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The Ultimate Evolution Chapter 70 Maze

Author:  Leng Yan Xiao Yu Genre:  Game UpdateTime:  2020-10-22 06:03:08

After 17 days, Lin Qianhua walked out of the cabin. This time, the evolution of the mitochondria did not bring any substantial improvement to Lin Qianhua. The only change was that Lin Qianhua's perception of various radiation was hundreds of times stronger. Lin Qianhua, who was walking on the campus of Norbert Lindh Military University, could clearly sense 57 different types of cosmic radiation.

The senses transmitted by the nervous system on the surface of his skin varied. Some were hot, some were cold, some were slightly stinging, some gave off a refreshing feeling, and one of the rays that scorched his skin was hidden quantum fluctuation radiation. At the same time, Ao also told Lin Qianhua that his immunity to harmful radiation was greatly enhanced.

Lin Qianhua's return and Lin Qianhua's successful evolution of the cellular genes put Lin Qianhua's plan to search for the Magic Cube on the agenda. Lin Qianhua found a detailed map of the starry sky. After discussing the route with You many times, calculating the current situation of the Luomulan galaxy and discussing the potential risks, he decided to set off as soon as possible to search for the Magic Cube.

However, the most crucial part was that the problem of not having a universe ship had truly troubled Lin Qianhua.

Lin Qianhua suddenly remembered that a month ago, after winning an appointment with the \"Austin Squadron\", Big Sister Du Qianqin drove a private spaceship to Manhui for a week. Big Sister deserved to be rich. There's no other way. This is fate. Everything you desperately want, others will be born with it.

The next day, Lin Qianhua came to the special enrollment area assigned to Du Qianqin. He stood in the luxurious living room without knowing where to put his feet. For the first time, he had a shabby impression of himself. He stammered and talked to Du Qianqin,

\"Sister Du, I'm really useful. Just lend me half a month. How about it?\"

\"Captain Lin, it's not that I don't want to borrow it. Do you know how much an Explorer-class universe ship is worth? 1.2 billion federal dollars! I can lend it to you, but at least tell me what I need to borrow it for?\"

\"Sister Du, I... Alright, I want to go to the Luo Mulan Galaxy. As for what I'm going to do, I really can't say.\"

\"Romulan Galaxy? As far as I know, it's a dying giant galaxy. Where are you going?\"

\"I really can't say, Sister Du.\"

From \"You\", Lin Qianhua knew that the matter of the Magic Cube was of great importance. Other than Old Man Qin, Lin Qianhua had been repeatedly warned not to tell anyone else!

\"Since you can't say it, then forget it. We're not very familiar with each other. There's no need to lend you such a valuable item, right?\"

\"Sister Du …\"

\"However, I'm suddenly curious about the Romulan galaxy. I want to see what kind of scenery this dying giant galaxy has, so I might go to the Romulan galaxy. If Captain Lin is also interested, I can bring you along.\"

\"Interested, of course I'm interested. I'm prepared to leave in two days. What do you think, Sister Du?\" Lin Qianhua said flatteringly.

'\"Alright, the\" Exploration \"class universe ship needs at least three people to control it. I can handle the main control panel, but Captain Lin will have to find the operators of the Star Navigation System and the Star Fall Evasion System.\"

Lin Qianhua was dumbfounded. Something worth 1.2 billion federal dollars couldn't navigate the starry sky on its own? Do you need three more people to operate? Just as he was about to ask a question, Ao promptly popularized the science for this fellow again, avoiding Lin Qianhua's embarrassment.

Galaxies on the verge of death, A large amount of various magnetic fields and radiation will be generated. One of them is called the Norma magnetic field radiation, which can completely interfere with any space navigation system. At the same time, dying galaxies will tear apart some distant stars due to gravitational attenuation, producing large amounts of star meteorites in the periphery of galaxies. Traversing these star meteorite belts is not an easy task.

