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Two Souls to Rule the World Chapter 66 Move To Another Place

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Murong Lin Zhi would not let go of such pure spirit sand. Mosquitoes' legs were also meat, and the spirit sand was also a sum of income when transported to the prefecture.

Ji Xiang and An Dahai were currently in the Prefecture City, circulating among the clan's disciples, trading swordsmanship with them. The three of them were in urgent need of large amounts of spirit jades, and as long as these spirit sands were synthesized, they would become spirit jades one by one.

\"Young Master, let's go there next.\" Mo Dazhi asked as he handed the six demon cores to Murong Linzhi.

The Bat Emperors were all killed. Even the lower-level Xiantian Bat Kings didn't have many of them. Only a large number of low-level black bats remained in this group of wild flying bats.

It would be a waste of time for thousands of Xiantian cultivators to kill the black flying bats like slaughtering chickens with oxen knives and stay here to train.

Nearly two thousand Houtian Mine Guards, hundreds of millions of white flying bats, and hundreds of silver bats remained here. They could be trained and guard the cave.

As Murong Linzhi kept the demon pills in his storage pouch, he replied, \"Divide up the troops and head to the Fire and Ice Heavens.\"

\"Double Heavens of Fire and Ice?\" Mo Dazhi was at a loss.

Thus, Murong Linzhi sent Cui Dazhuang's memories to the avatars and soul contestants. In a short while, they knew this like the back of their fingers.

The bloodline contestant could not receive this information, so Murong Linzhi could only borrow the spirit jade.

However, the Spirit Jade Inheritance was extremely fast for a Bloodline Contractor. A perfect set of swordsmanship allowed the Contractor to absorb the Spirit Jade Inheritance within two hours and reach the Spirit Jade Inheritance Realm. Compared to the Spirit Contractor, there was an additional piece of Spirit Jade.

The Heavens of Fire and Ice were Cui Dazhuang's definitions. They were actually two separate caverns. One was as cold as ice, while the other was as hot as a furnace.

Murong Linzhi waited for everyone to understand the Second Heaven of Fire and Ice, and then asked Xu Boping to lead a large army to the Ice Cave, while he led the Mo brothers, Tian Dabang, Shi Dayong, and over a hundred Blood Contract followers to the Fire Cave.

The tunnels leading to the Fire Cave were much wider than the tunnels leading to the entrance of the cave. Even if ten people were to walk side by side, they would not feel crowded.

There were no bumps, no rocks, and the road was very smooth. Soon, everyone arrived outside the cave.

Twenty meters away from the cave, a surge of hot air assaulted everyone. Everyone was instantly sweating profusely. The closer they got to the cave, the higher the temperature became.

Murong Linzhi had already prepared refreshing pills for everyone. At this moment, everyone put the pills into their mouths, and a chill immediately spread throughout their entire bodies.

\"Young Master, why aren't we seeing fire ants?\" Tian Dabang swallowed the Fresh Cool Pill into his stomach and asked.

Murong Lin swept his divine sense around the entrance of the cave, but he did not find any living creatures.

After swallowing the Fresh Cool Pill, Murong Linzhi said, \"Ten years of vicissitudes of life. Perhaps the fire ants will migrate elsewhere.\"

In Cui Dazhuang's memories, he had escaped to this place ten years ago during the Beast Dynasty. He had personally witnessed hundreds of millions of fire ants chasing after one of his demonic dragons, devouring it to the point that no bones remained.

First, he was afraid of fire ants. Second, he wasn't used to the hot environment here. He didn't stay and fled.

Murong Linzhi discovered something strange from Cui Dazhuang's memories and came here to investigate.

Entering the fire cave, the heat wave roasted the skin. If it was an acquired mortal, it was simply unbearable.

The fire cave was tens of times larger than the inner and outer caves that the main body cultivated. The ground was as smooth as a mirror as if it had been polished.

As soon as the Blood Contract followers entered the cave, their heartbeats were ten times faster. Blood began to boil, and the discomfort in their bodies instantly dissipated.

Murong Linzhi also felt comfortable, but it was not as obvious as the followers of the blood contract. The same was true for the Mo brothers, Tian Dabang and Shi Dayong.

The four of them looked at the Innate Mine Guards with incredulous gazes and found that they were as drunk as wine.

Murong Linzhi beckoned to the nearest guard and the guard hurriedly stepped forward.

\"What's going on?\" Murong Linzhi pointed at the Mine Guard's body.

He asked.

\"Very special. Once heat enters your body, your blood will become even purer.\" Replied the guard.

\"Could it be that my physical body is already pure, so I can't see the effect?\" Murong Linzhi pondered.

Hu Shuhe's body was modified by a stone coffin. The stone coffin had the ability to upgrade an ordinary demon core to a golden core. Its transformation of its avatar would definitely be perfect.

However, the Mo brothers, Tian Dabang, and Shi Dayong had only received the Soul Gold Thread's transformation. Although the effect was remarkable, it was an all-round improvement. It was impossible for their blood to reach perfection.

\"Could it be that this place is more suitable for bloodline contestants to cultivate?\"

Thinking of this, Murong Linzhi said to the Mo brothers, \"Check carefully and see what's there.\"

Within the radius of the cave, Murong Linzhi's Spiritual Sense could not cover everything, observing every detail.

If the main body was here, it might have the ability to do so.

The four of them woke up a hundred contestants and asked them to inspect the fire cave together. More than a hundred people inspected the cave in batches. Two hours passed and no abnormalities were found.

