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Chapter 406: Not Only Did She Return the Keys, but She Also Returned the Money the Mo Corporation Invested in Her Studio…

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Ji Nuan stood beside him and watched him work. She watched him called Shen Mu and telling him something about these documents, watched him put down the phone, watched him signing the documents, and watched him frowning and turning back into being expressionless.

The half bowl of red dates and white fungus soup was still eaten by her. She stood aside and watched him while drinking the soup.

After she finished eating, she put down the bowl and wiped away the water stain on the corner of her mouth with her fingers. Then she glanced at the man’s side face, which remained unmoved, raised her hand, and pressed the documents in front of him.

The man paused and looked at her. “What do you want?”

Ji Nuan stared at him. “Since you think all my feelings and forbearance are just because I’m wearing a mask, I think tonight, I should let you recall what I used to be like.”

With these words, she suddenly bent down to him, drew close to his face, and gazed at him. “I suddenly miss my past self who used to do whatever I wanted. I didn’t care about what people felt. I just did whatever I wanted, got whatever I wanted, and abandoned whatever I wanted.”

Then, suddenly, she fell back and, to Mo Jingshen’s surprise, sat on his lap. Then she put her hand around his neck and gave him a seducing smile. “If I want something, I’ll try every possible means to get it. Now you are what I want. Can you teach me how to get you back?”

Mo Jingshen slowly frowned. “Naive.”

With that, he was about to push her away from his legs.

Ji Nuan, however, still sat on his lap and put her hand around his neck. She slowly stroked his spine from the bottom up, with two fingers slowly moving along the part of his back that was seriously injured in that car accident.

She had just taken a bath, emitting the faint refreshing scent of perfume and shower gel. She wore nothing except the thin summer silk nightdress and sat on his strong legs.

Ji Nuan smiled at him, lifted his chin with a hand, and drew so close to him that their lips were only one finger away. Their breathing was entwined, but there was still a distance between them.

“Ji Nuan, do you know what you’re doing?” He didn’t push her away but maintained the original posture. He looked at her with an indifferent and scornful look.

Ji Nuan didn’t answer. She looked hot and seductive, but her eyes were icy.

“I’m sitting on my husband’s lap. Is that a problem?”

Mo Jingshen’s eyes were as dark as ink. Staring at her smiling face, he said coldly, “Act properly and don’t be so capricious.”

The smile on Ji Nuan’s face spread. “Capricious?”

Mo Jingshen avoided her eyes. “Get up. Don’t sit here.”

Ji Nuan chuckled, leaned against him, held his shoulder, and put her hands around his neck. “Okay, give me a kiss and I’ll get up.”

Mo Jingshen’s eyes looked unfathomable. He seemed to see how desperate she was, and suddenly, without mercy, he pushed her down his leg.

He moved so fast that she was pushed away before she could feel the reaction of his lower body.

Ji Nuan stumbled and backed away.

She didn’t insist but leaned against the table and looked at him for a moment.

She said nothing more but looked at him, and then something seemed to fall on the table behind her, and she went straight to the door of the study.

The door was opened and closed, and she left without looking back.

Mo Jingshen turned his eyes, only to see that expensive pen thrown back to the table by her. The pen, which was so hard, had been broken by her with bare hands.

In the weekend, Mo Nuan Studio was finally moved into the new office building. The building had twenty floors, which were all owned by the studio. The number of its employees was also increasing exponentially. However, because Ji Nuan hadn’t applied for the name change of the studio, it was still called a studio instead of a company.

During the three days of celebration, they received gifts from various partners, and the heads from many partners had come forward to congratulate them personally. All the companies that had invested in the studio had offered congratulations. However, the Mo Corporation, which had invested 200 million dollars in Mo Nuan Studio, took no action.

After the three days of celebration banquet, the Mo Corporation suddenly received a remittance from Mo Nuan Studio.

Two hundred million dollars and the profits required by the investment contract were remitted to the company overnight.

The Mo Corporation’s financial department was in an uproar, who didn’t expect this real estate studio of Ji Nuan could really earn so much money. And it seemed that the real estate industry would still boom. All the lands and real estate that Ji Nuan had bought in large quantities were soaring in price. Earning so much money in such a short period, this studio was definitely a miracle in the domestic real estate industry.

But when she could continue to pour money into land purchases, her studio suddenly paid back the money to the Mo Corporation.

And during that time, Ji Nuan didn’t contact Mo Jingshen at all.

After receiving that sum of money, Shen Mu was surprised to hear the news and showed Mo Jingshen the remittance record. “CEO Mo, Mrs. Mo has paid the money back, with interest and principal, exactly as stipulated in the contract, without the slightest error. This…”

Mo Jingshen stared at the record of the payment for a long time.

Although there would be a major funding gap for her studio, many of the investors in this industry would be eager to fill the gap, and there was no need to worry that she would be short of funds. Many investors would only try their best to sign a cooperation agreement with her studio as soon as they heard the news.

Ji Nuan was affectionate, but once she had made a decision, she was so resolute that it made one wonder if she intended to do so before, but there was always a thread connecting her and him, and now this thread had finally broken.

The clothes in his office had been removed, and everything she had touched had been removed. Just this morning, he had received the card and key of Ao Lan International she had sent.

Not only did she return the keys, but she also returned the money he had invested in her studio.

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