Because of Doctor Xue, Lin Qianhua was unwilling to ask Old Man Qin for help again. This time, he went to the Luo Mulan Galaxy to see the scenery outside the galaxy. Instead, he went deep into the galaxy to search for the Magic Cube. Although it was not as dangerous as dying, it was certain that it would be dangerous. Lin Qianhua didn't want anyone who helped him to lose their lives because of him.

Originally, Lin Qianhua wanted to go to the banquet alone. Unfortunately, Du Qianqin's attitude forced Lin Qianhua to give in. He had no choice but to use his hands to eat people. Lin Qianhua knew the essence of it, but he had to find two more operators. Lin Qianhua was worried. Fortunately, he said that he could operate the Starfall Evasion System, which instantly reduced the difficulty of this matter by half.

Lin Qianhua, who was originally worried about finding a space ship operator, Suddenly, he received a communication link from You, Now that this \"human\" beauty \"You\" has a new identity, Bai Ruohai, a bar girl who disappeared from Catalan City five years ago, Bai Ruohai reactivated his ID card. With the special greetings of Professor Feng Pinglong and Vice President Huo Deming, Bai Ruohai successfully became a cleaner in the \"Biology Center Laboratory\" of the Norbert Military University. He was a permanent employee of the Norbert Military University with B-class authority.

\"You!\" No, it was Bai Ruohai who mentioned the instability of the Romulan Galaxy in the communication chain. Moreover, more than two months had passed. If he didn't retrieve the Magic Cube, it was estimated that the Magic Cube would perish with the death of the Romulan Galaxy. When Lin Qianhua said that he was still looking for a space ship operator, Bai Ruohai volunteered to recommend him. Lin Qianhua thought that he really couldn't find a more suitable person than Bai Ruohai, so he agreed happily. This matter shouldn't be too late. Lin Qianhua directly turned around and walked towards Du Qianqin's dormitory again …

In the vast starry sky, humans are exploring the life and death of all kinds of stars in the universe. Some stars have been found to die on a massive scale. Giant stars that explode into supernovae are nothing much. When a binary galaxy is destroyed, if it gets too close to a black hole, the gravity of the black hole grabs one star, causing the other star to fly away at high speed and eventually collapse. The explosive energy produced by this situation was simply unimaginable. The Romulan galaxy happens to belong to a binary galaxy, A supergravity black hole named HD-078 was located about 3.2 light-years away in the Romulan galaxy. The extremely irregular collapse of gravity caused the three gaseous exoplanets in the Romulan galaxy to completely tear apart, forming a 50 million km wide secondary nebula circle. The location where the Magic Cube was hiding was right in the middle of this grade nebula circle.

Even though it's nearly 500 million kilometers away from the binary stars, you can still feel the tremendous energy from the explosions of two dying stars, Under the enormous gravitational force, Lin Qianhua and the others had to maintain the speed of secondary light to circle the two stars. In other words, they had to travel 32 kilometers per second around the two stars in the secondary nebula in order to avoid being caught by the supergravitational force of the two stars.

At such a speed, even if there was a huge meteorite ten kilometers away, it would still require an evasive operation within 0.48 seconds before it could successfully evade. This was an extremely demanding requirement for the Starfall Evasion System operators, and it absolutely required them to reach the Master level of control. At the same time, in a confused nebula, Manual control to accurately locate the coordinates of the Magic Cube, and with a slight deviation of even a thousandth, Reflecting on the vast nebula was an error of hundreds of kilometers, This is also a huge challenge for the operators of the space navigation system. Finally, after finding the exact coordinates, maintaining the same speed as the Magic Cube and running in a high-speed circular orbit are proposed for the operators of the main console. This is also a strong computing power and an overview of the overall situation of interstellar navigation.

This was an extremely challenging task. Fortunately, apart from Lin Qianhua, Du Qianqin, who was in charge of the main console operation, and Bai Ruohai, who was in charge of the space navigation system, both showed strong confidence. A shadow protector who was the core disciple of the Zhao clan, How to deal with the complex and changeable space navigation is a compulsory course. Du Qianqin started studying space navigation at the age of twelve. She also experienced the practical test of the seven complex space environments of the Du Clan. Although the Romulan Galaxy is in danger, it is still under her control.

