and a muscle explosive power that far surpassed ordinary people. This fellow was just a martial artist, but he possessed strength that was close to that of a Combat King. With such powerful potential, those who followed him looked forward to his growth even more.

For example …

Sun Longze, Chief Executive of Catalan City and former Director of the Lamar Galaxy Branch of the Federal Allied National Security Headquarters. After receiving the virtual images of Lin Qianhua and Oaks Martin fighting from Princeton, Sun Longce became more and more vigilant about Lin Qianhua's identity as a \"sinner\".

And a young man who had been standing beside Sun Longce, who was not even fifty years old, After accompanying Sun Longce to watch Lin Qianhua's entire race, this strict-looking young man had actually known God Lin Qianhua for a long time. He was also an alumnus of Nobelin German University and used the Yabia C-1 Soaring Ship to finish the Soaring God of the Space Dao of Passion in 5 minutes and 37 seconds-Zhang Yishui.

\"Yishui, three years ago, you fought against Huang Ying, the so-called\" Little Barbarian King \"of the Desolate race. Who do you think is better than Huang Ying, Lin Qianhua?\"

'\"From the looks of it, Huang Ying's physique is inferior to Lin Qianhua's. However, his willpower, experience, martial arts, battle techniques and so on are not comparable to Lin Qianhua's. Moreover, Lin Qianhua's body is a little strange. I suspect that his physique may not belong to the human category entirely. This subordinate suspects that he may be a mutated [Judge].\"

Sun Longce did not express any opinions, nor did he comment on Zhang Yishui's judgement. Lin Qianhua was by no means an infected \"adjudicator\". However, since he had entered the eyes of the young miss, the identity of the \"evil son\" behind Lin Qianhua's back was obviously not known to outsiders.

However, this fellow was indeed an uneasy master, A while ago, there was such a big commotion at the Zhaopin Hunting Branch in South China District of Catalan City, It was not easy to wipe his butt clean. Furthermore, he did not know what this fellow had stolen from the Kong Clan. He had actually let Kong Dexing, the Kong Clan's chief deacon, investigate this matter personally in the future. Behind him, there was a faint shadow of the Mu clan of the Star Republic Empire. Fortunately, even Zhang Yishui, who was only a Combat King, could tell that there was something wrong with this brat's physique. At Nobelin German University, there were definitely people who knew about the Deville Imperial Family's God Creation Plan and Son of Evil. For example, Sun Long Ce knew about a woman, Song Yin Han, the dean of the Department of Ancient Martial Arts at Nobelin German University.

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