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Virtual World Conquering the World Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Sword Flame, Xue Yue

Looking at the fierce look on Fated Madman's face and his arrogant appearance, Ling Xue couldn't help whispering, ’’Cheap person.....’’

I couldn't help being stunned as I said, ’’Act with discretion.’’

Ling Xue hesitated a bit before looking up at me. That beautiful face had an intoxicating smile as she said, ’’I really couldn't find any other words to describe him~’’

At this time, Zi Yue was a bit nervous as she said, ’’They've brought over two hundred people, can we still stop them?’’

Ling Yue couldn't help sighing, ’’Just do your best. We.....might really fall down below level 30 here.....’’

At this time, a player besider Ling Yue said, ’’How about we run? A real man does not care about the loss in front of him......’’

Ling Yue gave a soft laugh and asked, ’’Bookworm, what do you think?’’

I slowly said, ’’I am a stubborn person, I only know how to fight head on. If we lose our courage today, we won't be able to compete in Sunset City or fight against Fated again, we will forever tremble under their swords!’’

Ling Yue said with a faint smile, ’’Good words!’’

Ling Xue also revealed a look of joy. She raised the Flowing Light Sword in her hand as she said with a smile, ’’Then, we're going to fight head on today!’’

Bing Cha happily raised her sword and softly said, ’’I'll follow everyone, if we die, we die!’’

Quiet Rain Fall lifted her bow and said with a smile, ’’Don't be so depressing, it's not like we don't have a chance at all.’’

Zi Yue and Summer smiled at each other and said nothing.

Fated Madman gave a cold laugh as he ordered, ’’Charge for me, wipe them out!’’

Ling Yue said nothing as she directly threw out a Scarlet Flame Sea in front of us. Like this, the few players charging in front immediately stopped. Fated Madman behind urged them to charge forth, ’’What are you afraid of? Father will give you ten thousand for each death, f*k!’’

It was very clear that Fated Madman was a rich family's young master, otherwise he would not dare be this generous.

When the wave of Fated Players charged forward, Ling Xue looked up at me and said, ’’Little fool, kill the red names first, you can lose a few less levels like this......’’

I revealed a faint smile, ’’If I fall down to level 25, will you look down on me?’’

Ling Xue had a faint smile as she said, ’’Silly fool! Of course now, I will level with you!’’

I revealed a smile. This situation was the best scenario, I could die without any regrets.

But at this time, chaos appeared in the back of the Fated formation. The sound of killing rang out as a large group of high level player appeared, charging into the Fated players!

Ling Xue blinked and said in surprise, ’’This....what is this?’’

Ling Yu was also surprised as she muttered, ’’Sword Flame Dragon Soul, Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher.....Why are they here?’’

In the distance, large amounts of high level players joined the fight and each person had the two words ’’Sword Flame’’ above their head!

Several dozen Fated players were instantly torn to shreds and white flashes of light shined. Fated Madman flew into a rage and roared, ’’F*king Sword Flame, when did father offend you? Why are you insisting on going against our Fated?’’

Sword Flame Dragon Soul raised the sword in his hand and said in a sharp voice, ’’Brothers! If Fated does not move, we will not move, but if you dare move against Xue Yue, then you are also declaring war war on our Sword Flame!’’

Sword Flame Heavenly Punisher raised his axe and wildly laughed as he said, ’’Ze, ze, have you tried killing ten people at once in this game, friends from Fated? You are so kind, be a bit more rampant and let me fulfill my heart's wish!’’

Sword Flame Ghost Fire had the Perishing Set on and he looked like a dark messenger hidden in the darkness.

Purple Rhyme was far away, revealing a faint smile to me.

Very soon, Sword Flame's core members led many high level player to appear in front of us and they weren't far from Fated Madman and Fated Bloodthirster.

Fated Madman suppressed his rage and said in a low voice, ’’Dragon Soul, what are you doing? You better explain clearly, otherwise my Fated will not be courteous!’’

Dragon Soul said with a smile, ’’Explain? I've already said it, you moving against Xue Yue is like declaring war on our Sword Flame, it's just that simple!’’