As for Bai Ruohai, who possessed the bloodline of the Vara Star Clan's royal family, Performing various missions in the starry sky for a long time. Although the theoretical foundation and overall view of starship couldn't compare to Du Qianqin, it wasn't a problem for him to operate the starry sky navigation system. Moreover, Bai Ruohai had been to this secondary nebula before, and he still had some clear memories of the route here, so it wasn't a problem.

The biggest problem was Lin Qianhua. This fellow had never operated the Universe Ship Starfall Evasion System before, He didn't even know what the icons on the screen meant, Lin Qianhua would have asked to return long ago if he hadn't been able to endure it again and again and cheer himself up, saying that everything was wrapped around it. Looking out the window of the universe ship, Lin Qianhua's heart sank and he thought that he was here. How could he leave without giving it a try?

It had to be said that Lin Qianhua's timid personality had slowly changed a lot, and his thoughts of adventure were getting heavier and heavier.

The three of them briefly exchanged their thoughts. Especially after Bai Ruohai explained the general situation of this secondary nebula, after knowing the trajectories of 37 important giant planetary fragments, the risk of this voyage was undoubtedly reduced by half. Du Qianqin's \"Exploration\" class universe ship is a limited edition RT-S series universe ship with the highest S-class configuration developed by the Zhao clan's \"Lingkong Heavy Industry Group\". It is called \"Yaxin\". The propulsion and defense systems used military technology from the strategic heavy ship Battleship. These two items alone cost nearly 800 million. This was also the main reason why Du Qianqin's spaceship Yaxin was nearly six times more expensive than an ordinary \"exploration\" class spaceship.

Such an \"exploration\" class universe ship, As long as it wasn't a giant planetary fragment, even if other rock floating objects collided head-on with it, it would be very difficult to cause fatal damage to it. The powerful 36-quart array light quantum power unit system allowed the spaceship Ya Xin to reach a maximum space velocity of sub-light (100,000 km/s), and at the same time, it could teleport through space at rest.

After the three of them finished communicating, Du Qianqin's curiosity towards Bai Ruohai, who she had never met before, rose to the extreme. During the week-long voyage, the more he came into contact with Bai Ruohai, the more he could feel the mystery of this extremely beautiful woman. Every word, every action, every smile, and every temperament she displayed was similar to the elegance of an ancient Emperor Clan. At the same time, he could also feel her steel-like willpower and rich life experiences in his words and deeds. Who was this woman, and what was her relationship with Lin Qianhua? Most importantly, what was the Magic Cube that she liked the most, and what was it that allowed her to take such a big risk to search for it?

At this time, Du Qianqin instinctively ruled out the possibility of Lin Qianhua searching for the Magic Cube by herself. This was because this mysterious woman was making the specific arrangements in the entire search plan, and Lin Qianhua was only responsible for implementing it.

Lin Qianhua walked to the light screen of the Starfall Evasion System. She put her hand on it pretentiously, Countless transparent tentacles split out from Lin Qianhua's fingers, completely covering the entire screen. Each tentacle's touch screen would cause Lin Qianhua's fingers to touch. From afar, Lin Qianhua's rapidly moving hands were dancing on the operating screen, just like an experienced Starfall Evasion System operator.

Very quickly, the Yaxin entered evasion mode. The entire fuselage began to fly obliquely at an angle of 47 degrees. At the same time, the entire fuselage was in a frequency conversion vibration mode. Bai Ruohai had manually planned the starry sky navigation. Du Qianqin adjusted the speed of the Yaxin to 35000 pacing, activated the double shield system, and directly inserted into the Mulan galaxy nebula circle.

Just as he entered the Mulan Nebula Ring, the wooden sculpture pendant on Lin Qianhua's chest became slightly scorching hot. In the universe, an ultra-short-frequency radiation wave that was not even noticed by Ao was being absorbed by the wooden sculpture, emitting a faint fragrance at the same time …

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