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Throne of Magical Arcana Chapter 62: Trouble Solved

Author:  匿名 Genre:  Sci-fi UpdateTime:  2019-12-17 12:57:29

Chapter 62: Trouble Solved

Translator: Kris_Liu Editor: Vermillion

Lucien did not panic. Instead, a series of thoughts came to his mind:

“Did the church find out it was me?

“…No, it can’t be. If the church had found this out, they wouldn’t have waited until now. I was involved in the witch’s trouble before… I must be on their list of suspects, but not on the top.”

Lucien paused a bit and answered, “I stood up late to complete the last part of my music work, then I felt very sick in the morning, so I asked for a leave. Now I’m feeling much better. That’s it.”

“Did you see a doctor? What was wrong with you? Can anyone prove it?” Corella questioned closely.

“No one. I was not sick… I was just really tired,” Lucien answered calmly.

“I can prove for him, sir.” Victor took a step forward, “Every time when I finished composing, I felt the same tiredness.”

“You are…?” Corella glanced at him.

“Mr. Victor is Lucien’s music teacher, a musician.” Elena introduced, feeling very surprised that Lucien could somehow compose a piece of music so quickly.

Corella took out his quill and quickly wrote something down on his notebook, “I’m sorry, Mr. Victor. You’re Lucien’s teacher, so your testimony cannot be fully trusted. I wonder if there is anyone else who can prove for him, or I have to take him back to the church to do a physical examination, just in case.”

Lucien’s face did not show any different, but his mind was being busy with finding possible excuses. For a few seconds, he did not say anything.

“I can also prove for this young man. I’m the director of the association, Baron, Othello.” Hearing the noise, Othello came out of his office, “Lucien just finished his first music work. It was great. He must have devoted all his soul and strength to it.”

Although Othello disliked this young man’s music style, he still admitted Lucien’s talent and effort. Besides, the upcoming concert, and also the association, needed Lucien.

Corella nodded, and wrote a line of words on the notebook again.

“With your words, Mr. Baron, I believe it’s time for me to leave now.”

Actually, Corella himself did not believe that Lucien would be the the one under the wanted-notice either. According to the information from the inquisition, they were looking for a sorcerer at least of the third circle. There was no way that an ordinary young man who was a nobody three months before could turn into an evil and powerful sorcerer so quickly.

The cardinals of the inquisition did not put Lucien’s name on the list in the first round either.

Now there was a Baron speaking for Lucien. Pissing off a noble was the last thing he wanted to do before he became a real knight.

Watching Corella leaving, Lucien breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t let this bother you two. I’m gonna be very demanding.” Othello nodded to them and went back in his office.

“Oh my god, Lucien, Mr. Othello said you composed your own musical work? Holy…” Elena looked Lucien up and down as if he suddenly became a stranger.

Lucien just nodded with a smile.

“What is going on here? Why are you here, Victor?” It was Wolf, who was walking downstairs.

“Nothing.” Victor shook his head, “I just talked to Mr. Othello about a change in one of the pieces of symphony on the list.”

Victor knew that Wolf would know this sooner or later anyway, so he did not really care.

Wolf’s face suddenly darkened, “You got a new piece of work? It’s impossible. You were that desperate several hours before…Wait, how could Mr. Othello allow you to change the list? Did he allow you to?”

With a series of questions, Wolf couldn’t wait to figure out what was going on there.

“Since we met Mr. Othello’s expectation.” Victor shrugged his shoulder pleasantly.

“What requirement? Within several hours, you suddenly can meet Mr. Othello’s requirement? It’s ridiculous…!”

“Well…” Victor blinked, “If the fact pisses you off, that’s too bad. By the way, it was not my work, but my student’s work. You said a pauper cannot become a musician. Lucien proved that you’re wrong.”

Pointing at Lucien, who was standing aside, Wolf laughed as if he heard a rather funny joke, “Are you kidding me, Victor? This poor guy just started to learn music three months ago, and now you’re saying that he composed a piece of music work that is qualified to be played in the Psalm Hall? If it’s true, I’ll fulfill my promise… I will never compose again but only do music criticism. But if it’s not, you really have to apologize to me for lying.”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t say this too soon, Wolf.” Victor looked very serious, “You can laugh. But you will see on the concert. And then you will see Lucien’s work in the library.”

Wolf stopped laughing. He took a glance at Lucien and cursed, “You guys are just lunatic. I’ll wait and see how you’re going to shame yourself. We’ll see if you can make my words come true.” Before he left, Wolf glared at Lucien and added fiercely.

Watching Wolf leaving, Victor commented, “Arrogance brings prejudice, and prejudice makes a person an idiot. Lucien, take a rest today and let’s get started tomorrow. I’ll talk to Mr. Hank and tell him I have to borrow you from him for a while.” Victor smiled.

Still feeling tired, Lucien nodded and said his farewell to Mr. Victor.

After grabbing his umbrella, Lucien walked toward the gate together with Elena.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Elena?” Lucien was feeling a bit bothered with Elena’s continuous gaze.

“Honestly, I feel like you’re not the Lucien I knew before… I always knew that you’re talented, but I still can’t believe you can compose such a great music work on your own which is appreciated by both Mr. Victor and Mr. Othello.”

Lucien slightly waved his hands, “I guess I just got inspired somehow. Maybe my inspiration came from my past experiences.”

Elena had no idea of how long it often took a musician to compose a piece of music. She slightly tilted her head and smiled, “Maybe you’re really a genius. I always trusted you, Lucien. Don’t forget me as a friend when you become a really great musician.”

“Of course I won’t.” Lucien also smiled to her and then left the association.

Watching Lucien leave, Elena stood there for a long time and murmured to herself, “Why he’s so talented…?”


Seeing Lucien’s nice suit, Joel joked with Lucien a bit over dinner for suddenly turning into a gentleman. Then, Lucien went back to his place and fell asleep directly. He did not wake up until nine in the night.

When Lucien woke up, he felt much better. Although he really wanted to start making Revenant Dust right now, Lucien knew he should not act too hastily, or it would be too risky.

Taking another tube of Storm, Lucien felt more energized. Tonight he decided to refine his spiritual power using the power of the star. Hopefully he could become a real magic apprentice tonight.

After becoming a junior apprentice, Lucien would be able to cast one more apprentice spell. The recovery speed of Lucien’s spiritual power would be increased by a bit, and the ability to withstand Mind Magic would also be improved.

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