Fated Madman angrily said, ’’What do you mean by this? Do you want to protect Xue Yue?’’

Ghost Fire who hadn't talked in a long time coldly said, ’’Stop wasting words. Our Sword Flame is here to protect Xue Yue today, what do you dare do? Humph, with the people you led here, isn't the result clear?’’

It was clear that the two hundred Fated players couldn't compare to the Sword Flame players in terms of level or equipment. Moreover, Sword Flame had been resting up for a few days now and currently had over five hundred players. The clear ’’Sword Flame’’ above their heads released a strong aura that even an organization like Fated lost the ability to speak.

Fated Madman had a livid face as he said, ’’Has Sword Flame already become Xue Yue's dog? Humph, have you already forgotten your declaration your declaration at the beginning of the game? Didn't you say that you wouldn't be under any in this game?’’

Sword Flame Dragon Soul said with a cold snort, ’’If it's for a friend, for a brother, it's another matter!’’

Fated Madman's face turned cold and he pointed at the Blue Birch Tree behind him as he said, ’’This is the resource area that belongs to all the players in Sunset City. If you occupy it, where will our Fated players go to practice their skills?’’

Dragon Soul smiled as he said in an understatement, ’’Did you remember wrong? This place now belongs to Xue Yue and Sword Flame, it is not related to Fated at all!’’

’’F*k!’’ Fated Madman was choked with anger as he bitterly said, ’’Sword Flame dogs, are you that stubborn on joining Xue Yue?’’

Sword Flame Dragon Soul was Sword Flame's boss, so he gave a smooth laugh and said, ’’Even if it's like this, even if my Sword Flame is willing to join Xue Yue, what does it matter to you?’’

Fated Madman's face was filled with hate as he raised his thumb, ’’Good! Your Sword Flame is truly good! We'll wait and see, this debt father will take back sooner or later!’’

After saying this, Fated Madman shouted at the Fated players behind him, ’’Everyone return to the city and keep leveling! The logger brothers will head to the east and chop the Ancient Month Bamboo!’’

Very quickly, the Fated players disappeared into the distance.

I took a step forward and spoke to Sword Flame's people with a smile, ’’I really need to thank everyone this time. If it wasn't for you, our Xue Yue people might have fallen down to level 0......’’

Dragon Soul said with a smile, ’’What are you being polite for, we're all brothers!’’

At this time, Heavenly Punisher time, Heavenly Punisher asked, ’’Boss, when you said our Sword Flame was joining Xue Yue, were you serious? Or were they words spoken in anger?’’

Dragon Soul was stunned.

Ling Xue on my side was softly grabbing my hand like she was very excited. Ling Yue's beautiful eyes revealed a moving glow. If Sword Flame was really willing to join Xue Yue, there would be no doubt that Xue Yue would have enough power to turn Sunset City upside down!

Dragon Soul pondered it for a while before suddenly looking down at me as he said word for word, ’’As long as Bookworm does not turn away our brothers, I, Dragon Soul am willing to lead my Sword Flame brothers to join Xue Yue!’’

Suddenly Ling Xue and Ling Yue looked at me at the same time and both beautiful girls had the same look of joy on their face!

Of course I was not silly, so I said with a smile, ’’I welcome the Sword Flame friends to join Xue Yue!’’

Instantly, the Sword Flame players all revealed looks of joy.’’

Dragon Soul was surprised as he said, ’’You fellows, you're this happy to join Xue Yue?’’

Heavenly Punisher looked at the two beauties beside me and immediately said with a smile, ’’Boss, did you forget? Xue Yue has two super beauties like Gentle Breeze Embracing the Moon and Gentle Breeze Flying Snow. If the brothers can fight the world with two beauties, wouldn't it be better than fighting the world with a bachelor?’’

Dragon Soul felt awkward and couldn't help laughing.

At this time, I asked in a low voice, ’’Dragon Soul, have you thought this through? Are you really joining Xue Yue?’’

Dragon Soul looked at me and said with a voice filled with profound meaning, ’’I joined Xue Yue not for the beauties, but rather for you.....’’

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