\"Could this be the place where the Luo Clan cultivates?\" Murong Linzhi thought for a long time. Three thousand years had passed and this place had become a mystery.

\"Clean up. This is our new house.\" Murong Linzhi put down the doubts in her heart and shouted to everyone.

Since it was beneficial to the bloodline contestants, why didn't they use it? A thousand Xiantian cultivators were afraid that they would be able to cope with the beast tide three years from now.

Murong Linzhi immediately sent a voice transmission to Xu Boping and led everyone to cultivate for a few days to improve the purity of his blood.

Xu Boping also sent good news. The ice cave could store meat, and the mining guards were cleaning it up.

\"Send the soul contestant over and set up the formation.\" Murong Linzhi gave Xu Boping an excited order.

At the same time, the four avatars who had just broken through to the Xiantian realm in the cavern were here to protect their true self and cultivate in the Fire Cave.

Afterwards, his spiritual sense returned to his original body, and the four avatars protected Murong Linzhi and rushed to the Fire Cave.

Two hours later, Murong Linzhi arrived at the Fire Cave and saw Uncle Tiger and Murong Lingzhi.

Hu Shuhe, the Mo brothers, Tian Dabang, and Shi Dayong had already set up a cultivation array for Murong Linzhi.

Murong Linzhi entered the array. It was like a valley with birds singing and flowers fragrance. A gentle breeze touched his face. White clouds fluttered in the sky, and his body felt relaxed and happy.

Sitting on the ground, before Murong Linzhi could circulate his cultivation technique, his blood began to burn. The mottled impurities hidden in his blood were burnt to ashes bit by bit, and after circulating a few rounds of blood, they were expelled from his body.

A layer of black dirt slowly appeared on the surface of his fleshy body, emitting an unpleasant smell.

Murong Linzhi was overjoyed. It turned out that he had always focused on cultivating his soul, strengthening it, and then splitting it into two.

After refining the demon core baleful energy, he also cultivated his soul. In the past three months, he seemed to have neglected his body.

\"That's good. Sitting here can also improve your body.\" Murong Lin was overjoyed.

\"In the past, I used to smash my head with spirit jade. Now, my entire head seems to have been tempered and strengthened to protect my sea of consciousness.\" Murong Linzhi suddenly had a fantasy.

\"If I were to use the Spirit Jade Hammer to hit other parts of my body, would it have the same effect?\"

Murong Linzhi originally wanted to experiment immediately, but just as his soul was splitting, his soul had not yet grown to the point of splitting.

\"Let's start with the dantian. The main body doesn't have a dantian, but that place is empty. It's too late for others to protect it. Even if this Young Master shatters it, it won't be a big deal.\"

The more Murong Linzhi thought about it, the more beautiful she became.

\"This Young Master is already a Tier 5 Blacksmith. He doesn't have time to forge weapons, so he will first forge his own body into a weapon.\"

Murong Linzhi suddenly felt that his future was bright and full of hope.

Thinking of this, Murong Linzhi instructed the two brothers to start a new arrangement of the formation here.

There was something new added to the formation, like thousands of hammers, hammering away at the flesh.

Afterwards, Murong Linzhi took out ten demon cores. He did not hold them in his hand, but directly placed them on the ground.


The baleful aura on the Demon Core instantly lit up. Waves of blue or purple, yellow or green smoke rose from the Demon Core.

Murong Linzhi hurriedly circulated \"Soul Refining Chaos Technique\". A breeze blew around his body and smoke surged towards his body. They were like small snakes that drilled into Murong Linzhi's body.

Ten demon cores filled with killing intent. After more than half an hour had passed, they became flawless white and filled with vitality. All of the killing intent disappeared without a trace.

Not only did it reduce time, but the baleful energy did no harm to the body. It was much more docile than it used to be in the body.

If refining the baleful energy was a cold drink in the past, refining it now was like steaming hot food. The taste was completely different and the nutrition was even richer.

\"The Luo Clan's 10,000-year-old Clan is indeed different from the others.\" Murong Linzhi put away the demon cores on the ground and had no choice but to admire the Luo Clan's generous efforts back then.

\"From now on, this place will be the place where the main body cultivates for a long time.\" Murong Linzhi's voice transmission avatars began to form an unbreakable position like iron barrels.

Fen Thirteen focused on taming the beasts and taming the silver flying bats as the last line of defense of the cave.

Making Uncle Tiger and guarding the corpse room the second line of defense, making Niu Zhongan, Xu Boping, and Zhao Dafu and Qian Dagui the third line of defense.

Long Chunfeng, She Xiayu, and many other demonic avatars led the bloodline contestants outside the defensive array and took the initiative to attack. Attack is the best defense.

Murong Lin ordered. The three defensive techniques were immediately set up. However, Long Chunfeng did not act immediately. He had just arrived at the Fire Cave and had been repairing it for half a month.

However, during this period of renovation, the three thousand guards began to be reorganized.

Three years later, the Beast Tide was a hundred-year-old Beast Tide. It was a thousand-year calamity for aristocratic families. It was not a solo battle of individual heroism. It was a battle of overall tactics.

The sword formation was the main direction of attack. The three of them formed the Three Talents Formation together, and the four of them traveled together to form the Four Squares Formation to kill the enemy. If there were five people present, the Five Fortune Formation would instantly take shape.

The Twelve Lunar New Year Zodiac Formation, the Eighteen Arhats Formation, the Thirty-Six Heavenly Dipper Formation, and the Seventy-Two Earth Fiend Formation not only needed to be familiar with them, they also needed to train their cooperation into an instinct.

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